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  1. Changing Categories BG
  2. Changing Categories BG
  3. Default Style Download
  4. customizations done to vb4 default style
  5. VB4 Help Needed - Installing New Skin
  6. HOW DO I change the default FONT SIZE for ALL POSTS?
  7. How to move Folder Controls aka PM counter box to top ?
  8. Horizontal line between post and signature - can it be changed?
  9. Adding Sidebar on new style
  10. Some questions about the tag 'raw' and other things.
  11. How Can I Change Allowed Filetypes For Avatars?
  12. Post icons in search results?
  13. My users like BINGO MInerSkins
  14. Spliting a column in the cms grid
  15. Raw isn't showing in 'header'
  16. Usergroup special markup
  17. Anyone know what this particular variable is? v.withpic
  18. Cannot upload / import style xml - Invalid File Specified
  19. Default Signatures
  20. Quick Stylevar question?
  21. "Last edited by" color question
  22. Rounded Corners
  23. changes to style not showing up
  24. AdminCP error
  25. Internet Explorer and VB 4.0
  26. Which StyleVar controls the members & guests font?
  27. Cant install any Theme???
  28. Restore / Default Style?
  29. StyleVars: What's New page, backround color...
  30. Hide register button
  31. Question about reg en faq
  32. Navbar links not showing in IE or Chrome?
  33. Idea for VB4 (pageflip)
  34. vB4 Logo +Psd + Font
  35. add "my messages" link to navbar - affective
  36. StyleVars: How can I change this? (pic attached)
  37. Help please
  38. swapping "online"/"Offline" pic for new one
  39. Make What's going on Collapsable
  40. Browsers Display Theme different
  41. CMS GRID: Need Help Modifying to Fixed, Liquid, Liquid
  42. how can i add php code to the footer
  43. titleimage not showing up
  44. How to change the color tab in Advanced Search
  45. Update: Category Gradient
  46. Article style
  47. CSS : <ul> object placement, list horizontal instead of vertical - solved!!!
  48. Adding Space above forum
  49. [How to] Problems with spacing and alignment
  50. New Awasome Skin Ported
  51. Placing Banner in vb4.0.1
  52. Header Image Links.
  53. stylevars : changeing body_background dosent take effect - Solved !!!
  54. simple question about templates en option settings
  55. how to remove this fade
  56. Collapsable Right-Side Column [How to get rid of it!?]
  57. help please
  58. Color/Font help please.
  59. change logo in 4.0.2
  60. AdSense for Search ???
  61. Importing vb 3.8.3 style to vb 4.0.2 help
  62. Please I need some Variables
  63. How can i put image here ?
  64. a link has gone from my theme, anyone knows howto fix?
  65. How to remove this icon from posts?
  66. Removing Sub Navbar In VB 4.0
  67. How to change navbar arrow colors in stylevars or css file?
  68. Grid Alignment
  69. How do I create a 100% width header using background image?
  70. Different forum catagory colors
  71. Sidebar Weight (make it smaller)
  72. Forum Template help
  73. StylesVars Not Updating
  74. Converting a vb 3 style to a vb 4 style
  75. Quick StyleVar question
  76. vb4 with existing design, install help
  77. New User - Custom header & menu
  78. Convert Phpbb3 to VB4 - Custom BBcodes
  79. Can't change the blog colours
  80. Custom Div - Class like Sidebar Block
  81. Text/ Cursor colour?
  82. top link background color
  83. [REQ] Help needed Live Game Server List for CMS
  84. How To? Threads/Post Column Background
  85. Remove italic property from quoted text
  86. Where is my WYSIWYG editor?
  87. How To Stop Link Parsing In BBcode?
  88. How can i make my blog looks like this ?
  89. Different background for unapproved post?
  90. Changing Input Box BG Color
  91. How do I move rep power bar AND add rep power number?
  92. Can't Edit Gradients In ACP Anymore
  93. How do I change the color of...
  94. admin_tempelet eror
  95. Different style for a subforum
  96. Banners not showing in vB 4.02
  97. Embedding a Forum into an Article/Custom Page
  98. HELP! How make font large in postbit?
  99. How to for newbies
  100. How can I remove or modify the "Home" button in the navigation bar (navbar)
  101. Professional (PAID) VB4 Styles?
  102. Fixing the smiliey size
  103. Align signatures at bottom of post
  104. Does anyone know why my header is pushed downwards?
  105. Different Widgets on Different CMS Pages
  106. login box IE error: aligned to left of browser
  107. Reducing margins
  108. Move forum stats and 1 other thing
  109. vbcms_widget_width
  110. Editor Icons Are out of whack for VB4.02 Please Help
  111. Block Template codes
  112. Forum picture
  113. fuid header - need help:(
  114. Get rid of white line under site logo
  115. What's your opinion of the new vBulletin 4 styles?
  116. Beginning of vb 4 styling
  117. Change Link Color in postbit only
  118. Rotating Logo on only some styles?
  119. Issue with album picture size
  120. New to this.. Header
  121. cant manage my ads
  122. Image instead of text
  123. Comments under article
  124. VB4 Header
  125. vb:raw - How does it work?
  126. Need basic help with a postbit edit
  127. Weird css behavior
  128. Help creating custom box under navbar
  129. Where can I see the template structure?
  130. How to change the navbar links?
  131. Blank page, letters, "Half-theme"
  132. Make CMS preview div a link.
  133. Reduce space under signature
  134. Where to get VB 4+ Buttons?
  135. I installed a style and deactivated my defualt yet it still shows up?
  136. How to hide breadcrumb on the homepage...
  137. how to edit
  138. Wordpress / VB
  139. Navbar Tab width across page
  140. .above_body css class
  141. Change fonts for Subforum
  142. 'Notifications' Drop Down IE7 CSS Issue...
  143. member action popup problem
  144. Which stylevar controls the color of 'attachments' legend?
  145. Some questions.. stylevars.. edits.. how to fix
  146. Adding image to thread description
  147. User Information vertical instead of horizontal in forums
  148. Need help with adding typographic properties to a stylevar
  149. How to Assign IE6 to Use Default (or alternative) Style?
  150. How do you add more words to cms articals
  151. Add button to Navbar Mod?
  152. Cannot see my sub forum listings
  153. Style Manager to make style editing easy.
  154. Changing CMS style from left to right ... HELP ! (Picture)
  155. Please Help Identify this Style Variable v.pictureincluded
  156. hover text in navbar
  157. Removing last post from forum home
  158. How to add individual icons to forums
  159. vb4.0 article styling
  160. line break in subforums
  161. change input text colour
  162. image bbcode
  163. Which
  164. Space between forum sidebar blocks?
  165. How to reduce the login box height?
  166. Strabge strings in usernames
  167. What modification/style is this?
  168. Widget layout
  169. Multiple stylesheets for differing screen resolutions?
  170. 2 widgets one row HELP
  171. how to edit this kind of forum display?
  172. What qualifies as a style submission?
  173. Loading custom global templates
  174. 4.01 template broken on 4.02
  175. Full header image
  176. how to alter the advanced search bit in the navbar
  177. Navbar fix
  178. Forum new style, status images not working
  179. WGO fix
  180. my theme is not compatible and i don't know where to look
  181. class:"postbit" not useable anymore ?
  182. Signature doesn't stretch forums in 4.0.2
  183. vBCMS Section Title -> Image?
  184. Moving the navbar location
  185. Replace Navbar Link with Image
  186. showing who's online on the sidebar blocks
  187. Header size change
  188. Changing Sections Menu Active Color?
  189. Graphic in Forum Category Bar Needed
  190. "Posting Permissions" box removal?
  191. 4.01 to 4.02 Style Docs?
  192. Header width
  193. Seeking VB 4 Skin Designer
  194. How to change forum header title
  195. How to align sub-forum when listing them in forum homepage?
  196. Change background in header for vb 4.0.2
  197. Dynamic Background
  198. Specifying 'Notifications' Drop Down for IE7...
  199. help! space between cat
  200. Change wysiwyg color
  201. how to move ad placement
  202. Error on CMs & Paid subscriptions Problem
  203. Getting parts of a stylevar?
  204. Custom Status Icon for my forum. (services needed!!)
  205. Help me on edit the default theme colors
  206. Delete Sub Navbar
  207. How to fix this problem ?
  208. Can't Upload Renders?
  209. Forum Description Background
  210. Add thumbnail to widget
  211. Need to Find One Font Color
  212. Sidebar Padding
  213. change type code html
  214. Thanks
  215. Anybody on right now?? that can make me a quick banner plz?
  216. Layout Options
  217. How to modify the userstat spacing
  218. Navbar: Mark new tab as selected?
  219. vBulletin - someone needed to implement existing graphics
  220. Removing same object from multiple pages
  221. Design errors in profiles
  222. Can i change the forumrow color of just one category and subforums
  223. Blank Status Icons
  224. How to change the clolour of the top right nav
  225. Where can i find this amazing template ???
  226. What is this stylevar?
  227. Edit Style
  228. Changing the background image for specific pages
  229. Problems of background color changes since update to 4.0.2
  230. Mini Calendar in a sidebar
  231. Unwanted block in footer
  232. Color of Icon Legend??
  233. Need help with Static (Fixed) Backrounds here you go! 4.0.2
  234. Forum width
  235. Make Sub Navbar Come Further Down The Page For Images
  236. Help with body top
  237. Rounded tabs in Navbar?
  238. Changing the color of the 'Post New Thread' and 'Post New Reply' buttons.
  239. Make register in upper right hand corner change colors?
  240. Need Help with Navbar Customization...
  241. Search box overlapping with log in, how to fix?
  242. Change Skin for X screen resolution
  243. social bookmarking sites (design)
  244. Disallow collapse of forums
  245. changing height of preview article on section page
  246. Is there a place I can go for quick skin support?
  247. direct answer editor header background
  248. where can i find this chat program
  249. How do I add CSS?
  250. updating a style without losing customisations