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  1. Layout pushed to the right
  2. Highlight, Postbit_Background, and user profiles.
  3. Postbit
  4. A few styling issues
  5. What's Going on Box
  6. TinyPic uploader in newthread/newreply
  7. Editing Header
  8. Forum Homepage - change color of Threads: Posts:
  9. Unable to use forum conditional in header or threadbit
  10. main navigation short cut
  11. Topic Icon, How to make them smaller?
  12. Advertising Cell Header 2 - how to align right [solved]
  13. Need a quick Banner!
  14. Customize Header
  15. Having trouble replicating comment styles...
  16. Footer Error
  17. nav bar-dropdown-hover highlight color [solved]
  18. Advertising blocking popup display
  19. Has anyone found a workaround for the L-T-R Styling problems?
  20. Make top of header rounded
  21. How to make topic titles bold?
  22. Users Viewing Thread
  23. How do I add FB Page Link to Navbar?
  24. Google Custom Search in the navbar
  25. Remove / Disable Forum Link In CMS Nav
  26. modify home page layout
  27. Application/attachment file icon set.
  28. Anyone customized their skin?
  29. pbZ-GL - A different CMS Grid Layout
  30. When I title a thread or private message the BG turns black when the form is clicked.
  31. need conditional statement
  32. .threadbit .alt { height increase?
  33. New posts are bold, Read posts are normal...
  34. Skins without problems
  35. Instructions for Newbies?
  36. Change Forum Logo Padding
  37. Postbit template
  38. Request for small design modification
  39. Postbit user info question
  40. Sidebar block template Modification
  41. Users highlight
  42. StyleVar Modification
  43. forum with fixed width - can't display a div next to the forum
  44. Quotes In Internet Explorer
  45. Blogs, how can I do this changes?
  46. How to change part of the post body
  47. Thanks
  48. Sidebar Collapsible for Certain usergroups only
  49. how do I get the toolbar like the one at....
  50. HELP: Change CMS margin
  51. What happened to my Visitor Messages?
  52. Time Color - How To Change?
  53. Subnavbar twice?
  54. Wrapper?? background color
  55. Yet another fixed-width & centered question
  56. Center Header Image
  57. Multi Quote Image Broken?
  58. Thread Information on Top in Threads
  59. block border ??
  60. Category and Forum
  61. What is this border?!!!!
  62. Postbit info editing
  63. Default Profile Tab
  64. Apply layout to section
  65. Skin recommendation, please?
  66. VB4.0.x Table behind forum
  67. Short Registration?
  68. Need to add narbar links based on tab selected
  69. Question regarding dedicated style for CMS
  70. completed.
  71. Center and resize notices
  72. How to change forum title colour?
  73. How do I change the font color inside the textbox?
  74. Using a Locked Style?
  75. How do i change my background to an image?
  76. What stylevar??
  77. Remove Navbar from Frontpage?
  78. Changes to New Template are Not Showing Up
  79. vbCMS truncates articles
  80. VBulletin3 style for VB4 board?
  81. multiple skins issue
  82. Some stylevar problems
  83. Header Links
  84. stylvar issues
  85. hange banner- help!
  86. Has anyone made a Facebook style for vB 4.0 yet?
  87. Style not selectable on content.php
  88. Posted Link Colour?
  89. Forum Head Title
  90. Postbit Template
  91. delete
  92. Forum Blocks
  93. Different styles for different forums
  94. completed
  95. Display subforums in columns of 3
  96. Anyone willing to help me out with a graphic for our background?
  97. Shifting the header down.
  98. Is there a way
  99. Text editor background
  100. Table classes
  101. Preview Post did not work (4.0.2). Anyone see this?
  102. completed.
  103. Creating New Stylevar
  104. Getting rgba to work in vB4
  105. How to remove completely the navbar links (under navbar tab)
  106. Problem with body background and postbit
  107. Line Seperating Post Title and Post
  108. Adding content outside of vBulletin body
  109. Mercury Style
  110. Page number stylevar not updating
  111. How to add "comment" button to blog articles in CMS
  112. Custom Navbar Tab Size
  113. image map not working in article
  114. How to change the look of the Article Section
  115. how to change forum display style?
  116. how do i add new pages
  117. The added buttons in navbar are not selected
  118. translucent png samples
  119. Can't find a stylevar setting - driving me mad! Help!
  120. round corner code
  121. Header Image...and more
  122. Padding, Margin, etc
  123. 2 header backgrounds
  124. Header Toolbar 100% while Body is 960px?
  125. How to change 'Forum' tab to 'Forums' tab?
  126. How do I change FONT COLOR?!
  127. How to add What's going on to
  128. IE6 Login form problem
  129. General Template and Update Question
  130. Removing dropdown menus in the sub navbar...
  131. Resizing a post edit box
  132. Posts StyleVar
  133. Quick Register ???
  134. Navbar
  135. Different skin for CMS ?
  136. Problem with forum display
  137. Postbit Edit to Gallery/PM/Profile
  138. Different title image CMS/FORUMS ???
  139. style on home page
  140. CMS Tutorial
  141. display a specific forum in a custom created pagename.php
  142. Redundant StyleVars
  143. Link TARGET (open) in same window?
  144. How do I change a Forums Title font & font size
  145. Replace "Post New Thread" button with something else in specific subforums...
  146. Recently upgraded to VB 4.0 and now postbit_legacy needs tweaking
  147. Default Style And Image Directories
  148. Top Right Menu
  149. Status and legend icons for VB4
  150. Tab format - like vb.org
  151. 100% width
  152. Please help me and look this picture
  153. Default theme package
  154. Internet Explorer widget shrinks width of pic in Internet Explorer
  155. Resize embeded video clip in posts?
  156. StyleVars question!
  157. Display Ad Widget shrinks width in IE
  158. Statistics at right?
  159. How?
  160. 4.0.3 Background shading of last page number gone - SOLVED
  161. Postbit Content Word Wrap
  162. Style var for member list character navigation?
  163. style problem
  164. Category Icons?
  165. CHange header height
  166. Change forum background
  167. Whats Going On Box - [Widget]
  168. Where can i add text on Home Whats News Forum
  169. Facebook Header?
  170. need to designe
  171. Category forum thumbs
  172. Fixed Width Boarder
  173. HTML Registration form on page outside of Vbulletin
  174. Looking for Mobile Template Style for vb 4.0 site or to Hire web design to create one
  175. How to fix this?
  176. Fixed or Fluid? Not sure what to use..
  177. Header problem only in Chrome help
  178. How and where to insert Adsense Links in posts and treads?
  179. What's better? Edit CSS myself or StyleVar Editor?
  180. Which StyleVar ??
  181. Different Article Layout??
  182. Question about Navtab and Breadcrumb
  183. Postbit Legacy Rawphrase Code Error
  184. Creating New VBulletin Style
  185. Article's thumbnail CMS
  186. Have a banner image and then buttons to the right of it
  187. replace background
  188. Hide the Reputation Icon But Keep Reputation Running
  189. Need some template help
  190. Header And Banner Gone When Logged In
  191. Removing # of Threads / Posts in Forum Display
  192. Sticky icons down left side of page
  193. forum / subforum icons and columns
  194. Poll Widget
  195. vbulletin-chrome.css
  196. YouTube Embedded In Recent Posts Widget (vbcms_widget_recentposts_page)
  197. navtab left padding
  198. Footer container - border controls?
  199. Navbar Help
  200. Posts are squished into left have of postbit.
  201. I want to add something above and below my user's post
  202. How about a Firebug type mod to show stylevar variable names?
  203. Nav bar and Footer
  204. Changing Background Colour of Current Month in Calendar
  205. vB4 tables
  206. Banner Question
  207. Removing the Sub NavBar?
  208. Who's online issue
  209. CSS Templates
  210. Different color username based on status
  211. thread icons
  212. Icon on navbar
  213. Facebook Connect
  214. Need to Add Columns on Either Side of Content
  215. Breadcrumb
  216. couldnt change the blockhead background colors
  217. girly designs
  218. Upload new style
  219. Hiring Designer
  220. changling link color inside a post
  221. Removing Top banner when Not logged in
  222. Where did my WYSIWIG editor styling go?
  223. How to move the "remember me?" checkbox position
  224. [help] vB_Templete Issue
  225. forumbit background color ><
  226. Changing the statusicons
  227. Change the link navigation hover border color
  228. Question regarding Style Options/Templates
  229. Cannot change font size of login button
  230. Custom php page issue
  231. Image verification shows on top of form
  232. Navlinks CSS help neded please
  233. I canīt see Buttons in spanish language
  234. Formatting in postbit_legacy
  235. Adding copyright to a skin
  236. Moderator does not get mail when new post or thread
  237. how did they do it? different wall papers and headers on each sub forum?
  238. 3.X Series default themes
  239. Header navbar hover over Variable?
  240. Colours?
  241. Subnav location change
  242. Imagize style for 4.0
  243. Overwrite your old skin with a new one?
  244. Setting new style as the default
  245. How to adjust column widths on forum home?
  246. Modify blog layout
  247. Another image resize
  248. Increasing font sizes in vB 4.0
  249. How to remove Forum Title & Welcome to the Forum Title?
  250. How to resize images