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  1. How i can remove this from style?
  2. VB for skin that feels more like vb3 skin?
  3. quick nav text style - - where?
  4. Icons after thread/category title
  5. Reputation points are gone after upgrade 4.1.8
  6. Missing Editor in new Article CMS
  7. Lower forum logo
  8. Different logo for Forum, Calendar, Blog, etc
  9. VB Official Mobile Skin Spoiler Tags
  10. How can I make my forum look like this?
  11. problem with "last post" header in forum - where's the code?
  12. problem with forum style
  13. MANY Missing Images
  14. Subscribe to Forum Issue and Title Change
  15. CSS question regarding VB
  16. Total brain f**t
  17. how to edit breadcrumb?
  18. Issue converting template to 4.1.8
  19. Change font + border colors?
  20. Navbar CSS - Search Box , Magnifying Glass , Advanced Search
  21. how to change postbit
  22. Css Help
  23. CSS for LOGIN / Register / Remember Me button
  24. Static Page Background
  25. Upgrade screwed profiles?
  26. Forumhead error
  27. Best way to change column layout in member profile?
  28. Problem with user online / welcomebox
  29. How to get post icons as thread thumbnails in new posts?
  30. I will help with images
  31. Avatars will not be showen in Sideabar "New Thread"
  32. Change navbar_font stylevar on a page
  33. Subforums - Horizontal to Vertical
  34. Adding a 1000x300 banner trough "advertising"
  35. Cant upload style
  36. Linking a background image
  37. User Name, Password, Log in, etc
  38. Fluid header with fixed navbar and background
  39. Header Graphic
  40. Problem with forum theme after updating to 4.1.8
  41. help vbcms skinning/programming
  42. Click on icon
  43. Border
  44. Random or spezified changing backgrounds
  45. Search BAR
  46. Code IE9 to look like firefox
  47. Problem with style, user profile
  48. Need assistance with CMS "Layout Manager"
  49. Need theme
  50. How to do these???
  51. devide forum home ?
  52. Estimated $$ for PSD->vBulletin
  53. remove icon legend
  54. two pagetitles ;l
  55. Category Stripe
  56. WordPress Menu in to Vbulletin
  57. Forum pictures
  58. Home Tab displaying different style
  59. need help to delete some moderation tools
  60. Anyone know how I can get rid of this "Ad Box?" Screen shot enclosed
  61. How to change the width of thread body
  62. Bump
  63. How can I move the content of the Navbar to the Header?
  64. Remove Moderators: Array from forum
  65. Table CSS classes
  66. Change navigation tab
  67. Change Navigation Tab Color?
  68. Problems with Direct Editing CSS Files
  69. Automatic resize the background image,
  70. Remove usergroups coloured names in specific forums?
  71. VB4 Default Mobile Skin
  72. Custom CMS Templates not Exported
  73. How To Configure PROFILE PAGE
  74. How to increase the Logo size?
  75. [Help Requested] - Change the background color of individual widgets
  76. Problem with my forumhead line after upgrade
  77. Editor problems
  78. a little help changing colors
  79. Help with template placement for div
  80. Iphone issues
  81. How To Stretch Title Image to The Same of Main Body?
  82. Round Navbar
  83. Blinking Gif For New Replies to Subscribed Thread(s)? (similar to new PM gif)
  84. Thread on home page
  85. Member profile color issue
  86. Modding First Post on Thread
  87. Blockquote syntax?
  88. Navbar customisation
  89. Customized Mobile Style?
  90. How To change Forum Sidebar Block color
  91. Login Box
  92. Quick Reply Box Input Background Color
  93. Adding a line under login info
  94. Fixed style vBulletin but with Header and Footer bigger than content part
  95. second add of addsense beside one
  96. Unused css?
  97. Banner HELP
  98. Painting my Forum
  99. notification hides behind header
  100. 2 Navtab Error [Pictures]
  101. Forum Home in a grid
  102. Reducing space under Navbit Home icon
  103. Help with thread preview...
  104. IE & Chrome & Opera Display Problem
  105. Changing profile colors style variables?
  106. Problem with online status in blog posts
  107. Can I hide the forum tab?
  108. Reputation on Postbit / Postbit_legacy
  109. Need custom grid
  110. Navbar "Advanced Search" text link showing under navlinks navbar
  111. How can I get the header to render correctly and not in white?
  112. How can i change "New posts" page's text color?
  113. Customize Navigation Design
  114. Help Editing Some Templates, Sidebar (Recent Threads/Posts) & Postbit
  115. Custom Colors of Text for different UserGroups
  116. Placing is different in different browsers
  117. Battlefield 3 style 4.1.9
  118. Style ID Variable ?
  119. Need your opinion! Which header?
  120. Problems with full page background
  121. Problems with Sidebar in Combination with Picture Gallery
  122. How to add border on main forum
  123. help installing user title picts
  124. Increasing gap in forumbit
  125. How can i change the palette colours in ckeditor?
  126. how to display the thumbnail on fourmhome
  127. Manage ads last post location
  128. How to make a fix layout
  129. Show picture if ad is not displayed
  130. What am I doing wrong? CSS and HTML question.
  131. Help with updating style
  132. How to add a custom header
  133. Problem Style
  134. Four columns of categories
  135. Weird posts
  136. Problem with text editor/background
  137. Changing The Color Of The Navigation In The Header
  138. Where is the colour of Users online in the stylevar?
  139. Change Font Color/Sytle of Todays Birthdays
  140. Hide smilie category
  141. Love this mouseover!!
  142. Visual Guide of what each part of a forum is called?
  143. How to change VB default ad space location and also create new ad space?
  144. Request to create a video demo on creating a test site
  145. vbulletin 4.1.10 themes
  146. Change to location of TopLinks
  147. Resizable div?
  148. Theme error.
  149. How to move the login bit?
  150. Default Logo
  151. Top of icon1.png clipped off after 4.1.10 upgrade
  152. Top logo centering and ad placement question
  153. Annoying header issue
  154. Style generator - Can you edit an existing style?
  155. increase line-height
  156. What template is this?
  157. how do you create a custom grid for a 3 column layout that is 160px / 540px / 300px ?
  158. Looking for a Style like this...
  159. login text same color as background
  160. Table Assistance
  161. Where Are The CSS/Template Files For VSA?
  162. Move Lastpost Date / Time to Same Line as Lastpost Person?
  163. How do I remove space between login/pass and the navtabs??
  164. Same structure page of Vbulletin.org mods topics
  165. Where to place adsense code?
  166. Long User Location
  167. navbar tab size
  168. Navbar search button wayyyyyy over to the right
  169. Template Group
  170. after update large height message popup body (see image)
  171. 4.1.10 Album CSS question
  172. I have temporarily choosen to not display
  173. Forumhead icons
  174. searchbuttons problem
  175. Have forum body colour differnt to cms body colour?
  176. Change Default Text Color
  177. Using Adobe Edge for HTML 5 Animations and vBulletin CMS
  178. Inserting a SWF element in header template
  179. [SIMPLE] How to make this table/box in vbulletin4?
  180. Avatars just thumbnails?
  181. New design -> "Answer"-button is right, not left
  182. Differnt Font size in different browsers
  183. How to decrease loading time of my forum
  184. Edit Popup Insert Background Color ?
  185. Help: How to change width to fixed? ...and more
  186. Google CSE placed in Notice Manager displays black table borders
  187. topic icons not displayed te good way
  188. Border surrounding forumbits
  189. Mouseover for forum links at top of thread
  190. Custom e-mail system
  191. Center the Stats block
  192. Postbit GAP Problem
  193. Replacing Header Logo?
  194. Mobile Style: How to change blockhead background color?
  195. How to add space between profile tabs?
  196. Renaming "Friends" to something else
  197. Adding custom Sidebar to VB4
  198. Avatar issues
  199. wanna pay for someone to put in a stye
  200. How to move a Text Block DIV into another DIV?
  201. Help Finding Color Var
  202. A few style questions, trying to emulate FB app style
  203. Problem with Edit Post, Reply, etc ...
  204. 4.1.10 Dynamic image resizing
  205. Profile bugs
  206. Style ID Conditional
  207. forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost
  208. Looking to add 3 Columns of articles
  209. Trying to have title image only on main page
  210. Styling within different browsers
  211. Side bar help?
  212. Font color
  213. Forumhome navbar buttons on custom page
  214. Which template or stylevar to change for profile buttons
  215. Create rounded corners for articles
  216. Ranks together
  217. Moving the hybrid/threaded block under the message
  218. How to remove ALL login forms from everywhere in bulletin 4
  219. Inserting forums on a div tag
  220. No reply or post message button showing on threaded view mode
  221. Custom Status Images?
  222. How do you change the "Stickey" thread color?
  223. White text on white background (in user profiles)
  224. Problem with style generator
  225. Highslide problem
  226. how do I call a plugin when 'new posts' is clicked but not when a search is performed
  227. Colour Codes for Default Style
  228. Simple Help im sure!
  229. Avatar Size in Recent Threads Widget
  230. Where are these style vars?
  231. Please help with profile issue
  232. Home Page colors..
  233. Variables on external PHP page
  234. Forum head/bit question
  235. How color around blocks??
  236. Buttons in Header
  237. Some style issue
  238. Pop-up Menus
  239. Border around login
  240. Theme Info Requested.
  241. Fixed forum wrapper, but fluid body
  242. add a custom page
  243. Another way to register
  244. A couple of question on StyleVars
  245. scroll issue
  246. Adsense in Header only on Forumhome
  247. please close sorted
  248. Visitor Message Help
  249. What style var is this? Pic included!
  250. Probem with Text Colors - Global Body Color