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  1. Styling help
  2. Rotating banner/header/logo
  3. removig space on side
  4. Modified Default Style
  5. Category Link
  6. doc_background - how to put an image there?
  7. [Solved] Gradiants in Header
  8. quote bbcode templates
  9. CMS StyleVars
  10. how to change colors of columns?
  11. fixed style for 4.0
  12. gradient in postbit
  13. How do I make categories into 3 columns
  14. Custom Navigation - White Bacgkround issue
  15. Style Vars Question
  16. The Ultimate Guide To Style Vars (In Progress)
  17. Text alignment right to left for CMS
  18. Widget colors
  19. Going straight for the forum?
  20. My main banner messes up the alignment
  21. How to add banner between my profile and search
  22. Custom Status Icons
  23. vB4 Colour map?
  24. White line on block headers
  25. Favicon
  26. I was *so* hoping that they changed the style system in vB4. They didn't. Ugh.
  27. Beta 4 Icons
  28. 3.8 styles on 4.0?
  29. User ID questions
  30. Adding a picture as a background
  31. Show us your custom 4.0 Style
  32. smileys
  33. Need to know how to add a line
  34. Ads on right column
  35. Will this CSS work on vb4?
  36. Grids!
  37. Additional Column in threadlist?
  38. Quick Reply/row- background
  39. navbar border wont change
  40. There is no doc_backgroundImage StyleVar
  41. Buggered if I can fid it
  42. StyleVar navbar_border??
  43. space above h2.blockhead
  44. Deafult font colour
  45. vbcms_widget_recentblogposts_page
  46. Stuck on styling
  47. How to change the font color in the blockhead and blocksubhead?
  48. CMS layout was fine before loading Beta 4
  49. member.php > Change <title></title> tag.
  50. Header Help
  51. Need quite a bit of CSS help please
  52. add a image background
  53. [REQUEST] Christmas Style
  54. Two coloum forum layout
  55. custom side bar pixel, how do it?
  56. Any paid skins allready for 4.0?
  57. Can't change "Inline Mod" link color on FORUMDISPLAY
  58. Quote Style Var
  59. Styling Question
  60. View Albums
  61. Weird Gap - Need Help Please
  62. How to center body align?
  63. Forum display Text size
  64. Put ads on forum sides
  65. body border
  66. Change Font Color on forumdisplay.php
  67. is there any way to put the lines back on the forum home page
  68. Extra CSS Attributes
  69. Where is NavBar gap?
  70. how to remove Navbar
  71. php include?
  72. Changing Colour of New thread button
  73. cant edit css?
  74. Hide
  75. [Sloved] Navtab and Navbar Text dissapeared
  76. Uploading Smilies & Avatars
  77. Mouseover on showthread (CSS)?
  78. meta keyowrds and meta description
  79. Will the old 3.8 adminCP styles work on 4.0
  80. [Solved] Forum Display Alternatnig colors?
  81. how to design style and make skin
  82. Background Image Question
  83. Button sets for 4.0?
  84. Ad banner rotator mod?
  85. Help: Saving Transparent Image
  86. What stylevar changes this font?
  87. Stylvar?
  88. Header?
  89. the old vb3 style template
  90. Changing Navigation
  91. background under navbar
  92. no index no follow meta tag
  93. Some styling questions
  94. Where do i change the header logo?
  95. Forumhome / LastPostBy
  96. First/last posts acting as if there is an ad on the right
  97. Different stylevar's for editing an article, and editing a section?
  98. Post Neutralized.
  99. Want to change status icons.
  100. Changing the header
  101. bg image question
  102. How do you think vbulletin compares to joomla
  103. Profile fields
  104. How to use updated templates option
  105. how can the toplinks center my banner?
  106. Scaling Logo
  107. legend icon's not lined up
  108. 2 background images
  109. Any idea what's going on with my quotes and signatures?
  110. Changing Header
  111. Strange design issue on reading threads (RC4)
  112. Problems finding a font color, please help.
  113. CMS Header wont change
  114. Fixed width and centered?
  115. Postbit Footer Image Problems
  116. New menu buttons?
  117. Make a Style Default
  118. CMS tables - my css for [td]
  119. Adding a "3.x" Style Table in a "4.x" manner
  120. VB3.X Design Compared to VB4.x
  121. navbar tab selected border colour?
  122. tcat, thead equivalents?
  123. header graphic
  124. Space in postbit userinfo won't go away
  125. Problem with Stylevars
  126. Forum head font color
  127. How to Div entire forum?
  128. vBulletin 4.0 theme for 3.8
  129. Change Home NavTab to Articles
  130. Banner
  131. How to show ads in showthread?
  132. Variable for this?
  133. Need help modifying header of VB4
  134. body_wrapper background - Solved
  135. Anyone know how to change drop down arrows?
  136. Home Page Spacing
  137. Background footer
  138. CMS background color. HELP
  139. StyleVar - 3 Missing Variables?
  140. Rounded Border Corners
  141. CMS Theme and Forum Theme Help
  142. Stylevar footer -> font color of clock/time
  143. input, textarea & wysiwyg default color ?
  144. Icon Help Please
  145. How do you turn the Date into 3 different variables
  146. How do you pull other specific template into another template?
  147. How to change the color of the status icons in vB 4?
  148. Changing Home Page Font Option
  149. Step by Step Directions for Placing a Background
  150. Change Forum Width and Language
  151. Removing VB4 Sidebar's minimize button
  152. forumbits
  153. Anyone have a PSD template for the VB4 Forum status icons
  154. Displaying thread description on main forum page under "posted by"?
  155. Last Post Information
  156. Collapsible Table
  157. What's the best vb4 style you've seen so far.
  158. New thread page - text not showing?
  159. Can't change background of Settings Elements
  160. When is the GDK for vBulletin 4 coming?
  161. Looking for a designer
  162. Style Var
  163. Header toplinks
  164. Style Questions
  165. Alternating Postbit Legacy Colours
  166. video widgets
  167. How to change the size of the status icons?
  168. Close Gap
  169. Style Variable Editor not working?
  170. Issues with Syle on CMS vs Forum
  171. Set Minimum Allowed Width For Header
  172. How to design vb4.0 forumhome and threadbit like vb3.8
  173. How to edit vb4 side bar width
  174. Can such kind of design be possible to have?
  175. Poll bar error
  176. CMS and Forum Diferent Styles
  177. change forum title and forums description backround
  178. [REQUEST] Could someone kindly make me a theme?
  179. [Navbar] change tab height without affecting floatcontainer height below it.
  180. How to edit pm colours?
  181. How do i center-align vbulletin page after applying custom width?
  182. [style Request]
  183. getting the forumbit to hover
  184. Issue with table border
  185. Need help tweaking "Welcome Newest Member" function
  186. What is the ideal minimum browser resolution? (for custom vbulletin widths)
  187. Help Needed - Sidebar Spacing
  188. Font color change in "Thread Tools" bar on ShowThread.
  189. How to add vb4 sidebar
  190. attachment ie8
  191. Original Blue Lagoon style for VB 4?
  192. Need Help With Custom Header And Footer
  193. Another Header Question
  194. Remove "sub navbar" from content.php
  195. Anyone know if the vBulletin 4 Graphics Developers Kit has been released?
  196. Stylevar help
  197. Stylevar for Visitor's Message
  198. No Shadow!!
  199. How to change the Navbar home tab to a different page?
  200. Can't change hover color of Community link
  201. Need help with Settings StyleVar (UserCP)
  202. How to change height value for forumhead (or tcat)
  203. Visitor Message Block
  204. What StyleVar is used for Textbox and Font Color?
  205. threadid conditional - Not working the same?
  206. StyleVars Help
  207. Edit post
  208. Help with footer copyright css
  209. bbcode for url
  210. Pic next to Username box and password
  211. How to Serve up a form when user's finish registering!
  212. How to remove views
  213. Navbar Links
  214. Move the ads in the first post to the left
  215. [ HELP ] StyleVars no change
  216. Forms
  217. VB CMS sidebar editing?
  218. Category border settings.
  219. Category navabr border limits.
  220. Rank Set HELP!!
  221. Help installing logo
  222. Large Avatars in Postbit Legacy
  223. Spacing between CMS Section/Category and the middle Articles
  224. Need help with CSS/DIV's for collapse/expand function
  225. How to decide what Style Var relates to forum layout
  226. CSS for drop down menus
  227. I need Vbulletin suite 4 style
  228. Finding a training or health-related forum skin?
  229. cant find Style Variable Editor
  230. Drop Shadows - be gone!
  231. How to move "welcome bar" screenshot attached
  232. Replace header navtab fonts with images?
  233. how to make thread titles in forumhome and forumdisplay bold!!!
  234. add banners in forumhome, forumdisplay and every 5 post in showthread and posts !
  235. how to add smilies in quick reply?
  236. how to make corners of postbit and forumdisplay rounded???
  237. cchanging the color of a table cell on MouseOver?
  238. How to change page background colour
  239. iPhone style for vb4?
  240. How To Center Your Logo (tutorial)
  241. Problems with my registration bar
  242. How to align info in postbit legacy
  243. How to: Remove title image in CMS and Forum and use CSS text instead
  244. Subscription button on home page
  245. Sidebar Gaps
  246. painful...
  247. Style Conversion Guide?
  248. I need vbulletin right to left test style
  249. Remove space between postbit and quickreply
  250. how can i manage sub forums ?