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  1. Using link to change styles?
  2. Smooth status icon image edges wanted please
  3. Good Styles
  4. Custom design studio
  5. Changing Background Colour
  6. VBCMS Image Padding
  7. ad help
  8. User profile sidebar color is transparent.
  9. New BB Code in quick reply?
  10. Toplinks position
  11. Text in Header
  12. Add Link in the header menu
  13. Strange Problem - Forums Eat h5!
  14. This CSS file is obsolete and is available here for reference purposes only.
  15. Widget background colour!
  16. 4.1.2 mobile style customizing?
  17. Space between Header1 & Header2 Ads
  18. Adding an Image for Wrapper
  19. Box colors
  20. Forum category background image - Help Needed!
  21. Where can I get this VB theme?
  22. Forum Wrapper and Moving Text
  23. any baseball styles?
  24. Broken default style on upgrade
  25. logo competition prize 50-100
  26. Unable to change color of sidebar on profile page
  27. Integrating Blab Chat 5 into vB4 Suite 4.1.2
  28. Updating Styles to 4.1.1
  29. How do I make this postbit alteration?
  30. Color scheme editor
  31. Add Breaks/Frames where desired
  32. Ok couple more questions..
  33. Picking Alternate Posts With A Conditional
  34. Not logged in variable in styles?
  35. Drop shadow for username
  36. Standard Vb 4 Skin in Blue?
  37. How to change the order of Blocks in the sidebar of Blog Home?
  38. can we get this logo down
  39. Adjusting navbar order?
  40. Article Preview Width
  41. Graphics issue
  42. Header image and logo centering
  43. Multiple Header Images
  44. Reputation Received Notification
  45. Mobile Skin help?
  46. black bar in thumbnail
  47. Using Highslide
  48. Background image in Section Categories
  49. Different backgrounds for each forum
  50. Editing My Footer - Seperating it from the body.
  51. Front Page Template Questions
  52. How to remove the Register button entirely
  53. Old Styles Compatability
  54. can we change this
  55. Problem with "header_background" Background Colour
  56. Stylevars for Profile Page? (/member.php)
  57. Change the styling of Quotes
  58. How to determine subcategory in vBulletin
  59. Login Box
  60. Editing a Template
  61. how to make seperate forum home page?
  62. Folder Icon
  63. Custom Html Front Page without header or footer.
  64. Style Using Wrong CSS
  65. Which font do you prefer to use for VB 4.0 CMS?
  66. Help with stylevars
  67. Commenting out sublinks
  68. resize image blog on recent entries in the profile
  69. How do you add a block
  70. Adding Quote Widgets?
  71. Which template do I edit to change the status icon extension?
  72. VSa - ChatBox
  73. additional.css not working
  74. How change color of index pages in threads?
  75. IE7 CSS problems
  76. Customize My Profile Shows header_background
  77. Please Help: RE: Seperating cms from sidebar
  78. Rearange the publisher name and categorie
  79. Sport/gambling smileys
  80. Move Login Box to Nav Links
  81. Change homepage
  82. resizing icons
  83. Post Icons
  84. Which Forum StyleVar are these?
  85. Please Help: Trying to modify recent post hack to add post previews on front page
  86. popupmenu adapts navbar style
  87. Nav bar/button problem
  88. What StyleVar do I use here?
  89. User Profile CSS?
  90. Help with forum background image
  91. search button border
  92. Default Profile Tab
  93. Space Between Header Image And Navbar
  94. fixed doc_background, not foreground
  95. Move toplinks below navbar?
  96. Need help for Profile page - change of text and link color
  97. Navbar button question
  98. Changing background
  99. Poll results background var
  100. Forum Block Headers
  101. Best Mobile Style for CMS?
  102. How to put article/blog preview on forumdisplay and showthread?
  103. Modhat BBcode
  104. Colour Picker?
  105. How Can I Change The Location of the Reputation?
  106. template edit help
  107. If Forum Id
  108. How to use condition: if on this page, don't show ads to anybody
  109. Is a file missing or something?
  110. Missing Images for Chatbox in new skin
  111. WordPress Header
  112. 3 column design css problem
  113. Header issues....
  114. Postbit reputation different than other fields?
  115. Ads next to the logo at the right top
  116. Broken Ad on the right of forum
  117. Convert vBulletin 3.8 skin to vBulletin 4
  118. Changing colors.. Any manual worth spending time reading??
  119. facebook likebox? where to place?
  120. Code for separating the forum topics...
  121. I cant find variable style
  122. Top Links styling problem in IE not FF
  123. Thread Prefixes in Recent Posts CMS Widget
  124. User profile WYSIWYG editor colors
  125. variable issue... cant find
  126. How do I change the fontsize for usernames on the post bit?
  127. Centering forums
  128. ading tabs to navbar
  129. Repeating an image...
  130. Designing CMS layout, not sure where to start
  131. Multiquote button does not function
  132. Making a div with login info separated from the rest
  133. vb 4.1.2 How do I add / remove links in the navbar?
  134. Looking for an outdoorsy style for VB4 +
  135. CUSTOM GRIDS - download/upload - xml
  136. Widget to show last attachments
  137. How to remove avatar from articles
  138. How do i change the style of the title?
  139. Delete most ever online
  140. how to fix radius
  141. Need help to fix this 4.1.3 bug in my forum header.
  142. Username Colors Everywhere
  143. Changing the forum name link color
  144. Removing detailed time from the "Started By" Section in threadbit?
  145. Increasing the length of the wrap area in threadbit?
  146. How to move "Last Post" text to a different spot
  147. main-rollup.css: Where are these definitions?
  148. Subforum threadbit problem - formatting/template?
  149. Stylevar conditionals?
  150. For those of you looking for the notifications dropdown highlight color
  151. What's Going On?
  152. Adding - Remember Me checkbox to top bar login
  153. User Name Font
  154. How do I get these icons above the header logo?
  155. Style images...
  156. Remove "post new thread" button
  157. Modifying vbuleting navigation
  158. Background color var of deleted post
  159. Background color for editor interface controls?
  160. Line padding above thread controls
  161. Header Help Required
  162. Header Width 100% Body Width Fixed
  163. Header space Question
  164. Where do I find this in the stylevars or css?
  165. profil modify and postbit
  166. Assign a Random Avatar to users without avatar
  167. Hover background color for thread listings?
  168. Search for eastern smileys
  169. Thread View as Liquid
  170. Looking for a few vb4 grids
  171. Help with a style issues Who Is Online
  172. Looking for a stylevar used on the forum home
  173. Activating one STYLE and that's it!
  174. vmoods
  175. Spacing between Comments (articles, blogs, etc)
  176. Already Viewed Posts
  177. Need to use images for my navbar
  178. User Name Resize
  179. Change text color
  180. postbit background image cut out problem.
  181. Widget - Recent Threads Divs as Columns instead of Rows
  182. Remove link from navbar
  183. Place Similar Thread To The End of Thread
  184. "like" on facebook, follow oin twitter and share button?
  185. Who's Online Text Color
  186. Move or Relocate Search from Navbar
  187. header and footer include
  188. Ad Header 1 and 2 Spacing
  189. Where can i get a medal or ribbon plugin
  190. profile menu problem
  191. category titles to the centre
  192. Add space to showthread.php for ads?
  193. template dictionary
  194. Need Help with member profile area
  195. Section Widget got cutoff!
  196. change navtab
  197. Change first post style on some threads
  198. theme creator
  199. CMS Not Conforming to vBulletin's Core Structure
  200. Default Profile Pic Not Taking The Size Of Profile Pics in Friendsbit
  201. A little gfx help plz...really small
  202. profile are fonds are hidden
  203. search results display change
  204. Multiple Forums in Navbar
  205. Dropdown when hovering, collapse when leaving
  207. Moving the Searchbar
  208. Adding separate icon to sub-forums?
  209. Advertisment Sections?
  210. Editing vb raw code
  211. forum margin - where to edit
  212. Problems with CONTENT.php and var IMGDIR_MISC / IMGDIR_BUTTON
  213. Decent Awards
  214. add space for 4.1.3 version
  215. Visitor Message (user profile) buttons: How to change the color??
  216. How to set backgroud opacity in CMS
  217. [Request] How to customize footer?
  218. Change background color for announcements?
  219. Where is CSS
  220. CMS home page layout differs from forum and blog home page
  221. I've found a way to get rounded corners with IE
  222. How do I get another Navbar Thing
  223. How to put HTML on top of 123FlashChat
  224. Sidebar everywhere appearing on bottom of all pages except home
  225. How to: Show tag list in search results?
  226. What's Going On White Line - Help!
  227. Quickreply Extra Line - Help!
  228. move smiles in newthread
  229. input form size
  230. Force Avatars To Be All The Same Dimension
  231. Need Custom Design?
  232. Custom date field for thread title prefix
  233. Splash Login
  234. Images in CMS 100 percent
  235. Help with header/Iframe
  236. Scrollable navbar menus?
  237. Misaligned user data under profile
  238. resize images automatically/change url colour in gallery
  239. What Causes This?
  240. How do you make the "Stared by Author" in Forumdisplay" not bold
  241. SubNav bar help ?
  242. (Creating styles) Background Image Question
  243. Help with style name in postbit conditional
  244. How to add a picture in header to act as a button ?
  245. Multilevel Drop Down
  246. Need Help StyleVars
  247. Background! Help plz
  248. Profile Page Problem
  249. private message template issue
  250. Custom Signature Separator