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  1. Moving the Remember Me box
  2. How do I reformat the "Last Post" column?
  3. How do I remove "Post New Thread" button?
  4. Left and Right logos in header
  5. How to add Important Articles in Sidebar (with Image Preview)
  6. Is "Blade Article Selection" Possible in CMS?
  7. New Threads on Homepage, Like YAHOO or AOL.com Headlines?
  8. Anyone have any Luck with this?
  9. Is it possible to recreate this header in VB4?
  10. How do I change the size on quote?
  11. Quick Edit Empty White Spacing
  12. How do I do a Grid like this?
  13. WANTED; PRO-CMS Designer
  14. How can i change my Home page ?
  15. Forum width
  16. Problems in CMS in other languages
  17. Move register and login to right
  18. Which Stylevars are these?
  19. False 5 Star Ratings on Vbulletin.org?
  20. How to enlarge the RSS height to 16x16px in forumhome?
  21. Background of textbox in Profile
  22. Header droplink background color and text
  23. New Thread/Post Probelm In Opera & Firefox
  24. Identifying Stylevars
  25. How to convert vB3 colour schemes to vB4?
  26. [Style Customization] Userfield Postbit Variable Depth in new Template?
  27. quickreplay and Blog color question !
  28. v4.0 Main Logo
  29. Change the look of the sticky Posts
  30. Quote Button Remove
  31. Borders in html tables,help!
  32. Help with Changing Article backgrounds
  33. Stylevar edits (and reverts) causes problems
  34. Custom Forum Status Icon
  35. Below Scroll bar when active CMS Plugin
  36. How can I add a right and left border to the skin
  37. StyleVars guide?
  38. Post Bit Footer Width/Height for larger images than 16x16px?
  39. Problem with style not updating.
  40. Customized Postbit
  41. it is possible to have 2 forums on a suite?
  42. Is there a way to "unbold" threads that are read in the Today's Posts listing
  43. StyleVars - Quick Reply - Would be grateful for your help!
  44. VBulletin Adsense Integration
  45. Enlarging the logo
  46. installing new text features
  47. Changing the view of album page
  48. Make a new sub-forum stand out?
  49. Navbar managment
  50. Latest Posts Ticker
  51. stylevar help: backgrounds on hover and pagination of threads
  52. doc_width
  53. How to change CMS Widget Content Size ?
  54. Stylevars & css variables not found
  55. Simple Alignment Issue
  56. How to change the width of: forum title, threads and post count, Last Post
  57. Can a Style fix IE6?
  58. IE6 issues [solved]
  59. Add tabs to navbar_tab and increase space between navbar links?
  60. Which styleVar is this?
  61. Changing colours
  62. Color in notifications
  63. Gone Wrong! - Infraction/Report Buttons on Postbit
  64. New vb4 style?
  65. Font color
  66. Border Color
  67. threads an post vb 4
  68. Want Quick replay and postbit legacy Codes to edit default vB4
  69. Yet another "Which stylevar is this" question
  70. Unread post on forumhome
  71. Creating a new style
  72. vb4 header css issues
  73. Avatar Alignment
  74. [Help] Space between 2 column
  75. Widget Width
  76. vbcms_navwidget colors
  77. What happend to the Add additional css to your style Mod ?
  78. Adding Ad Space Next To Forum Main
  79. I want my site to look like this. Possible?
  80. New to vB 4.0 and need help
  81. How to not scaled to 48px the size of each forum icon? (it does it automatically)
  82. Border image (forumhome)
  83. How to get Forum Category Names Centered?
  84. Show/Hide Content based on Profile Field Selection?
  85. Where is this Quick Reply Text / Editor StyleVar
  86. Changing "Welcome," color (really quick and stupid question)
  87. Banner Ads in Individual Forums
  88. Replacing current forum icons
  89. Default Gradient - HELP
  90. vB upgrade from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 Issues
  91. Which Syle Var
  92. Quick question
  93. Larger Image on Latest Article in CMS?
  94. Why do all the available styles look just like the default?
  95. PSD for interface elements
  96. How do you save a style with 4.0
  97. How would I have a profile field determine chatbox visibility
  98. first post problem
  99. Center Header
  100. header template problems
  101. Prefix for Forum Status Images
  102. Changing the "Home" text link in navbar
  103. How can i create a home page
  104. NavBar, Adding/Changing Main Links?
  105. Articles (Left) Headlines (Right)
  106. Changing the content url
  107. Small gap between titleimage and tabs
  108. Request method to modify or add-on Style
  109. Prefix for Forum Status Images for Category
  110. /buttons/trans_40b.png issue
  111. How to split main forum to 2 columns
  112. Reputation with numbers
  113. Stopping guests from making comments on articles?
  114. Groups index page messed up
  115. showthread display not full
  116. Remove "Prefix" dropdown on "Thread Display Options"
  117. Log in area...
  118. any one have this style
  119. vb4 move welcome logon myprofile settings logout to widget
  120. Skeleton template for the whole forum in HTML
  121. Style per usergroup ID?
  122. how do they use "tilesets" to set buttons?
  123. How do you create a left side Nav Menu
  124. Statusicons: I want to use my animated gifs intstead of png
  125. Small style problem!
  126. HTML + Navbar?
  127. How to allign article images from left to right
  128. Tabs
  129. Do you want to design my forum?
  130. StyleVars in New Style - not taking affect?
  131. changing Header_Link_Color doesn't
  132. No avatar style???
  133. Add Navbar to error
  134. Custom Header
  135. Having trouble finding this stylevar
  136. Making Font Bigger In Editor Box
  137. Forum Post "TABS" Like This??
  138. Added new links to the Nav bar
  139. Sidebar / Blocks
  140. How to split showthread forum to 2 columns
  141. forumhead link and hover link
  142. Removing outer shadow
  143. Common Templates Not Common?
  144. CSS class/id
  145. Beach or Surf style
  146. How do I change the name and/or order of the navbar buttons (Home, Forum, What's New)
  147. Help with Spacing
  148. How to change alt1 alt2 colors..
  149. How to change statusicons for every forum/subforum?
  150. same width for navbar and forum
  151. New to vB: How do I add something to all templates/styles?
  152. how to make 1 column subforum with 4 latest thread of it forum
  153. White Background in IE when using a fixed background image.
  154. Anyway to change the CMS Article section background?
  155. vB4 default XML file
  156. different logo in specific forum?
  157. content1, 2 & 3_background - What does this represent?
  158. First Article
  159. A few bits.
  160. What StyleVars designates the color for the QuickReply background?
  161. First & Second Alternating colors?
  162. What Style Vars are These???
  163. Album Block
  164. need help how to change a few things..
  165. 3 part image for postbithead_background - forumhead_background ?
  166. Change "Prefix" to "Cities" but only for certain forums
  167. Buttons appearing in Internet Explorer
  168. What's the proper way to display custom profile fields in postbit templates?
  169. Warning: fetch_template
  170. background/border of quote container
  171. Front Page Customization - Please Help
  172. Unapproved / Deleted Posts Background Color
  173. Additional CSS Definitions.. where i find them?
  174. how i do center my forum?
  175. Adding a background to all pages
  176. First and Last Post Back To Full Width?
  177. Few style issues
  178. Anyone ever seen a larger font hack?
  179. quick question - style
  180. no dark themes?
  181. 3 latest post in main forum
  182. How to create a dropdown like Quick Links for Section Sub Menu?
  183. Removing BreadCrumb on CMS
  184. navtabs / navbar
  185. Forum Width from % into PX
  186. New forum display on right side
  187. Professional VB4 Themes? (Paid)
  188. How to change link colors in VB 4.
  189. How to Fix postings.php Page?
  190. Conditional statement?
  191. Show thread rating in showthread
  192. Help?
  193. How to learn StyleVars, Faster
  194. how to do this
  195. Need help/ Centering Banner!
  196. Video: vB4 Fixed Style Tutorial
  197. Forum
  198. Unable to install syles/skins
  199. using custom vars in conditionals
  200. My content is not adjusting to fixed width
  201. How to prevent unreg'd seeing members list in Quick Links?
  202. Textarea background color
  203. Visitor comment in profile problems! HELP
  204. Different background for different section
  205. Classic VBulletin 3 look
  206. Advertisement Positioning
  207. Moving ' users viewing forum' over on forum home.
  208. How make bigger the font in the newthread/newreply form?
  209. Video Size on CMS Preview VS Article
  210. Problem with forum tab
  211. A Styles Question
  212. VB4 Styling - Make forum/thread borders be only top+left (or only bottom, etc...)
  213. VB 4 retro VB3 style
  214. look of the thread/post
  215. Forumbits overlapping forum description
  216. Problem: Images resized automatically with strange behavior.
  217. How to copy a style + add images to navbar links
  218. How to change width of last post message column & how invert position?
  219. Some items in style vars, where are they!?
  220. Community drop down tab broken?
  221. Text box selected color
  222. News Page - Content Box - Layout Design help
  223. How to remove this 'space'?
  224. How to move Who's online box to the top of forum
  225. Problem with template integration
  226. what classes for a basic forum block
  227. forumbit height & layout
  228. Background color !!
  229. Vbulletin 4.0 Questions
  230. StyleVars Help: Background Color of User Postbit
  231. Body Class
  232. Which StyleVar is this affected by?
  233. images on statusicon dir
  234. How to change the color of the text in wysiwyg editor
  235. Blog Sidebar Block order
  236. Banner Placement
  237. Unable to remove code [Firebug Screenshot attached]
  238. Change name of the Forum tab?
  239. Where can I change the text color when creating a new thread
  240. Move bar
  241. Image folders?
  242. Help a coder do some basic stuff with images
  243. help rendering templates
  244. how do I show an icon under the avatar of a member of a usergroup?
  245. Turning off the New thread option in a sub forum
  246. missing Buttons
  247. style only for CMS
  248. Hooks List?
  249. move loginbox
  250. forum border