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  1. Remotely Hosted Avatars
  2. VB Photo Upload 2.0 Template driven
  3. Forum stats on your Non-VB page! No templates needed.
  4. Latest XX Threads on Forumhome Page
  5. Members age in Memberlist
  6. VB Photo Upload 2.0 Memberlist addon
  7. Add GLOW vB buttons [v2.0]
  8. Advanced Templates: Dynamic Templates Changing according to different conditions
  9. Protect Admin CP, But Allow Others Access...
  10. Email Flood Check 1.0
  11. Personal Avatars on a Non-VB page!
  12. Banned members automatically stop receiving email notification on subscribed threads
  13. Ultimate Board Stats Integration into Users Non-VB page!!
  14. jIRC Chat Integration
  15. Restrict Admin CP vB Options to only allow other Admins to ban email or IP addresses
  16. Login AutoFocus
  17. Power Level Hack
  18. Vivi's Itemshop and zajako's Hotel Integration
  19. Power Level Hack addon 1.2.0
  20. Power Level Hack v2.0
  21. Points Hack v1.0 With Donate
  22. Family Hack 1.3 MAJOR update
  23. RPG Class Hack v3.3
  24. Neomail Login and Signup v2.1 -updated
  25. Protect AdminCP while Away and Log Ip Address
  26. Squirrelmail Login Hack...
  27. Avatar link to homepage
  28. RPname hack
  29. Adjusted PM GAUGE!
  30. Glow vB Drop-down menu
  31. Custom Postbit for every User
  32. Arcade Pass Hack v2.0
  33. Buddy messager v1.3
  34. vBJournal Lite 1.1b
  35. Ad your Banner(s) to Subforums!
  36. E-mail account invalidated by recipient of activation e-mail
  37. vBComments: Coranto News Integration
  38. More Backup Options
  39. vbJrnl - The simpler, more powerful journal system.
  40. ER hack
  41. HTML, TXT, JAVA Integrator 2.0 Automatically display any HTML, TXT or JAVA file in vB
  42. Phpinfo and MySQL info (Admin cp integration)
  43. Blur Ban v 2.0 [updated]
  44. Username Alias Hack
  45. Visit sponsor for points version 1.1- Lesane store addon
  46. Support Forum Helper Hack v1.1
  47. Show "Last Active" in the memberlist...
  48. Faster change of forumpermissions
  49. vB FTP 2.1 - Download, Upload, Edit, Rename, Delete, CHMOD Files or Dirs in Admin CP
  50. Admin CP styled "invalid password"
  51. VB Chat Hack Basic v1.1
  52. VB Chat Hack 1.3 Lite
  53. User defined Maximum Line for Signature
  54. LeSane's Store Add-on for VB Quiz
  55. Forum Crashers Hack.....
  56. Maximum characters in signature & Store integration
  57. QuickReply addon: choose destination after posting
  58. User defined Maximum Line and char for Signature
  59. 0 Posters, None Active Members, Active Members and 1 Posters Display Hack.
  60. Load Limit Bypass for Admins, Super Moderators, and Mods
  61. Flashing notice to user when too many old PMs in message box
  62. vB Links Directory 2.0 *NEW VERSION*
  63. Search and Replace in post and user table
  64. Post Redirection Message (PRM) Hack - Custom "postthanks" messages per forum!
  65. minimum posts posted to make new reply
  66. Paycheck Hack for Lesane's Store!
  67. Go to last Thread.
  68. Give your users a new website address!
  69. Auto resizing of avatars
  70. mYvBindex v3.1
  71. Allow URLs in posts only after a minimum number of posts (to reduce spam)
  72. Top 10 Thread Stats v1.0
  73. Custom Moderator Titles
  74. Hack tools vbcode buttons Arabic
  75. More Admin Security - Protect Templates, Templatesets and Styles!!!
  76. Hack tools vbcode buttons English
  77. How many posts did a user make in which forum
  78. Copy Forum Permissions...
  79. Default Avatar if None is Selected
  80. vbIndex 2.1 webcam hack
  81. Redirect to Register Hack - Redirect from newreply.php, newthread.php & usercp.php...
  82. vB Hangman 1.2
  83. Online.php with colors
  84. Remove Admin/Moderator Post Count from Posts
  85. Hide Moderators/Admins from Top Posters List
  86. This Forum Viewed
  87. Forward a post to another member, via PM!
  88. Hide Threads from Ignored Users
  89. Mark Multiple PMs Read...
  90. Use MRTG to graph new posts and online users!
  91. [HowTo] Quote Multiple Posts At Once
  92. Search Thread
  93. Default Homepage if None Specified!
  94. Invisible users: Alternate Appearance on Who's Online!
  95. Counters and post counts do not reduce! - Now with addon for member count![v1.1]
  96. Custom User Title Editor with vBCode & Smilie Panel, Admin CP, Store/ Points 3.0
  97. Password Required Before Updating Profile
  98. Enable/Disable Censor in individual forums
  99. Mods SuperMods and Admins Can Use Custom Avatars
  100. ID Card Template
  101. Signature Image System Hack - Version 3.0+...
  102. [v1.2] Edit / Report Button Hack
  103. Currently Listening to Live
  104. Highlight private forum name in access mask list
  105. [mini-hack] Calendar Rules for Public Events
  106. Advanced File Archive 2.0
  107. tools vbcode buttons version 2 Arabic
  108. tools vbcode buttons Version 2 English
  109. Show IP's directly for those who may view them
  110. Ultimate Now Playing Hack - WA3 plugin / data stored in database
  111. Restrict access to calendar in usergroup permissions
  112. Play a sound when new PMs are recieved..
  113. AminCP: Restrict other administrator's access to certain files
  114. AminCP: Numbered Custom Templates
  115. First 150 Characters as tooltip
  116. All on one page
  117. "Lesane Store Hack"-friendly itemshop
  118. Advisory Hack
  119. Attachment Database
  120. Announcement Improvement
  121. Password Expiration Policies
  122. Global Login Point
  123. comics hack v1.0
  124. Apply flood check to guests
  125. Potionshop (Mewtwo Version)
  126. VB3-Style admin-login
  127. Users in IRC Channel(s)
  128. [Minihack] - Modification of some fields in the users profile
  129. Admin. 2 Admin. Notes VIA AdminCP Index
  130. Mod. 2 Mod. Notes VIA ModCP Index
  131. Forum Invitation Form
  132. Add submit buttons to the vBulletin Options Page
  133. Improved Print Thread View
  134. Showgroup Contact [Email] button
  135. Glow Users in Whos Online
  136. Who'sOnline Formatting
  137. Auto-Forward Private Messages...
  138. Hack Credits...
  139. Other Admins can Add Moderators Only - disallow them from adding or editing forums
  140. Not Moderated Text
  141. Vote my Site
  142. Countdown till newyear (editable for each time you want)
  143. Edited by usertitle hack
  144. In register.php users will be pointed to.....
  145. Admin CP IP Logging w/last seen
  146. Show's Userstatus and Username in adminCP login
  147. No Signature Text
  148. Display the Close Reason to admin users while board closed
  149. Post Count Modifier - Minimum Post Characters to Count towards Post Count
  150. Optimizing Forumhome
  151. =V.2= vB3 Similar Threads
  152. Minimum referrals to use custom avatar.
  153. 404 Not Found turns into vBulletin search!
  154. Current IRC chatters on forumhome via mirc (no eggdrop)
  155. Member Only Files
  156. Random Username & Pass Hack v1.1
  157. Online/Offline Status with Avatar Opacity
  158. Simple rank images hack
  159. vBaffiliates5 - Allow Users to Add & Edit their Own Affiliate Links!!!
  160. Header System
  161. View Post Icons As Drop-Down
  162. Banner System
  163. Logged in users optimization (1.0.1)
  164. Last Threads In A Fader
  165. vB Easy Archive FINAL - Search Engine Spiderable Hack! Get your posts listed @ google
  166. Real "read/not read" threads and "new messages in forum" highlighting 1.1
  167. vBFavorites v1.0
  168. vBmoddel
  169. Who quoted me?
  170. Button Hack
  171. Custom ON/OFF Icons per forum...
  172. Tools Bar(vbcode buttons)Version3.6 Arabic
  173. Automatically find and remove dupe users through Admin CP
  174. Tools Bar(vbcode buttons)Version3.6 Engilsh
  175. Limited PHP scripts functionality for templates v1.0
  176. Attachment and avatar hotlinking protection (1.0.1)
  177. Minihack: Descriptive alt text for smilies
  178. Coffee machine in your Admin CP
  179. My Assistent 1.0
  180. Add Custom Colors to Styles
  181. Top10 Status v2.2.9+
  182. Reset Custom User Titles to Preset UserTitles (from AdminCP)
  183. vBStealth 2.0
  184. lastX 1.1
  185. [Mini-hack] Intelligent Private Messaging Alert...
  186. New BB tag to do rainbow text...
  187. [HowTo] Categorize Who's Online on Forumhome
  188. Jitter PM Alert Hack
  189. Mods can add/remove users
  190. Better IP Trace Hack... Easy install
  191. Admin-Only Links
  192. Store addon: More PM quota
  193. Forum Welcome Text per Forum...
  194. Mist's Random Banner Hack
  195. vbArchive - Search Engine Indexer for vBulletin
  196. Itemshop/Store Integration
  197. [Improvement] vBStats -> Member Referrer list PHP-code improvement (much less queries
  198. When guest click on forum. Redirects them. Based satan's hack.
  199. vB3 Style - "Last Posts" Modification (v1.2a)
  200. PM Status hack (pm folders on forumhome)
  201. [Mini-Hack] Protect Admins in the Admin CP.
  202. Restrict access to vB files to users with x referals!
  203. Wrong username/pw redirects to register page.
  204. Store addon: Staff discount
  205. Simple Automation of 'Email Users' - 'Do Next Page' Button
  206. Last PM on Forumhome
  207. [AddOn] Useful Additions For Quickreply (and normal reply page)
  208. [Mini-Hack] Make select function for admin functions.
  209. copyright update automatically.
  210. Main Mod / Regular Mod Hack
  211. Return to Page after login
  212. Online status on profile
  213. Return to Page after Poll Vote
  214. User Avatar on Usercp
  215. Ember's Pet Hack v1.0
  216. TomBot v1.1 vB AI User Bot
  217. Easier Adding of Multiple Smilies in AP (title & text-to-replace automatically filled
  218. Easier Adding of Multiple Avatars in Admin Panel
  219. Ember's Pet Hack
  220. RDF-Feed from your Forums
  221. Additional emphasis method for posts (_word_ becomes italic word)
  222. Only show "admin functions" to moderators.
  223. Oak´s vGallery 1.0
  224. Admin Unlock hack
  225. User Icons
  226. vBTeachbot 2.1
  227. Add Product Actions to Lesane's Store Hack!
  228. When adding new forums, display order is already filled...
  229. [RELEASE] Apply to be Mod or Admin. VIA Email.
  230. Invisable User Definition
  231. improved dot icons - decreases DB load
  232. Prevent Automated Registrations
  233. Earn Lesane store points for vbQuiz
  234. vBHelp Desk
  235. if() vBCode - Private Post Text Hack
  236. Boot User from specific Forum immediately
  237. dl_engine and vb user intergration
  238. yourname.vbulletin.com (Subdomain Redirection)
  239. Addon for: TomBot vBAI UserBot => Remember individual Users
  240. Change Style dropdown on ALL of your vB pages :) (dynamic, +1 query)
  241. Change Style dropdown on ALL of your vB pages :) (hardcoded, no queries)
  242. Poll Restriction by Postcount
  243. Improved Moderator Alert System
  244. Minimum posts to view memberlist
  245. Minimum posts to view calendar
  246. Minimum posts to use pm's
  247. Minimum posts to see who's online (online.php)
  248. Minimum posts to do a search
  249. Blank Page Ban!
  250. Message Icons for Only Admins or Mods