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  1. VB eIRC chat intergration hack 1.0
  2. vBindex v3.0.0 RC5
  3. [HTL] Now Playing Hack v.1.3
  4. User Notes upon Banning Actions
  5. Star Hack 1.0
  6. [Fixed] phpMyChat Integration
  7. Treue - Sterne.
  8. Super - Kniffel
  9. [HTL] & [Normal] Setting Varname Next to the Setting Title.
  10. Login as User
  11. Language-selection for guest
  12. Additional external.php feed format
  13. SigmaChat user integration
  14. Who Was Online Today on forums
  15. How many threads and posts since your last visit!
  16. [HTL] & [Normal] Newest Member's First Post!
  17. BVShoutbox 1.0
  18. Enable Debugmode just for your PC
  19. Top 'X' Stats
  20. vBXirc
  21. [3.0.0 beta 5] Read your members Private Messages
  22. Extra Profile Fields Page
  23. Quick Edit! -Edit posts directly from within the thread itself
  24. Top Statistics - Multiple Types
  25. [3.0.0 Beta7] Load a http:// page IN the admincp/
  26. vB3 Block PHP, CODE and HTML from unregistered users
  27. Forumhome link dashes removed and cells combined v1.0
  28. Remove mass-prune posts option in ModCP
  29. /me code Version 3
  30. Microstats (only for admin) - load times, server loads, queries, uncached templates!
  31. MultiQuote
  32. Refer Friend
  33. vB Report Manager 2.0 (Admin CP) - Report to Email, PM, Staff Forum as a new Thread!
  34. Warning System, Automatic Ban, Make Posts Invisible, Edit Signature/ Avatar/ Picture
  35. Total Number of Users Online Now on Every Page
  36. Miserable Users for vB3
  37. [HowTo] Store USERAGENT and ALTIP in posts
  38. Rpg Stats vB3
  39. PhraseGroupManager 1.0
  40. Don't show users with 0 posts in memberlist
  41. Compose External Javascript
  42. Left Sidebar on all pages.
  43. Jpilot / Vbulletin Integration for Vbulletin 3
  44. vBadvanced Homepage
  45. Deleted Post & Thread Management
  46. How to show all templates in one click OR add a new template when in the admin cp!
  47. vB3 Flash Player - Play Any Flash Game / Movie - Tetris, Pacman, Frogger, Minesweeper
  48. How to add a new phrase in one click when in admin cp (for those lazy ones among you)
  49. Admin CP File Manager (FTP) - Download, Upload, Edit, Rename, Delete PHP Files/Images
  50. vB3 Server Status via Admin CP
  51. [VB3 RC3] Attachments in private messages
  52. Disallow guests to view threads, must register first
  53. Password Forums all Users
  54. [SQL] - vB Code
  55. time to download this attchment
  56. Prevent Doubleposting
  57. Mini-Hack: Quick Reply does not show in Closed Thread even for Moderators
  58. vB Warning system
  59. Link Forum Hit Counters
  60. vB-Bang! / vB Dos "Turn your quick reply into Command Prompt"
  61. Posting in specific forums you specify deducts or adds to post count
  62. Existing Topics Check
  63. Reputation-Based Post Filtering
  64. Forums arranged in columns on forumhome
  65. More "Realistic" Member Count on Forumhome
  66. [HTL] & [Normal] Shoutbox Hack - 1.03d
  67. Gama Site Manager Integration
  68. Quick PM Reply Box for Private Messages
  69. Posting Required Before Poll Voting
  70. [DISABLE] - vB Code
  71. Who's online on non-vB page (with usernames, same rules as Who's Online on forumhome)
  72. vb3 Font Color Hack v1.0
  73. Mini-Hack: Remove Search IP Addresses Option from Mod CP
  74. Close threads after X replies
  75. News Box v5.1
  76. Personal Font for users in messages
  77. Message Editing Hierarchy
  78. Show sign only one time per thread page
  79. Forum Statistics in FORUMDISPLAY
  80. Prevent Users With Low Post Counts Posting/PM'ing URLS
  81. [VERY MINI HACK] - Make user editor one column
  82. Disable sign in wanted forums
  83. Default Avatar
  84. images in forum bit vb3
  85. vb3 User Forum Activeness Hack v1.4
  86. Idiot Ban
  87. Who was online last 24H [dynamic one]
  88. Max replies per week per user in specified forums
  89. Allow usergroups to see board while offline
  90. Only Show A Specific Users Posts In A Thread
  91. Only Show Posts With Attachments On Showthread
  92. scrolling news block addon for vbAdvanced
  93. Allow Group to Read Titles / Not Content
  94. Remove View PHP Info from adminCP
  95. Smilies for Quick Reply
  96. Welcome block Add-on for vbAdvanced
  97. IRC Manager for MIRC
  98. [VB3 RC3] Member of the day
  99. v3 Arcade - Games Arcade & Challenge System [vB 3.0.3]
  100. [VB3 RC3] Reputation in member's info
  101. [VB3 RC3] Most active user in the forums
  102. Links and Files Database
  103. Restrict Style Changes To Specific Usergroups
  104. [VB3 RC3] Search by usergroup in memberlist
  105. [VB3 RC3] Bump thread and make thread older
  106. TalkerBot Add-on - Learning System
  107. [vB3 RC3] Welcome Hack v1.2
  108. vB3 Stars Hack
  109. [VB3 RC3] Board Spent Time
  110. Show Old Reputation Ratings
  111. Who Downloaded [HTL Compatible Version Also Included]
  112. Moderator Dropdown Listing
  113. Latest Threads On Forum Home
  114. [HTL] Addon: Auto-populate NavBar popup menu [for Erwin's Flash Player]
  115. "Mark Forum Read" goes back to forum home
  116. Delete a post with only one button (in postbit)
  117. [HTL] Hack Tracking Log
  118. Alternate Reporting for 'Report Post to Moderators'
  119. Signature only appears once per thread page
  120. Mini navbar at bottom of thread
  121. Ban Ignored/Specified Users from Replying v2.0
  122. Local time and date in post, pm, usernotes and profile v1.5
  123. my-vB Portal Lite
  124. RSS News Feed Hack
  125. vB Timeslip Database -for Automotive websites
  126. vB3 Pets
  127. Users Threads in Profile [vB3]
  128. [HTL] & [Normal] Private threads
  129. Preview Style Hack [vB3]
  130. vb3 Postbit Style Option v1.0
  131. Mini-hack: Ability for Style Override on ANY vB-powered page
  132. Avatar & Signature in UserCP
  133. Mark User as Contributor
  134. [HTL] & [Normal] - Useroption for Postbit Style, one file edit, WITH caching
  135. [HTL] & [TXT] Awards/Medals/Cards Hack [vB3]
  136. VB Login on a Non-VB Page vB3 RC3
  137. vB3 Age in profile
  138. The Easy Hack V3.0 [Big Updated]
  139. Non-English Member List
  140. is_member_of improvement.
  141. Reputation Bar for users with huge loads of the green
  142. [VB3 RC3] Who viewed this thread?
  143. Sigma Chat integration for non-platinum users
  144. Debug-mode in Admin-CP and for super admins only
  145. Recent Attachments
  146. Thread of the day
  147. [HTL] & [Normal] Yesterday/Today Timestamps - User Option
  148. Addon: Auto-populate Navbar menu (for John's Arcade V3)
  149. vBouncer : Change thread subscribtion options for members with bouncing emails
  150. [HTL] & [Normal] The Ultimate User Option Date Format Hack
  151. Show the Usergroup AND Member Groups in postbit
  152. [vB3.0.3]+[vBIndex + Links 1.x] Addon: Tie-in for Links Directory beta and vBIndex
  153. Forum time offset (for servers with time that is a few minutes off etc.)
  154. Proxy Detector v3.1 - for Posts and WOL
  155. Countries/States fields as options(over 30 fields)
  156. Reported Posts create a new thread in specified forum
  157. How to remove HTML tags from thread preview (good for HTML-enabled forums especially)
  158. Auto Add Template To All Skins
  159. Display Reputation Power in postbit
  160. Advanced Editing Options For Mods & Admins
  161. vB3 Forumhome Stats Cache Serialize hack v2.2
  162. vB3 15 Most Recent Searches Made By Our Members
  163. vB3 Last activity in memberlist
  164. "In reply to" Hack (threaded info for linear users)
  165. Thread Category / Prefix Hack
  166. Quick Thread hack (like quick reply, on forumdisplay!)
  167. Who have you given Reputation to?
  168. Add a banner image to each forum
  169. Eggdrop IRC Manager
  170. vB3 Forum Quick Stats Cache Serialize Hack v1.1
  171. [HTL] & [TXT] Number of Today's Birthdays on Forum Home
  172. Addon: Custom Midi/Mp3 for each Arcade Page in Johns V3 Arcade Mod.
  173. vb3 User Rating Hack v1.0
  174. vbPopup for vB3
  175. Custom Profile Pic Gallery
  176. Public Display of Affection (reputation display)
  177. [HTL] & [TXT] Edit Poll Options
  178. Glowing Usernames in postbit
  179. Remotely Hosted Avatars
  180. Add Homepage Field to Registration
  181. Advanced Search w/Member Conditions
  182. Disable Negative Reputation (completely)
  183. Allow Limited Usergroup Changes Through ModCP
  184. 4images Gallery 1.7
  185. Add Join Date to Showgroups
  186. Completely private threads
  187. Dice Roll for vB3
  188. vBdHome 2 RC 2
  189. [vbcron] Automatic database backup [v1.3]
  190. VB3 MicroStats
  191. [VB3 RC4] [vbAdvanced - Links 1.00] Addon: Latest Links block for vbAdvanced
  192. Attachments in calendar events
  193. Fulltext boolean search v.2.2 for vB
  194. [VB3-RC2] vBRedirect v1.1 - Redirect to external pages with your banner above
  195. AdColumns v1.0
  196. Allow undeleteable user to modify / edit / delete themself
  197. Vb3 Affiliate Hack
  198. QuoteIt! Quote Management System v1.2
  199. Forum Jump in Navbar
  200. Affiliate Block for Vbindex
  201. Larger textareas when viewing moderation queue
  202. Post Icons - drop down list (good for lots of icons!)
  203. Adding a table for including news or anything else
  204. Redirection when changing your forums-folder
  205. Automatic Birthday Thread
  206. Last X Posts Titles on Non-VB page
  207. vB3 [you] Code Hack
  208. Real "read/not read" threads and "new messages in forum" highlighting v1.2
  209. Coppermine 1.2.1 / vBulletin 3.0.0 Integration
  210. Who was online last X hours Dynamic
  211. Last X Threads From A Particular Forum On Non-VB Page
  212. Hacks database (or whatever else you want)
  213. vbTimelines LITE - (User Calendars)
  214. vB Guestbook
  215. vB3 Unanswered Threads Hack v1.3
  216. Trap Banned Members: They can not logout (VB3)
  217. vB Affiliates v.2
  218. What style are we all using?
  219. Unique avatar
  220. Add "unban" link in ModCP on Banned Users
  221. SigmaChat Complete Integration & Authentication
  222. DevBox Work - Online Users Today, Latest Threads, Top Posters, Newest Members
  223. Custom Template Adder Script
  224. BB Code Functions
  225. Faster IP banning
  226. Truncate Looooooooooooong Usernames on ForumHome
  227. Weather Block for vBadvanced
  228. AdminCp & ModCp Access From Anywhere
  229. Ultimate Forum Stats Integration for Non-VB Page
  230. Enhanced printthread v.1.1
  231. Welcome Panel v1.0
  232. Kind of posts
  233. New User Welcome PM [v2]
  234. Ignore maxresults in "Search by username"
  235. Flash color selector for quick reply box v.1.1
  236. Automatic 'Thank you' Hack
  237. Conditional Forum Subscription Links
  238. AIM Online Status Indicator
  239. vB Hangman for vB3
  240. 'Paste' Button in Template Editor
  241. Big Picture messing up your design? Install this
  242. Events in weekly view
  243. Event attendance
  244. Who Downloaded This Attachment - for Gold
  245. vB3 Arcade - Allow Users to Change Game Size
  246. Arrange Sub-Forums in columns
  247. Organize your templates!
  248. prefix url if store CSS as a file
  249. Delete All PMs - Let your members prune all their private messages automatically!
  250. vPreview