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  1. Do I do this by modifying templates/styles?
  2. Custom Skin images won't appear
  3. Ads in CMS?
  4. error!
  5. Profile design
  6. You tube embedd video colour
  7. Style change removed login
  8. Edit profile font color
  9. Font Color?
  10. Sports / gambling smileys
  11. vb layout ?
  12. Hiding specific smilies
  13. Attachment Preview in CMS
  14. Need v4 Design and Upgrade Help
  15. change sub forums background
  16. How do you make quick navigation box bigger to remove scroll bar?
  17. Move facebook "Like" button into post
  18. How to add the smilies drop down menu to the quick reply box.
  19. How to Move Header onto side of Navbar?
  20. Where can I find this? and edit it?
  21. adding link to navbar drop down menus
  22. Private Message Stylevar
  23. New theme for cms/forum
  24. New Style -> Only the pictures of the master style are changed?!
  25. How to set just the background color for the default blue theme?
  26. Increasing Status Icons
  27. Featured content
  28. Status Icon Help
  29. CMS: How to align article title next to preview image
  30. Forum homepage (latest threads with subforum) modification. Possible?
  31. Post text area background color stylevar?
  32. Profiles are messed up! (4.0.8)
  33. Increasing avatar sizes 4.1!
  34. Looking for someone to create a custom style for my forum
  35. Help with placing a site header banner
  36. how to remove the selected area when posting a new blog entry
  37. Changing the mainpage color scheme
  38. Sidebar width based on users screen resolution
  39. Uniform Width for Left Column inside Forum vs Forum index?
  40. Visualization problem in Smilies Popup
  41. Coders
  42. Changing The Header Image
  43. Vbulletin 3.8 to 4.0 Table Structure
  44. Blogs with Pictures
  45. Ordered Lists not showing in Custom Template
  46. Home Page Skin Hasnt Changed
  47. Show user's design in postbit like here -->
  48. CMS - 2 Sidebars?
  49. The Width and Height you use to make Vb4 skin?
  50. Background issue
  51. Member List background stylevar
  52. Header image linking to popular threads
  53. Flash Logos
  54. Wheres the fixed header posts?
  55. How to change header to look like this?
  56. Semi-transparent style?
  57. Add to your stats section on the forum
  58. Background Image Help
  59. Adding Rollover Images underneath Titleimage
  60. Tron Legacy Forum Theme
  61. Newest Posts Display on Homepage
  62. Need a Shoutbox for Vb 4.1.0
  63. need some style suggestions
  64. Gender Colour Code
  65. Background Position (maybe offset?)
  66. Creating inner table borders and alternating cell colors a la VB3
  67. SOLVED - remove quick reply from post bit?
  68. Legal Theme Coding Question.
  69. Change default background blog color and blog header color
  70. widget background
  71. Where I can buy professional style?
  72. Styles
  73. Customizing look of CMS homepage...
  74. A mess up in the forum display
  75. Is there a vb4 skin that looks like vb3?
  76. Blood by skinbox
  77. "Last posts" in subforums
  78. Forum Icon set to replace the envelopes
  79. edit image in cms article
  80. Forum categories and sub-category display
  81. rate my progress
  82. How to remove little icons on the widgets
  83. Same Forum/DB, Different Domain, Different Style... how to get?
  84. Customized sales corner template ?
  85. Red, Black or Blue Smiley/Icon set
  86. Disable Attachment Input Box
  87. "what's going on?" block background css question
  88. can't get header etc visible
  89. navlinks are humping
  90. Template - Corners
  91. Move Top Links left
  92. How to modify the CSS of a theme?
  93. Changing the directory for just some status icons
  94. Profile Fields and Signatures
  95. AdminCP colors
  96. Need quick help please
  97. My width
  98. A few questions about my theme
  99. Adding a button in the header
  100. Text In User Profile Not Showing
  101. Change default logo
  102. Tutorial
  103. Is there a list of Style Vars somewhere ?
  104. Forum Title Animation Help
  105. How do I do this?
  106. How to stretch the width
  107. Multi-quote
  108. Improving Look of CMS
  109. Centering forum categories
  110. 1 last stylevar
  111. Adding, Updating, Deleting through my website
  112. Sofia's CA Evo 3.8.3 - 25 colors very popular theme set- update to 4.1 CMS
  113. Outputting username
  114. Slide downs with jquery
  115. vb4 - How do you make the thumbnail for the first article in the CMS larger?
  116. vbCMS CSS conditional for category?
  117. First post thread title & stylevariables
  118. Quick editor box
  119. Can I just have the Avatar show?
  120. How to remove the secondary Nav bar?
  121. StyleVar Help... Picture Included
  122. Centering images in posts
  123. Forum style messed up
  124. StyleVar help please
  125. New posts question
  126. Space between Main banner and navbar
  127. A few question and need some help
  128. HELP with uploading NEW Style/Theme
  129. Help to fix this search position
  130. Fixed Forum with Fluid Navbar
  131. editing the Username Container
  132. Gaps in PostbitUser Info
  133. White Font?
  134. Blog-comment
  135. Customize My Profile Background
  136. Status Icon Meanings
  137. Somehow my custom style has screwed up how IP addresses are showing up
  138. Thread icons
  139. Quick Stylevar (or CSS ?) Question!
  140. Change User Rank icons depending on style in use
  141. Need advice/opinion
  142. Vb3 Navigation in VB4
  143. Marker Icons
  144. Distorted avatars
  145. Multiple Background Images
  146. Collapse Forum Sub forum
  147. Is this possible?
  148. NavBAr Tab Colour Change One Only Like on Vbulletin PURCHASE tab
  149. Theme Errors vs VB upgrades (question)
  150. Sub-Forum Indent
  151. How To Change the Width of the Forum List Columns
  152. StyleVars: Am I doing something wrong?
  153. Adding in another navigation line
  154. Lost My Border Width
  155. Number of contacts on buddylist
  156. How to Add button New Thread in SHOWTHREAD
  157. Inside sub forum all screwed up
  158. Changing logo path?
  159. Wallpaper Code?
  160. what is the name for this
  161. Custom Smilies
  162. Using h1,h2 formatted Thread title in a 3 column table in VB 4
  163. Fixed width?
  164. How to change the background image on Vb 4.1
  165. Need two stylevars
  166. Stylevar for login box, help, register background
  167. Default color in posts
  168. Profile Styling on multiple styles
  169. Alternating Colored Rows in vBulletin 4
  170. [CMS] Add thread link to article preview
  171. Need Banner!
  172. Log-in disapearing behind the logo
  173. Few minor problems
  174. Nav Menu Auto Dropdown?
  175. Integrating CMS layout on vBulletin 4
  176. [Bug] Common Templates, Default value?
  177. How to put in collapsible header like vBSEO.com?
  178. How do you put advertising in cms sidebar?
  179. 4 error in my forum main page on validator.w3.org ?
  180. Padding error
  181. Font Color - CSS Issue
  182. Set max width for forum but still fluent
  183. How to add adsense ads inside of first post of each thread?
  184. Ad disapeared
  185. 'Whats New' on the CMS Front Page
  186. postfoot height?
  187. Remove space between posts
  188. Fluid header with fixed body
  189. under a sub-forum forum
  190. Moving Facebook Connect/Top Links Outside of Banner Box
  191. header/banner size
  192. Classic vb2/vb3 skin for vb4
  193. Forum Display Color
  194. VB and dreamweaver
  195. Help with this style
  196. Moving facebook connect to forumhome
  197. Make a custom blog name instead of username
  198. How to remove BLOG TAB from navbar?
  199. How to make avatar mandatory in New user registration
  200. StyleVar for MFR|VFL Box
  201. How to move my forum
  202. Layout
  203. Joomla Templates Header/Footer into VB
  204. Add extra tab to navbar?
  205. Basic color question regarding the calendar
  206. How do I make the contents of forum1 display in FORUMHOME
  207. Internet Explorer 7 display problem
  208. HTML static Widget on CMS page??
  209. I want my site to go to the homepage, not the forum page..how?
  210. how do I make my Url have capitilized letters?
  211. widget question
  212. How to add to the sidebar on the blogs page?
  213. Cms skin?
  214. downloaded new color style for forum..now how to apply it?
  215. Forumdisplay customization
  216. Ad Placement Question
  217. Repuation button in postbit? or just making it bigger?
  218. Help and registration Tabs on Header (how to remove)
  219. PM looks like Post - How to fix it?
  220. cart skin
  221. Center Logo in 4.1.1
  222. How to remove Skin style selection from forum?
  223. Default Logo Text Edit
  224. Want to edit / add to the "quick links" nav tab
  225. Need help finding a Skin / template type
  226. multi-image background
  227. 3D Ribbon effect on forum header?
  228. How Do I Have My Header Aligned With NavBar
  229. Good Design-Websites for vB4.1?
  230. Need Help in Skin Issu
  231. Background new notification toplink color
  232. facebook connect in template
  233. moving my Ad to the sky scrapper look
  234. Center avatar & add break
  235. How to add an ad to a guest welcome message?
  236. Changed "home" tab to "main" now skins won't show up on my "main" page!
  237. Re-order BBcodes in WYSIWYG?
  238. Good Jquery Challenge
  239. Widget Formatting... Possible CSS Issue, help!
  240. Editing Style Vars caused theme to ??break??
  241. center avatar removed sig?
  242. move rank down
  243. New Old Website Problem Design
  244. Need help with custom style
  245. Forum colors
  246. vBulletin 4.0 Theme Clubs (Where to find)
  247. Adding custom profile field value to post bits - Need help
  248. Can't get rid of white borders
  249. Header Help
  250. How to change this border color?