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  1. Allow signatures and avatars per usergroup
  2. HTACCESS Hack + Iprestriction 1.0
  3. Invite Hack
  4. Message Editing Hierarchy
  5. Keep attachments when previewing messages
  6. User Title and Total Posts by User on Index!
  7. Show times on Time Zone selection
  8. Show user with posts in popup for each forum on forumhome [english/german]
  9. Advert Management
  10. [disable] vB Code
  11. Smiley Hack addon for Lesane Store Hack
  12. Archiv for vBulletin
  13. Server Info in Admin Control Panel
  14. Random Banner Display[Toplist Addon]
  15. Qualifiers
  16. Country Flag Addon for Lesane Store
  17. Logician NEWS: Drag Any Message to Your Main Page
  18. Username Font Color Hack(in postbit)
  19. Off Site Avatar Hack
  20. vbSubdomains v1.0 (german/english)
  21. Display Thread Raters: Who rated how?
  22. [vbhacker] Mozilla Text Area Fix
  23. Admins can view recent PM's
  24. Stars & Pips v2.26
  25. Say my name SCREAM my name hack
  26. The Hotel Hack
  27. Title Wars Listing Addon for Store Hack by Lesane
  28. Allow Mods a temporary ban of users
  29. Desktop Favorites View
  30. Bank Addon for Lesane store hack
  31. Pre-screen / moderate users' posts
  32. User's Favourite Quote in Postbit...
  33. Search by User ID (admin panel)
  34. Automatic Greeting Email/PM/Threads for Member Birthdays
  35. Edittimelimit as a Forumoption
  36. vBQuiz 1.0
  37. Avatar Hack: one use avatar
  38. Ban User by ignore micro hack
  39. User Sets Moods when posting.
  40. Greet Members' Xth posts via Email/PM/Thread automatically
  41. Forum specific user Custom Titles or Personal Icons
  42. ALT Description on ForumDisplay Threads
  43. Login as user
  44. Forum Rules - Specific to Usergroup...
  45. JawBreaker 1.02 Import Script
  46. Avatar Hack: browse custom avatars
  47. SSL Secure your Private Messages
  48. (SpellChecker.net like) SPELL CHECKER for VB 2.x!
  49. Restricted Page...
  50. Add Search/Sort/Order in thread view
  51. Welcome Panel [Advertisement Modification]
  52. Secret Word Hack
  53. Lottery Addon For The Store Hack
  54. "SWF" Javascript shortcut button on posting screens
  55. Hyphen Hack
  56. Quick reply modification 1.1
  57. Contest Hack -- Points hack addon
  58. WYSIWYG New thread/Reply
  59. Deferred Threadviews v1.00 (to reduce server load)
  60. Display Board Authorities in Forum Home
  61. Prevent Doubleposting
  62. Usergroup in postbit
  63. "The Guessing Game!!!" hack...
  64. Reason for closing thread
  65. Sig image size control
  66. News "Hack"
  67. Mini Addon : View Forum whilst in Admin CP...
  68. Quick Close/Open Thread (with reason)
  69. WYSIWYG Post Editor v1.0
  70. IP Restrict User
  71. Show Pages While Searching
  72. Refer Friends!
  73. Quick Reply Box (with Close/Open thread switch)
  74. Server Uptime
  75. Usercp Signature Preview
  76. Msn in post
  77. Integrated MSN Hack
  78. Quick Delete Post
  79. Karma Hack v 2.0
  80. Countdown
  81. Simple Power Level Hack
  82. Whos Online w/ Latest Posts Hack v1.0
  83. Force Profile Update Hack
  84. Email posts into forum
  85. Each Announcement shows as an extra thread in Forumdisplay
  86. fanpoint & club hack
  87. REAL Power Level Hack (NON-Ripped)
  88. Spamer post count.
  89. Spam Killer Hack v1.0 (includes Lesane's Store Hack Addon)
  90. The Guessing Game : Version 1.2...
  91. Quick Registration Hack v1.0 (any location!)
  92. [vbhacker/manual]MSN Hack
  93. Total Admin Security...
  94. PM Limit by Post Count v1.0
  95. RPG Job Classes Version 1.0.5
  96. Selected Users Only Can Edit Admin Options
  97. Forumhomelinks Mini-Hack 1.0
  98. Disable Usergroups From Deleting Posts
  99. Custom User Icon
  100. Custon Post Background by user.
  101. Forumspecific Posticons
  102. 'Welcome Username' And 'Log Out' Options in Admin CP
  103. Job Hack
  104. Users in Chat -with eggdrop, works no matter what-
  105. Hide Post Delete Option Hack Ver. 1.0
  106. THe PowerLevel modifiyer for.....The Ultimate stats hack----The Hp/Mp Hack----Yet ano
  107. Attached images elsewhere within the post
  108. RPG Class Hack v1.0
  109. '/edit' vB code a addon for '/me' vB code
  110. Homepage and Email Buttons in Profile
  111. Download Thread
  112. Custom Button
  113. Forum Rules Update
  114. Forum News (News in a Forum)
  115. Show Signatures Per Forum
  116. VERY quick avatar/attachment protector
  117. Remove Extra Quotes From PMs
  118. Show usergroup for staff members in postbit
  119. Only Show IP:Logged if user is admin or supermod, and disable Post report by user
  120. Anti-spam post decrementer
  121. MyBookmarks for vBulletin
  122. VB Banner Control 1.2
  123. Custom User Status by Usergroup [Final]
  124. List of all Moderators in your Admin CP [ModList Hack available in english & german]
  125. Blinking Introduction Text
  126. Number of time a profile has been viewed
  127. Play a midi file in profile
  128. Keep User Group title for Moderators with a Custom Tag
  129. Little image to show that post was made via email
  130. Serverstatus
  131. NewStatistikHack 1.2.1e [English]
  132. NewStatistikHack 1.2.1 [German]
  133. Advanced Password Rules
  134. Need xx posts to make an new thread
  135. Google-Search
  136. Tell a Friend Addon
  137. Lesane's Store and zajako's Hotel Integration (v1.1)
  138. Forums arranged in columns on forumhome
  139. [final]Lesser Admin Cp...
  140. Center and Space buttons for vBcode
  141. vBcustompage 1.0
  142. Show Invisible Users by Usergroup permissions...
  143. Custom HTTP Error Documents
  144. Calendar Event Notification (by email)
  145. If forum description is blank, don't show blank line in forum display
  146. Mass Delete Inactive Members and Zero Posters
  147. Last X Posts In Profile
  148. Hide Unentered Fields
  149. Display Days Registered
  150. RPG Class Hack v2.0
  151. Posts Made by User Over the Past Week and PPD Trend
  152. [Add-on] FireFly's DB Query Hack
  153. IRC post bot - No eggdrop
  154. Contact Us Email Feedback Form (with IP address & status of sender)
  155. [Revamp] DB Query Hack v1.5
  156. Format Username (capitalization)
  157. Add security to non VB pages and block user groups
  158. Limit Break Minihack add-on to [D]Vincent's RPG Class Hack v2.0
  159. vB Weather Mk. 2
  160. Vivi's Item Shop Point System Intagrated Into Lesanes Store Hack
  161. vBmoods 1.0
  162. Update to Tubedogg's Bump w/o Post (Mods only)
  163. vBindex v2.1
  164. Past Reply In PM Message w/o Quotes
  165. Newsfader2.0 for all vb version
  166. In or Out? Hack-Version 1.1
  167. Capitalize First Letter in Thread Title
  168. vBQuiz Add-on v1.2
  169. Lock Edit Upon Staff Choice V1.1
  170. Member's Age in Postbit & Getinfo Profile (automatically calculated from birthday)
  171. Template Importer
  172. Vinces Class Hack with Knoman Level hack
  173. Mods can edit Users
  174. Forum Links
  175. Search The Internet v1.0 (Major Engines)
  176. Add GLOW vB Buttons (v1.1)
  177. Edit guest username on posts
  178. Daylight Saving Time Support
  179. Add MSN Messenger Field to profile
  180. vB Flash Player - Play Any Flash Game or Movie - Tetris, Pacman, Frogger, Minesweeper
  181. customtitle in forumdisplay
  182. Reserve usernames for guests only
  183. Lock Profile Editing
  184. vB Tetris v2.5 | Leaderboard, Comments and High Score System v2.5 :)
  185. vB Tetris v2.1 Addon - The Tetris King!
  186. Buddies on Who's Online
  187. vbulletin-ip Plotter
  188. PM Statistics bar in thread view
  189. RPG Elements Hack Add-on
  190. vB3 Similar Threads
  191. On.gif = Link to latest threads in forum
  192. Private Text Message Hack v1.0
  193. Registered Group Details
  194. Thread... Post... and Reply Count...
  195. Nuke to vBulletin (Transfer Users)
  196. Strike-Through Closed Topic Titles
  197. Custom Postbit for Admin
  198. Flash Gallery Hack v 1.1
  199. minimum chars for posts
  200. Inn addon for the lesane store hack
  201. Multiple posts are not counted (works now!)
  202. Addon to vB Flash Player - Information Listings and Game Listings...
  203. In battle hack
  204. vB Chatbox 1.2.4
  205. Hack News v3.0
  206. Flash Player Addon - DCR Flash Files
  207. Forum Headers Hack
  208. Gold Hack (currency hack)
  209. Smilies in user titles
  210. Total Time Online Hack v1.0
  211. Away Security Hack...
  212. Super Close Threads v1.0
  213. Custom Post Prefixes (modified)
  214. vBstory - an Interactive Story for vB (1.0 Final)
  215. Confirm Unsubscribe From All Threads Requests
  216. Add Disclaimer/TOS page
  217. [Micro-Hack] Enhanced New User Email
  218. Clanbase v1.1 Hack (upgrade)
  219. Forumhome Chat Bar
  220. [mini-hack] Stylin' Buddy List
  221. New Threads w/ Sticky Option...
  222. Newest Member's First Post! (v1.1)
  223. Warnings System Hack v1.0
  224. Export an AIM/MSN Buddy List!
  225. Custom Who's Online Locations Hack v1.0
  226. Change Usergroup Users banned by Moderators go into.
  227. Member Profile Locater
  228. Buddy Messenger v1.1
  229. Who's Online In Admin CP
  230. Restrict Deleting Users Hack
  231. Who voted what on polls - for admins
  232. Online/Offline - First hack ever..
  233. Moderator Drop Down (Revised) v2
  234. forumjump on ForumHome!
  235. User Forum Activeness Hack v1.0
  236. Active Users Today With Colors!
  237. PM Quota by Usergroup Hack...
  238. Remove thread title in navbits if you have large thread title installed
  239. CoologinVB
  240. PHPAuction Info on Forumhome
  241. Dynamic Announcements: Programmable Forum Home Announcement/Message with conditionals
  242. Always allow HTML for Admins (SMods / Mods)
  243. Reload Flood Control
  244. Admin CP UserTools and ServerStats
  245. Attachments Per Forum...
  246. vbPortal/vBulletin/phpauction Integration
  247. RELEASE: Newest Member On NON-vB Page
  248. Welcome panel - template v1.0
  249. PM upon Thread Deletion...
  250. Warnings System Hack v2.1