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  1. Display Order for User Groups
  2. Posting Frequency
  3. Show image attachments as images instead of links
  4. Advance Image Verification Hack - Prevent Automated Registrations
  5. 404 error ban.
  6. vBFAQbot 1.0
  7. 2 Addons for Change Username From UserCP v2.0
  8. SuperMods can Unban from ModCP!
  9. Hide text from certain usergroups
  10. Cron job: Prune forums
  11. Completely Remove Thread Ratings
  12. The Date + Time User Was Last Active In Profile!
  13. VB mod_template - how VB template management *should* work
  14. [Improvement] vBStats -> Top Posters list PHP-code improvement (much less queries)
  15. Prevent threads from rising to the top
  16. Styles for Premium Members
  17. Username Font Colour
  18. Time limit on deleting of own posts
  19. Post Quality Points System! [megahack]
  20. Post Icons Dimension v1.0
  21. User Icons and Store integration
  22. Restrict Modification of Main Options to Head Administrator 1.01
  23. Subforums on Forumhome (no extra queries Version)
  24. Delete/Revert multiple templates at once
  25. Selectable forums in forumjump 1.2
  26. Minimum posts to view Forum [English/German]
  27. Navbar Mini-Hack
  28. Optimized attachments in vB2.X.X
  29. vB Addon/PHP Addon *Support Email Services Form*
  30. Buddies online/offline on non-vb page
  31. Username Alias Hack (version 2; completely different)
  32. [you] vbcode
  33. URL Status Checker
  34. Desktop Image Hack
  35. Moderator and IP 404 Ban
  36. vB Member Photo
  37. VBcards
  38. Private Message Auto-Subject Hack
  39. vB Cookie Detector - Detects if user has cookies switched on in browser.
  40. Change a user's post incrementation factor...
  41. vB Addon/PHP Addon Rotating Banner with Flash Integration!!!!!
  42. Restrict Pruning And Forum Deletion By Userid
  43. Restrict Addition And Deletion Of Style, Replacement And Template Sets By Userid
  44. Show Invisible Users As Online In Postbit To Admins, If They Are Online.
  45. SQL Database Error Page Ban and Multiple Banning Options Hack
  46. N9ne's Spam Points System 1.0 [Mega-Hack]
  47. An alternative to banning: Miserable Users
  48. Ad posts control
  49. Views Don't Count If Done By Guest Or Thread Starter Unless Replying
  50. Un-Activated User Management
  51. vB Recycle Bin Hack
  52. The "Make Stickies Bold / Prefix Remove" Hack
  53. Board Ranking Images by Post Count Hack
  54. User-to-User Log
  55. Password Protected Forums (vB3 Style)
  56. Alternating Images in Posts.
  57. Show Threads From Current Calendar Month
  58. Quick Edit Templates
  59. Replace Text
  60. Minute Shift (for servers with slightly wrong times)
  61. Main Control Panel: Including SSH Backup & Restore Through Your AdminCP!
  62. Post Quality Points System Addon: Top Quality Posters Page
  63. Turtle Dollars (includes addons)
  64. Must Read Page >> Before Posting New Thread In Forum 1.01
  65. Letter Statistics in Member Profile v1.0
  66. Usergroup ID Column On Modify Usergroup Page
  67. Order Usergroups by Usergroup ID *or* # of Users in AdminCP
  68. Forums ID Display Hack v1.1
  69. Extra Details in Who's Online
  70. Kind of post
  71. Extra Field in your profile
  72. Extra Memberlist Options [AdminCP Integrated] 1.01
  73. Play Sound When Private Message Received - the Amy Way
  74. VBCodes and smilies in thread and post title
  75. New Usergroup Option: Escape IP ban check 1.0
  76. Direct Link to User's ACP Profile in Postbit for Admins
  77. Top 10 Table, for the curious statician
  78. Smiliecreator v1.1
  79. Letters statistics On your forum home
  80. Global Enable/Disable feature (edit forum)
  81. Choose what usergroups can view the board while deactivated
  82. Annother banning alternative : Starved Users
  83. Birthday, User Age and Zodiac Hack v1.2 (Working Version)
  84. Admin can change default style from admin cp
  85. Easy Unsubscription From Admin Email (Unsubscribe Newsletter Link )
  86. Canned Text
  87. Really Big Template Editor
  88. Registration Floodcheck
  89. Extra VBCode Button
  90. Quote Enhancement Addon
  91. Quick Options Editor
  92. Allow Somebody to Use Non-Selectable Styles
  93. Styles page
  94. Disallow Registration by Minors
  95. User Thread Banning (Includes Time Banning Feature)
  96. Avatar in UserCP
  97. vb Sponsors
  98. vB Mod/Admin News
  99. Licensed Users System 1.01
  100. Referred By (in profile)
  101. PopReferrals!
  102. Automatically close a thread after 1 reply
  103. vB Stars Hack
  104. Staff Messenger
  105. Silly Gag Hack - IP Spoofing
  106. Donation authorization addon for Lesane's Store hack
  107. vB POP3 / IMAP Email Client 1.4 - Web-based access to POP email accounts
  108. Poll Start - End - Days Run/Remaining Hack v1.1
  109. Links To Us Hack
  110. Usergroup Tags
  111. Make admin/functions.php stop breaking IDEs
  112. Total Forum Views
  113. Members Choice Voting Hack
  114. Track IRC users using PHP...
  115. Forum stats on signature image
  116. vB3 Moderators and Onlineusers-Look in Forumdisplay v 1.1
  117. Change member's usergroup after admin votes
  118. Jukebox Hack - With optional store hack intergration
  119. New BB tag to do image thumbnails...
  120. Easier Changing of Styles
  121. Web Page Gallery
  122. Automatic Timezone Setting Correction
  123. Heirarchical Access Masks
  124. Options Advisor
  125. vB Assistant
  126. Request an Email Address from VB host 1.0
  127. Advanced Attachmentbox v1.0
  128. Most Ignored User
  129. Sign-up bonus addon for Lesane's Store
  130. Better recognize locked Threads
  131. Users website in Admin CP
  132. Homepage Statistics Cache
  133. Minimum characters needed for a new post
  134. Cookie List in FAQ
  135. Announcements on non-vb page
  136. OakGallery 2.0 Released ! [Great image gallery]
  137. Only External Links Open in New Windows
  138. Admins informations page
  139. Easier editing of the forum rules upon registration
  140. Loaded Extensions in Admin CP
  141. >>--ARROW ADS---> Hack
  142. Avatar Usage Statistics in AdminCP 1.0
  143. Most Popular Avatar on Forum Home 1.0
  144. Detailed Logging of Usergroup Changes in AdminCP 1.01
  145. Log Username Changes in AdminCP 2.0
  146. Users Shown Online To Admins If Invisible And Online Everywhere 1.1
  147. Force New Password
  148. Self-Healing Database
  149. User Comment System
  150. User doesn't see his own "buddy/ignore" in profile.
  151. show NONE if theres no birthdays on forumhome
  152. Add commas to replycounts, thread views, etc
  153. Reminder In Notification Email Hack
  154. [img] Tag in Signatures by Usergroup
  155. Disable Search does not disable Get New Posts...
  156. HTML in Postbit per Usergroup
  157. Profile Tagboard (a tagboard in every user's profiles)
  158. Member Options viewable for Admins Only
  159. Flash UserMap add-on
  160. The self banning or the farewell hack (The AutoBahn)
  161. [mini-hack] Hidden profile fields viewable by admins & mods IN profile.
  162. Easter Hack
  163. Ad-Lib Hack
  164. Quick Database Stats
  165. Suspend Thread
  166. Improved Avatar Settings...
  167. Pick Random User
  168. link directly to PM in PM-Email-Notification
  169. Guest,s Can,t see the Threads
  170. Admin cp Stats Addon for Refer Friends Hack
  171. Usergroup Tags in Templates
  172. Store and Journal integration.
  173. Remove Posting Redirection (like vB3)
  174. How many attachments for member
  175. Voter Turnout
  176. Store and Tagboard integration.
  177. Styles defined by day of the week
  178. Buy/Sell/Trade User Rating System (aka eBay Style User Feedback Hack)
  179. Alt + R resets all
  180. Forum statisctics at the top of each forum
  181. Latest XX posts ona non-vb page
  182. Secret Messages to your own usergroup
  183. vb3 Attachments - Including Multiple Attachments Option
  184. Trace and log user actions...
  185. Members, Posts & Threads on a non-vb page
  186. vB Query Maker
  187. Change style on index with UPDATE
  188. Restrict Admin Control Panel Access V1.0
  189. Poll Points addon for Lesane's Store hack
  190. Export Templates to Files (by MySQL conditions)
  191. vB Query Maker v3.0
  192. Closed Poll thread title
  193. characters hack in the title
  194. "Refresh to" code for admin/options.php and others
  195. Minimum posts to download attachments..
  196. View All Current Private Messages On Server
  197. Username & Post Decorations Hack
  198. vB Jokes Factory v1.0
  199. Embed PHP in Templates
  200. Glowing BBCode Hack
  201. New Posts on Forumtitle-Link
  202. Random Text Quotes
  203. vB WebMail v1.3
  204. Redirect Ban
  205. Birthday Cake in postbits for all b-days for the week
  206. Set Current Date and Time in Editpost
  207. VB3 style getinfo page
  208. Account Request Form on a non-vB page
  209. TomBot/QuickReply Addon-[On/Off Switch]
  210. Quick Registration Form on a non-vB page
  211. PAH---Post Ad Hack
  212. Allow Admins to Register Multiple Times
  213. Forum Quick Stats v1.0
  214. Mass Open/Close Threads System
  215. Delete Original Private Message on Reply v1.0
  216. Referrals in Postbit
  217. Edit Poll Link only viewable by staff
  218. Post of the Day
  219. Disable "subscribe to thread" in specific forums
  220. Who's Viewed This Thread?
  221. Minimum Posts Per Day to View Specified Forums
  222. vBForumViewControl 1.2
  224. Subscribe / unsubscribe to forums on forumhome
  225. Show only XX posts in thread to guests..
  226. Minimum posts to view quizzes
  227. Selectively Show Moderators on showgroups.php
  228. Post Bit Modifyer System
  229. Avatar Link in UserCP (vB.org Clone)
  230. Prize Recognition Hack
  231. Reported Posts Center
  232. Real Name in Postbit
  233. (Useless) Acronym vBcode
  234. Profile Field ID on Profile Field Page
  235. Power Level and Ultimate Stats Hack Integration
  236. Vertical Navbar
  237. Prefix (or suffix) for Subscribed Threads
  238. ThwBoard 3 Beta 2.8 Import Script
  239. AvantGo Stats
  240. Select which users can change their Avatar's
  241. Optimize forumhome, the filburt1 Way
  242. User selectable Redirections
  243. Logedin/out Has Diffrent Headers
  244. Last Activity Tooltips for Mini-WOL
  245. Extended! Server Load Averages
  246. Show referrer when editing a user in the AdminCp
  247. Todays Threads, Post and Veiws on index.php
  248. Log all PMs sent to and from a user
  249. Extended! Useful Admin Stuff
  250. User can view their own IP address...