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  1. Editing main page template to remove logo and search
  2. Navigation Bar Color Stylevar
  3. Custom Header
  4. adding transparent icons under footer
  5. How to change the design of the bar
  6. responsive CSS
  7. header_tab_
  8. Need Help With Custom Breadcrumbs
  9. What style var changes this?
  10. How To Add Site Header From Rest of Site
  11. Changing the Sub-Navigation Text Color
  12. Getting error with adding blocks
  13. Header w/ Logo - Ad - Search
  14. how to change forum icon?
  15. Something I'll be releasing shortly.
  16. how to change the new post/no new post icons?
  17. Problem on BlackBerry browsers
  18. background color of threads ...
  19. No graphics for my admincp
  20. Style only displaying on some pages?
  21. Professional 3rd party template/skins
  22. How do I Adjust Subforums Columns?
  23. [ask]want to make channel category collapseable
  24. [ASK] Forum Category Moderator
  25. Style Edits
  26. Make header_backgrounds transparent
  27. Editing the Social Group Phrase - "digestgroup"
  28. Post comments, anyone else having this problem?
  29. Colidable channels
  30. vB4 style to vB5 issue
  31. Help
  32. Broken pages
  33. Show images at forums
  34. field description has a { in it
  35. vB5 Style Variable Guide - Does it exist?
  36. Getting Latest Topics module back on Forum Home in SiteBuilder?
  37. Style for Like Count
  38. Forumhome colour help
  39. Backgound behind user info
  40. Add Photopost Gallery Link to User Info?
  41. Usergroup Labels/Description
  42. Design Help with VB 5.0.5
  43. Like/Unlike Buttons Modification JS
  44. Forum Categories on New Posts Search
  45. Rounded corners in tabbar
  46. Less sub-forums in display?
  47. How to add video buttons
  48. Drop down menu on navigation bar
  49. hotlinking
  50. Theme custom css in vB5
  51. Login/Register Splash Page
  52. How to add pagination on topics?
  53. Removing Date from Thread
  54. Which Style Vars
  55. Reduce the size of the headear
  56. Hide or Remove Module collapse Buttons
  57. Help, How to change breadcrumbs text color?
  58. Content entry background adjustment / color?
  59. VB5 Professional Themes?
  60. Auto-stretch Header Background
  61. Registration page url
  62. Responsive: logo changing dimensions on mobile devices
  63. Template customization
  64. Ads between search
  65. Header ad after logo
  66. Resize statusicon
  67. Remove logout link
  68. New Themes?
  69. Any way to alter the style of quotes on last post?
  70. Differences between designing vB4 style and vB5 style?
  71. How can I make new/recently replied-to threads have text appear as a different color?
  72. Move search bar to navbar
  73. Nodeid conditional template code
  74. (ask) how to add modules?
  75. (ask) image watermark
  76. (ask) display additional info in postbit profile
  77. (ask) image auto resize
  78. Help: How do I remove avatar...
  79. How to change the width of this?
  80. directory bar too long
  81. Need Skins and a Programer
  82. Resize width left/right side
  83. Full Width Header, 1000px body
  84. Latest replies sidebar Widget not working
  85. Why Picture Not Show UP
  86. vB5 Postbit hyperlink problem
  87. Removing Reputation from post bit
  88. How do I make the color of a username show up all over the forum
  89. Show starter post in certain forum category
  90. How could I add the pagenav buttons to the top of a topic?
  91. Why Vbulletin forum didn't use Mobile Style?
  92. How to Make Custom Template
  93. where is this vb5 template edit?
  94. VB5 Three column homepage
  95. Counter Textcolor
  96. How To Edit Postbit ?
  97. Forum Thread List background stylevar
  98. Change each Forum Status Icons
  99. How to color the Edit Settings button on Profile Sidebar
  100. Can vb5 do this? different subforums different header
  101. Using images in forum headers and postbit
  102. WP Header and Footer on vBulltin forum
  103. Site Uniformity
  104. Vbulletin 5.1.0 Styles
  105. Adding Radii ?
  106. Forum Borders / Gridlines
  107. Shareaholic Social Button Code Placement
  108. I've Been looking for this post...
  109. Changing page titles.
  110. Moving the search bar
  111. disable responsive layout
  112. text margin in thread title
  113. vb5 and mobile devices
  114. Article CSS
  115. Looking for gaming theme.
  116. sidbar widgets visible all over the forum
  117. color of dropdown menu in cke
  118. Problem Sidebar
  119. Moving the search box
  120. Forum on iPad
  121. How could i use the header, navbar and footer templates in phpmydirectory script?
  122. the account information on the left side of topics?
  123. Justify text
  124. Searchbox moved off of navbar
  125. "incompatible" in dropdown on main page
  126. Main CSS Edit no save button
  127. Changing forum logo's hyperlink
  128. Color doesnt match
  129. VB5 Custom Template Design
  130. Show word decription
  131. smilies and rank sets
  132. category icons
  133. Trying to get images to show up when adding html tag into description
  134. Where to make custom grid/layout???
  135. Background color of posts (vb5)
  136. Rotating header on cloud forum
  137. How to remove the "forums"
  138. module borders
  139. Main Template vB 5.1.3
  140. Request Tutorials on making a custom style
  141. How to make fixed navbar even you scroll down?
  142. no calendar
  143. Audio narration
  144. shoutbox with menu and edges
  145. Moving my search box to below the login area
  146. Making header transparent in vBulletin Cloud
  147. Post Icon size change
  148. Display Questions
  149. Attachment images going outside the message board
  150. Easy Registration
  151. Toggle Advanced Editor Default View
  152. How to center the Navagation Bar
  153. How do I change the quick reply editor background color??
  154. How do I add the page number buttons to the top as well?
  155. Is it possible to be a margin between posts? CMS
  156. How do I change the background color of this area (pic)
  157. Modify width of columns
  158. Skin Style
  159. Auto-login or redirect
  160. Move login/register buttons to nav bar
  161. footer image width
  162. Mobile resize image
  163. Breadcrumbs... change, delete altogether?
  164. Add news feed
  165. VB5 Fixed to Fluid - how to ??
  166. Add current date and time to banner
  167. Drop Down Menus
  168. Forum Post Templates (NOT Skins/Themes)
  169. Use Legacy (Vertical) Postbit Template
  170. Guest / Member Condition in conversation
  171. condition for search results (prefix)
  172. How To change Login or Sign up color
  173. Display problem with IE 11
  174. Need help selecting a theme
  175. Various Styling Issues
  176. Prevent conversation toolbar to stay fixed when it get's to the top!
  177. How to Add Custom Icon Besides the Forum Category ?
  178. How To Get Full Width Header
  179. Larger Avatars In Postbit?
  180. How to integrate google search in vbulletin 5.
  181. Make Subforums Like vBulletin.ORG VB5.1.7
  182. postbit_userinfo_right_after_posts
  183. Remove "started by" and Avatar in post title
  184. How to group channels together?
  185. Child Template Not Inheriting Changes from Parent
  186. Which css code do I edit for this border?
  187. Create page with preview of some specific post
  188. How do I make image that is fixed for body_background in vb5
  189. url hyperlink forum
  190. Change forum icons
  191. Revisions to current vBulletin community
  192. Forum List Container Background problem
  193. where to change this txt color in vb5 editor?
  194. Hiding Postbit.
  195. Upside down
  196. Photo slideshows
  197. postbit_legacy issue
  198. Changing column sizes: Forum Home
  199. Smiley Button location swap.
  200. Vbulletin 5 Spoilers
  201. Usergroups
  202. Template Discovery
  203. equations for tables possible?
  204. Access Keys for Submit and Preview?
  205. responsive tables
  206. @ Tagging in Post
  207. Background image not showing in postbit
  208. Forum Row Highlight Mouseover Effect
  209. how to adjust the width of the forum div #content
  210. How Do I Center my Ad?
  211. New Template
  212. Move 'Subscribe' button in line with 'Articles', 'Forum' etc.
  213. Only Show Breadcrumbs on Forum Pages
  214. Images not showing up?
  215. How to default the forum search to sort by "Relevance"
  216. Changing colors on pop up Hints/ Previews
  217. CSS not loading on refresh, at a loss.
  218. Input Box/Quick Reply Text Colors
  219. Change icon for specific forum
  220. 2 Column Categories
  221. Postbit CSS Styling
  222. where is "search results" template located
  223. Phrase Manager and Date Format
  224. Combine Channel Tab Bar and Main Nav Bar
  225. Changing Avatar Icon to Rank icon in the forum last post by
  226. VB5 create custom php with design
  227. Adding custom fonts to "Fonts"-dropdown menu
  228. Help with Solid Black Style
  229. Help Req: How to Set a Different Postbit Background based on Usergroup
  230. Change "Latest Activity" background Color
  231. Bump issues
  232. New Topic Issues
  233. Hellp
  234. Template - Vb 4 conversion to Vb 5
  235. How to find StyleVar responsible for element on page
  236. Hide Last Post column
  237. CSS for Template ID verus Page ID
  238. Stylevar to CSS Mapping
  239. I want found this style.
  240. Twitter Night Mode template for vBulletin 5
  241. Style VAR for headers
  242. Moved search to navbar, how to put ad where search was?
  243. Change background for text in text editor?
  244. Default avatar size in posts
  245. btnsearch submit button justification setting is wrong.
  246. markchannelsread link color
  247. Adding small graphic to footer
  248. [vb5] I really want this style but... nobody's home. Alternatives?
  249. Trying To Find a VB Tech To Install Index Icons
  250. Aligning navigation bar items to the right