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  1. Highlight and link function names inside code
  2. vB-marquee - scrolling "recent threads" for non-vb page
  3. Most Edited Templates
  4. Selct Group when Moderating Registration
  5. Moderator Activity Logging (updated)
  6. Spammer Hack
  7. Alignment Hack
  8. Quick & Easy account banning
  9. Private Attachments! (Attachments in Private Messages)
  10. PM RedAlert - show unread PMs on every page
  11. Anon Floodcheck - prevent guest spamming
  12. Add "S" icon next to Subscribed Threads w/link to view all subscriptions
  13. Send author PM on thread move
  14. Improved Thread Preview Hack
  15. Send default PM to all new users - templated
  16. Different Version of the Points Hack
  17. Templating Grouping/Enhanced Management
  18. WebBBS to vBulletin 2.2.x Conversion Script
  19. Bandwidth Thieves
  20. Get new Posts, but not own
  21. Chronological Thead Display By Start Date
  22. Thread Whois
  23. Create files from attachments
  24. Restrict New Threads Per Day
  25. Extended timeout for whois online without changing cookie timeout
  26. Limit # of searches possible at once
  27. Highlighted usernames in threads per user
  28. Easier way to identify admins or other important users
  29. vbMicroStats: page load time, queries, GZIP and PHP version
  30. Who's online on non-vB page V.01.0
  31. Last 10 Searches
  32. Post Header v1.0
  33. Calendar & Private Event Reminder hack testing
  34. User's local time in post!
  35. Printable List of Usernames with UserIDs
  36. Get Points by Posting (Points Add-On)
  37. Percent of thread views on threads created by user
  38. Set avatar max width AND height
  39. Banned Users List (with reason/date)
  40. Extra Admin CP Addons 1.0
  41. User's local time in profile
  42. Latest Threads on Your Desktop
  43. Limit Attachments Per Time
  44. Check Ip Against DB on Register
  45. Only edit profile once per day.
  46. Thread Starter is Moderator for Thread
  47. Print Post
  48. Upgraded code from v2.2.2 to v2.2.4
  49. Unique Forum Header Including Parent Forums
  50. Days Regustered Before Avatar Use
  51. Server Stats Hack for Clan Servers
  52. [Linux] loadsock (retrieve server load from remote server)
  53. Post Freeze For Specified Users
  54. Supporter Perks (Re-release for 2.2.4)
  55. Thread & Forum Subscribe/Unsubscribe Link
  56. Forum Introduction
  57. news2vb - Moreover news headlines to vBulletin discussion thread
  58. Latest Topics on Your Desktop [SE]
  59. The Universal Intelligent Subscribe / Unsubscribe Link Hack!
  60. Quick Thread Box
  61. Last thread on main page
  62. Birthday month in users post
  63. duplicate ip/password list!
  64. Attach Waiting for Moderation Advice.
  65. Private Message Preview Hack
  66. Quick Template Search in Admin CP homepage
  67. Quick Posts Search in Admin CP homepage
  68. Paranoid dupe user buster when moderating
  69. Posts moderated if user has not reached a particular postrange
  70. Show Post when moderate Attachment
  71. Custom User Styles
  72. Quick New PM Box on forum homepage
  73. RPG Limit Break Hack v1.2
  74. XML News Feeds
  75. custom profile field as textarea / show single profilefield via button
  76. Statistics Panel
  77. Show "No Avatar" Image If No Avatar is Selected
  78. Contextual Forum Subscriptions Hack
  79. Total members registered TODAY 1.0 (Forumhome)
  80. vbHacker & vbHackMaker
  81. Number of new replies per thread on forum display
  82. Newsfader Hack for 2.2.4
  83. New Template Options / Updates
  84. View All Attachments in Thread
  85. Last time user visited forum
  86. WebTemplates v.0.1 (Old Version)
  87. Force time selection in registration.
  88. Avatar As Link2
  89. Avatar Creator/Resizer
  90. Link Directly to Attachment on Who's Online Page
  91. Thread Subscription Via Popup
  92. Show User's Signature Once Per Thread Page
  93. Item Shop 1.0
  94. Graphical Interface for the NNTP Gateway
  95. Allow only certain usergroups avatars
  96. Change user's style on his birthday!
  97. Thread Start Time
  98. Show all Avatars from User there are in use !!
  99. *vb+php-nuke hack*
  100. Moderators and Administrators are exempt from censorship
  101. Show Thread Subscribers in All Threads
  102. Mark Buddy on Who's Online? Page
  103. Show the amount of threads a user has viewed
  104. Moderate new threads only
  105. Extra page driven by forum templates
  106. Embedded chat
  107. Moderation per usergroup
  108. [vbHacker] Advanced Moderator List v1
  109. Show PHP & MySQL Version Info in Admin Panel
  110. Moderate first 10 posts from new users (Anti-Spam)
  111. [vbhacker] Template Compare
  112. Read User's PMs for Admins
  113. vbHome (lite) - your vBulletin(powered) main homepage
  114. Improved PM Folderview
  115. Maximum Characters Of user Signature
  116. Add guestnumber to whosonline
  117. Attachments show up as links if larger than a certain size.
  118. PM to threadusers
  119. "Users browsing this thread"
  120. Diffrent PMs Quota of diffrent user group
  121. Referrals In Postbit Template
  122. htaccess Hack for the CP of your vB Version 2.2.4 - English Version
  123. .htaccess Hack für den Adminbereich für Version 2.2.4 - German Version
  124. Member Of The Moment
  125. Limit guests to viewing 5 threads max.
  126. Maximum threads / post per day per usergroup
  127. NUKE posts [FINAL RELEASE]
  128. Admins creates threads which are actually links
  129. Who Downloaded This Attachment?
  130. Send User a PM on Birthday
  131. Intergrate VB security to non-vB page
  132. Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Forum
  133. Re-release of Point System Add-on's
  134. [vbhacker] Move Threads by Subject
  135. Users can not use IMG tag if they have less than 20 posts
  136. vBindex
  137. Karma and Thread View Hack
  138. Point System
  139. Allow users to delete themselves
  140. Percentage Guage
  141. Ignore List prevents users from posting in threads
  142. AutoCopy Code and PHP to clipboard
  143. Track 1 user
  144. welcome/login panel on non-vB page
  145. Validate email by MX lookup
  146. private messages backup hack
  147. Random Threads On Index Page
  148. Admin Quick Stats
  149. Last time seen online
  150. Customize different logo in sub forum
  151. YAPIH (Yet Another PHPMyChat Integration Hack) 1.0
  152. Number of views per announcement
  153. Upload Hack
  154. Color Bar for posting
  155. OptimizeDB
  156. Crossbrowser JavaScript Ticker
  157. Posts/Threads created by a specific user, since a specific date.
  158. Member Profile Quickfind
  159. vBengine
  160. Threads that lock themselves...
  161. Restrict Access to Your Profile from other Admins...
  162. Who's Chatting?
  163. Free Spellchecking is Here
  164. New PM's in Header (blinking text or image)
  165. Trap Banned Members: They cant logout.
  166. Quick List of Admins & Mods in Admin CP,,,
  167. ForumJump in the Admin CP...
  168. [HowTo] Break posts up from eachother
  169. newsletter / mailing list system
  170. Who-was-Online-Today The arabic
  171. [vbhacker] Advanced Template Editor
  172. phpMyChat - # of users in CHAT
  173. vB Statements System
  174. Reset Poll Hack
  175. Forums Statistics
  176. The ultimate HP MP Hack
  177. Email users regardless of 'no mail from admin'-setting in CP
  178. Hide the forum by time
  179. Personal Favorites
  180. Moderate new threads
  181. IRC Java addition (bocazas irc)
  182. [vbhacker] JustMe
  183. Zodiac Hack 2.0
  184. ADDON: Donation Notification
  185. vB flash clock integration hack
  186. Users Browsing Formatting
  187. Prune PMs older than x days
  188. Simple Zodiac Hack
  189. Add a Separate Page to your Forum to search Last XX Days
  190. Latest Thread (in index and forumdisplay)
  191. Fast Access to Visibility/Invisibility
  192. Admin Avatar Options
  193. QuickClose (threads)
  194. [TOP]/[BOTTOM]-links in admin CP options
  195. Number of users browsing current forum
  196. # of users in forum on forumhome
  197. /me vB Code
  198. Link Directly to Post on Who's Online Page
  199. Toplist Hack
  200. Close Topic Icon
  201. Make a user's avatar invisible
  202. The Itemshop v5 (Original)
  203. Most Downloaded Attachment
  204. vBulletin bank hack
  205. Moderator Icon on postbit
  206. Random Quote Hack
  207. Quintessence Topic
  208. freddie's Repair & Optimize Database (vB integration)
  209. Quick PM Reply Box
  210. New vBCode Tags: [Countdown] and [Countup] timers for users
  211. HTML Email Feature
  212. Updated Buddy List Code
  213. Filter Birthdays By Posts
  214. hot thread coloring
  215. Image in profile
  216. Username Decorations
  217. Thread Introductions
  218. Redirect New Members to Post Introduction Thread
  219. Who am I a buddy of?
  220. Simple newsportal / thread overview to add to your board...
  221. Proxy Hack v1.0
  222. PM/Email Notification for Pending (Moderated) Messages
  223. Pickpocket in Lesane Store
  224. Admin-controlled (only) random quote hack for header/homepage
  225. Buddy Birthdays on Calendar
  226. Register link for guests, User CP link (or button) for members.
  227. Hunt out Inactive Users
  228. Clean Sweep Private Message Box
  229. Colored usernames in memberlist
  230. Reminder to admin when the board is off
  231. Improved Who's Online Display
  232. Prefix for closed threads
  233. List Award Addon for Medals/Awards/Cards Hack
  234. Guests show up as 'Guest' in the forumhome whois online list
  235. Authorities Online
  236. Resolve IPs only on demand
  237. Hide Post Buttons
  238. Allow post editing per-forum
  239. Hide Closed Threads
  240. vB Shoutbox 1.0
  241. Mods can ban from other usergroups
  242. Download Search Results
  243. multipagenav page link in searchresult v1.0
  244. List User with Customavatars
  245. Make admins 'invisible' to users.
  246. The Ultimate Quote Hack!!
  247. Who might this New User be?
  248. Date blinks to get attention if viewed message is older than X days
  249. Description of thread hack
  250. Better "Preview" for templates in the CP