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  1. fixed
  2. Centering the navbar + header image?
  3. Custom Signature Separator
  4. Ads customisation
  5. Simple Text Color Question---help!
  6. Problem
  7. Facebook Connect location movable?
  8. Align post icons left or in their own column?
  9. How to change Image Position in a Blog
  10. How To Add A New Skins And Keep The Mods I Already Made
  11. Problem with images > Personalize Blog & Profile
  12. Problem with GIF Animated
  13. How to alter sub-forum displaying
  14. I canīt see Buttons in forum
  15. Java code
  16. Help with changing icons / colours
  17. Members Can't Upload Avatar
  18. Posts align wrong
  19. Urgent: unique stylesheet for only one forum
  20. Horizontal rule in blog and cms
  21. content_control (the post new thread and new blog post buttons) problem with CSS
  22. Image Resize for external links for Forum + CMS?
  23. Where's My Logo? Help Please!
  24. GIF smilies vs. PNG smilies
  25. Where to remove the post br element
  26. CSS Help needed VB 403
  27. Background Banner CSS
  28. Help regarding centring Ads
  29. How to count messages according certain parametters.
  30. Move "Create New Article" button
  31. Help creating ads in the CMS
  32. Oneliner mod shows all postings for current user.
  33. Migration from 3.8.5 to 4.0.2 needed
  34. Change background color based on the time of day?
  35. Pagination
  36. Ideas on new buttons makeover?
  37. New style - ignoring stylevars and using only CSS - possible?
  38. Tables in vb4
  39. Everything in the forum is centered?
  40. Header Banner
  41. Ability to change font properties such as letter spacing?
  42. Social Bookmarks background and adding links
  43. NavBar Forum > Category > section Font colors and Bg
  44. Colours of Links
  45. Looking for a template designer
  46. How do you add an image to a template as a background?
  47. Navbar space removal/bumping title image down.
  48. vb4 styles arent working.
  49. Center the page after changing to fixed
  50. Resize image CMS
  51. How Do You Make block_background Transparent?
  52. Lokking for skin
  53. Background hover, stylevar
  54. after Upgraed to 4.0.4 navbar problom
  55. Editing the style - selection styles
  56. smilies..
  57. BG Questions
  58. How do I remove bubble links area?
  59. How do I change the colour of the tabs in 'My Profile'?
  60. vb4 style upload error
  61. How to change this style color
  62. Recent Article Widgets, wrong order?
  63. Homepage modification
  64. Banners Links
  65. Moving the sidebar collapse/expand button?
  66. Changing navtabs to real tabs
  67. Navbar edit question
  68. Postbit vs Postbit_Legacy (How do you change between using those files?)
  69. Centering a skin
  70. Editing the postbit impossible?
  71. [SOLVED]Notification tab box below header
  72. Postbit_Legacy Question
  73. Need postbit legacy code
  74. Custom Notices - How to insert a picture
  75. How do I remove the frame from Widgets?
  76. Notification box does not change color or show
  77. Changing the prefix color
  78. Modify Recent Forum Posts widjet to show attachments?
  79. How do I remove the 'Last Post' column from forum home?
  80. How do I get each usergroup's username HTML markup to appear everywhere?
  81. Can someone please help me get rid of the white bars behind these icons?
  82. Replace reputation button with "like" button?
  83. Where is "FORUMHOME" located?
  84. Real name for author on article
  85. posibit display vb4.0.2
  86. Hello, design request
  87. How Do I change the display icons
  88. Need Help With My Template.
  89. vB4 CSS file
  90. HTML Widgets not displaying
  91. WordPress Header/Footer
  92. How to vertically align forum titles to the middle when no forum description?
  93. Navbar customization questions
  94. Align header-ad right ?
  95. Getting rid of Blogs/Whats new in toolbar
  96. How to add custom profile field to where users name is when they post
  97. What is the name of this template ?
  98. Are Forum Tags Possible?
  99. Can't get images to show up full size
  100. How to change all corners' radius simultaneously?
  101. How to add image to border
  102. How are they doing this?
  103. How to disable doc_background in STANDARD_REDIRECT template?
  104. Forum icons
  105. How do I add a small icon next to group name in post.
  106. How do I customize the hover background color of the tabs in the member profile?
  107. Bottom Post New Thread button in FORUMDISPLAY broken
  108. Super long URLs in 'Who's Online'
  109. Problem moving the notifications box
  110. How do I exclude forums from New posts search?
  111. How to create drop down lists for new thread title?
  112. How do I get the "main table width" option back in vb4?
  113. Search box size?
  114. above_threadlist to function as one line
  115. How to make header wider than forum body?
  116. Bring the logo down
  117. Changing or Adding Styles
  118. Forum Description Full Width?
  119. How to make this? please help ..
  120. Can not edit the skin vbb 4.0.4 PL1
  121. How to add moreinfo to where name is in post
  122. How to fix this error ?
  123. Deleting columns?
  124. How to change toplinks color? (Can't find the stylevar)
  125. How Do I
  126. how to change position mini statistic on profile?
  127. Forum category Description format help please
  128. Calendar for Usergroup Private Forum HELP
  129. The first post in a page issues
  130. how can i reduce the Size of button
  131. Is there any vb 3 style for vb 4?
  132. Thread view messed up after upgrade
  133. article header bbcode
  134. Color Map...where is it in 4.x
  135. Need a smart ass
  136. Make the forums overview more compact?
  137. "Currently Active Users" showing members vertically (vs horizontally)
  138. forumhome page issues setting up columns
  139. making the Style Recumbent
  140. CMS question - make a facebook like interface
  141. Push online icon to bottom of userinfo column
  142. Navbar issue
  143. link an image on postbit
  144. Find and replace specific colors in a style?
  145. ARG-5 Error shown besides usernames in forumview
  146. Fine Tuning Style Colors?
  147. Cleaning up the look - and removing unnecessary info - from the forum homepage
  148. Help me kill my albums tab!
  149. Ultra Simple / Minimalist theme wanted
  150. Exposure to installing a skin from vbDesigns?
  151. Header CSS
  152. Needed: Forum Banner/Title Image
  153. change my sites background image into a image of my choice? please help, truely ap
  154. Main forum page: change color of forum titles
  155. Content images
  156. Main Table Width ?
  157. Where can I change the background color of editor buttons?
  158. Members add to Album
  159. How do I add a search box on the top of the site?
  160. Remove the gap
  161. Postbit
  162. Edit postbit
  163. Default vb4 style column issues on mobile devices
  164. Additional Columns
  165. NavTab image problems please help lol
  166. NAV BAR sub menu removal??
  167. WYSIWYG Text Box white in IE
  168. Add Banner in Sidebar
  169. Remove Link from footer
  170. change table style at sidebar
  171. How to set Guest avatar?
  172. different logos for CMS and Forums
  173. how can I, make different forumdisplay?
  174. HTML5: Local storage & contenteditable - simplify content management?
  175. Menu above Navbar - Adding Items
  176. how to have color picker on my site that changes css?
  177. Help With New Login Display...
  178. How to extend the header
  179. (Paid) Complete Vbulletin 4.0 iPhone Style
  180. New Forum
  181. How can i change sub forum logos?
  182. Changing the Footer in 4.0
  183. Forumhead bottom border, padding?
  184. Facebook Connect, Move
  185. background transparent until page loads
  186. how to include extra CSS files in style manager
  187. Changing order in navtab
  188. How to add an image identifying a certain type of user
  189. Images for New Post, Reply, etc
  190. adlocation templates..
  191. Normal Forum like a sub forum?
  192. what should be the width of Header image?
  193. VB4 Dark Colored Style Issues
  194. Vbulletin4.0.5 Style Color Problem
  195. Navbar stuck on Forums tab
  196. How To Change Default Post Font Type
  197. Logo Glitchy?
  198. Weird Menu color problem - I'm stuck
  199. Where can i find this in the Style Variable Editor?
  200. "Main CSS" page deprecated?
  201. I need the FB Connect button moved, but to a diff location
  202. Centering background image(s)
  203. [VB4] Using the built in Ad Manager - Make Ads only appear for Guests and Members
  204. Stylevars Help
  205. Changing forum colors/fonts...Where?
  206. Choose a premium style
  207. Thread Icons
  208. Having problems with the header
  209. Header Help
  210. Is there a style for vb4.0+ that changes based on time of day?
  211. changing color of: uploadprogress_container
  212. Is there a guide that explains what each part of.....
  213. Something display wrong
  214. Forum Background Color Change
  215. Misplacement of bottom "make new thread" button
  216. Professional Banner + PSD
  217. Help how to change Profile font about me colour
  218. cms - widget spacing
  219. Integrate google search (adsense)
  220. icon before username by css.
  221. After 4.0.6 update my style crashed
  222. Forum buttons
  223. Maybe simple - CMS Layout Selection
  224. Is It Possible to Create A Custom Header?
  225. Skin Request
  226. customizing vbulletin
  227. Can't remove 10 pixels from postbit legacy...
  228. Breadcrumb hover over box?
  229. Change background of non logged in box
  230. how i change permanent forum clour
  231. Styling Problems
  232. Style license exchange
  233. How to edit the CSS
  234. Add a second image over the header_background
  235. navbar and header edit
  236. Can't edit backgrounds - Please help :)
  237. Header Mystery
  238. Upload new Forum Graphics?
  239. Help installing ad under first post
  240. vB4 tables
  241. I did something wrong Default Style? please
  242. 'Advanced Search' link too low
  243. Making my header fit across the whole page
  244. Widget Icons (CSS question)
  245. Move "under navbar" ad location
  246. Header Edit Help :(
  247. how to edit post button color
  248. Change the forum link color
  249. How to recreate this template?
  250. navigation gone / kookie on search .php