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  1. Adding Custom Select Field To Profile
  2. QuickDelete
  3. [Release v2.0.3] Use Alternative Forum Icon
  4. mark as read hack
  5. Link old ezboard member posts to their new accounts
  6. [v2.03] override pm/email block for mods/admins
  7. Colored Buddies on forumhome and Who's Online
  8. Mini-Hack -- HP/MP/EXP for VB 2.x.x
  9. HP/MP/EXP
  10. Stats Hack
  11. User Ratings
  12. Link to individual posts
  13. Yet another Stats/Level Hack
  14. Trouble
  15. Remote login
  16. Worm Bandwidth Fix
  17. VBThreads in XML-format
  18. Hide IP Logged from Unauthorised Users
  19. Since Your Last Visit!
  20. French Translation pack
  21. Attachment Viewer
  22. Censorword Chart
  23. Planetweb browser compatibility
  24. HTML Always Enabled for Admins+Etc.
  25. [Mini] Extra Loginbox at Forumdisplay
  26. Custom Post Prefixes
  27. Profile Views Counter
  28. User's Percent of Total Posts
  29. User Points System
  30. Multiple ranking System
  31. Send e-mail as HTML
  32. List Important Threads
  33. Username Checker
  34. Sig Editor
  35. Mini Calendar from vbPortal
  36. Persistent Mark Forum Read
  37. Automatic Post Coloring
  38. Random Password on register
  39. Show useronline on memberlist
  40. Log IP On Error
  41. Community Bulletin Email Generator + HTML
  42. IP address of new users in registration e-mail
  43. Number of Posts in Current Forum Only
  44. Restrict Guest Viewing Threads in a Forum
  45. Online/Offline in Profile
  46. Show Who's Profile User is Viewing in Who's Online
  47. [Re-release v2.2.0] Combined threads started + percent of total posts, plus more
  48. Colored Online Users Hack
  49. Template.view.mod
  50. top5.thread.stats
  51. Change Forum Posting Mode
  52. Gender Hack for vB 2.2.0
  53. Signature Limit Control (Lines & Images)
  54. Release: Remove MOD Colum
  55. New Posts in Subscribed Forums
  56. vRestore 1.0a - Not a hack, but a VB tool
  57. Blink PM bar on new PM!
  58. Pips & Stars
  59. vBulletin Downloader
  60. VBcode in titles
  61. Moderation Queue for Calendar Events!
  62. Make invisible users visible to Super Moderators and Moderators.
  63. vBulletin with HTML email format
  64. Who's Online, list by usergroups!
  65. Last post WITH icon on first page (no database modifications needed)
  66. [RLEASE: 2.x.x] Who Post Composting Time
  67. Upgrade helper - list of changed files from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1
  68. Completely free spell check
  69. Search/Browse Attachments Across All Forums
  70. News & Email Community Bulletin Generator
  71. last title hack--easy way
  72. Reason for post edit
  73. news hack for vb220_221en--by Arrow
  74. Avatar on homepage
  75. Remove Intermediate Redirection Page
  76. 'Now Playing' Hack
  77. Who's Online for PostNuke 0.64 and vBulletin 2.0.x
  78. PM reminder
  79. Colored User Titles Hack
  80. Admins can view user's PM's
  81. Failed Login Logging
  82. attachment hack
  83. French Translation pack v1.1
  84. Remove Location display if author has no location
  85. Preview Private Message Before Sending
  86. Find threads started by user
  87. Verify user accepts PMs before sending
  88. Get an e-mail if someone is trying to access your Admin CP (With IP address)
  89. no md5 in 2.2.1
  90. "Who Posted" Enhancement: View All Posts By User In This Thread
  91. Private Forum Improvement
  92. Robot Moderator
  93. Mini Hack - Delete poll from Thread
  94. Minor Bug fix for Thread Moderation Queue
  95. Add Who's Online locations from Admin CP
  96. Set Style based on usergroup
  97. Add Today's Date
  98. PasswortHack for v2.2.1 German
  99. PasswordHack for v2.2.1 English
  100. Popup Box on Full PM Box
  101. Scale images in posts
  102. Color Picker for Admin CP Style Properties
  103. Show at the home page to download the number of times at most of attachment
  104. Hottest Threads!!!
  105. Who's online on non VB pages
  106. Member's Photo Gallery
  107. Make cookies work properly with multiple domains
  108. Number of online users in header / footer!
  109. Modification to the jpilot chat hack
  110. Get rid of "register" option if you have registered
  111. Add current post counter to each post!
  112. Icon on postbit to "Add user to ignore list"
  113. Shrink Old Posts in Thread
  114. Random Password Instead of Activation Code
  115. Template Backup System!
  116. jPilot (IRC chat) Integration
  117. Away message for users
  118. user's views of totalviews
  119. Holiday Headers
  120. Control Forumjump Depth Level
  121. Mark User As Contributor
  122. Last thread with last post icon instead of clear image
  123. birthday hack
  124. personal glamour
  125. Additional templates use the Default as the base
  126. members>adv search>user has homepage
  127. Postbar *Fixed*
  128. Preview the first post in a thread first.
  129. Who voted?
  130. Different (old style) quotes
  131. New Thread Rules
  132. Add a second Header and Footer template
  133. [Mini-hack] Have separate redirect messages for if you are or aren't posting a poll
  134. Forum Based Agreements
  135. Change Style Drop-Down
  136. Mark User As Contributor V 2.0 Multi Tier
  137. Edit Profiles From Mod Cp
  138. Welcome Panel [Final]
  139. Close Threads After X Posts
  140. Digichat Hack/Integration
  141. Minihack: VBB Link Addon, only with HTML, no DB Modifications needed
  142. Missing Info Hack
  143. vBulletin Taskbar Ticker
  144. vbPortal 3.0 beta1 pr7.1
  145. Show user ages in CP
  146. Move Posts from One Thread to Another
  147. PM Link Directly On Board Through "Currently Active Users" As Picture Link
  148. 'Sort By' Options in "Who's Online" (online.php)
  149. View Posts Since Last Visit Only
  150. Add Attachment on Edit Post
  151. Flashing Light Bulb On Private Message New Posts & User Online.
  152. Update User Title on Ban
  153. Close Thread with Reply
  154. users must have xx posts before using PMs
  155. SQL Query from Control Panel
  156. Override Cache when Viewing Attachment
  157. Search Templates by Title
  158. More Functions in Edit Post if you are an Admin
  159. [vB v2.2.1] SMTP Support and MIME/HTML Emails!
  160. Post posts in threads, and only allows mods to read them!
  161. Spell Checker for vBulletin
  162. Number of threads use started in a certain forum
  163. Posts Goal mini-hack
  164. keayboard hack
  165. Top 5
  166. Country Weather
  167. Collapsable forums on forum home
  168. Remove multiple !!! or ??? from thread titles
  169. Who was online today [available in english & german]
  170. minimum posts to use PM
  171. tell a friend
  172. Tell A Friend + Automatic Referral Code
  173. Hide Poll Results
  174. Who's Online Stealth (Micro?)-Hack
  175. vb banner
  176. Only original admin can modify users in administrator usergroup.
  177. Override Days Prune User Settings
  178. Random Smilies in box on New Thread/Reply
  179. Find user profile by its number
  180. Display Forum Name and Usergroup in Forum Permission Table Head
  181. Re-occurring Calendar Events
  182. PM Gauge
  183. display new Thread in each forum
  184. display total Threads and replays
  185. delete & move notify
  186. Mod/Admin Name Glow in Active Users
  187. Added js buttons in new thread/reply thread
  188. Glowing Staff Usernames in Posts: 2.2.1 Working Version
  189. Remove the Reply link when the thread is closed
  190. Improved PM Popup JavaScript
  191. Mini: Link Directly to PM in Email Notification
  192. NewThread with member info on register
  193. vBGlossary
  194. Digichat Hack v2.0 Semi-Live Whose in chat
  195. Send default PM to all new users
  196. Mini - Post Counter in Split Thread
  197. Yesterday/Today Datestamp Hack
  198. List similar usernames when moderating user registration
  199. Quick Reply Box
  200. Attachment Editor
  201. Stars for vB2.2.1 (english/german)
  202. PM preview
  203. Colored and sorted User Forum Access form
  204. Display Sticky threads on all forum display pages
  205. xmenu system...
  206. Add avatars to Members list. (very small)
  207. Pm Gauge Enhanced
  208. ON/OFF Images change on Holidays
  209. Member of the Day!
  210. Fix animated smilies after clicking
  211. Pop up Register prompt if user has not been registered
  212. Rename Thread on Reply
  213. DMOZ / ODP addon
  214. Fast access to forum rules from anywhere
  215. Karma Hack v 1.0
  216. Send Part of User's Reply with Email Notification
  217. Groups for Custom Templates
  218. Windows Messenger 'like' private messages ON/OFF icon replacement
  219. Control Moderator Email from User CP
  220. Display custom titles AND standard titles in posts
  221. Individual Textfield size for each user
  222. Mods can edit username, useremail, homepage and signature
  223. Prevent Shouting (ALL-CAPS) in Subject Field (For Non-English Boards)
  224. Forum Post Breakdown (Per User)
  225. Who Voted? -- Popup Option Version
  226. Blink PM bar on new PM if you have a cat background image
  227. Numeric Required User Profile Field
  228. Glowing User Names (Different Colours)
  229. new look for the postbit - semi-hack
  230. show tip hack version:1.0
  231. Change Style of First Post
  232. Attachments as files
  233. World Times Stand Alone Page Modification (Original by Mas*Mind)
  234. Reader's name inside post (+)
  235. Active Hack
  236. NNTP Gateway (Usenet/Newsgroups)
  237. Avatar As Link
  238. vbPopup - will determine your guests to register
  239. Rpg hack edit
  240. Donation Add-on to Points System Hack
  241. RPG Elements Hack
  242. Multitemplates edit v.0.1
  243. New code, PHP and quote boxes!
  244. .htaccess hack
  245. Welcome Message in Any Forum
  246. Stop Users from Cross-linking Attachments
  247. Search members by custom profile fields
  248. Addon for vb Photo Upload 1.1 and Member's Photo Gallery !
  249. vB Weather: Give your members current weather and forecasts!
  250. Change "Subscribe to This Thread" link to "Unsubscribe" if already subscribed