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  1. Disable Smilies from the User Control Panel
  2. Mike's Warning System 1.0
  3. Online User Colours Per Style
  4. User-Selectable Optional Language Replacement Censor
  5. Selectively Show Users on showgroups.php Page
  6. Users favorite quote in postbit.
  7. Message Board Rules 1.5
  8. Posting Status
  9. Replace censored text with an image
  10. vBouncer : Unsubscribe threads for members with bouncing emails
  11. Watermark Attached Images
  12. MSN 6 Tab Hack
  13. Admins/SuperMods/Mods exempt from posting character limit v1.0
  14. Postbit for everyday in the week
  15. Remove ALL Redirects, No Bugs, All Browsers
  16. # reply in # hours for new threads
  17. KlipFolio Integration
  18. Usertitles information page for your members
  19. Thread Torrent
  20. Link in Postbit to Remove Images in Signatures
  21. Auto-Detect User Location At Registration
  22. Advance Online User Colours Per Style
  23. jIRC Chat Integration
  24. List Search engine Spider at Who's online
  25. [HowTo] Tweak IP banning
  26. Sort Members By State!
  27. Ban by Referer
  28. vB User Add Forums 1.0
  29. PHP Tag Slashes String Parsing Fix
  30. Minimum posts to UPload attachments..
  31. Delete all private messages PMs from a certain user
  32. Min Points for attachment.
  33. Color Coded Users Online Currently Hack
  34. Signatures Gallery Hack
  35. favorites smilies
  36. Hit Counter Plus 2003
  37. Similar Topic Check
  38. tell me about his newthread
  39. smiley category hack
  40. Verify User Email Addresses
  41. Total Members (Registrations) Hack
  42. Alternate Reporting for 'Report Post to Moderators'
  43. The Google Ban
  44. Advanced ModCP Searching
  45. Prior To Member Confirmation - Labeled as Pending Member
  46. User can Empty All PMs
  47. Quick Quote!
  48. Quick Edit! -Edit posts directly from within the thread itself
  49. WebTemplates 2.x: VB Integrated Content Management System
  50. Seperate Announcments & Stickies from regular threads
  51. Quick Quote II -Quote posts instantly in your Quick Reply box
  52. Censor phrases
  53. New Users Create their own Welcome thread During Registration
  54. Global phpinfo with admin cp on/off switch (vb3 backport)
  55. User Rating hack
  56. 'Clean Sessionhash' (1.3 released, all bug's fixed)
  57. phpmychat who's online (works with vB3)
  58. No Double Post v1.0
  59. Require PostIcon For New Thread
  60. Admin and Mod CP links in footer
  61. Forward Private Message to User's Email
  62. Different ad on each forum, in threads.
  63. Mark user as a Referrer [v 1.0.1]
  64. Pip System
  65. Thread Statistics On Forum Home
  66. Thread view optimizations
  67. Admin Reminders Hack
  68. Display Message to Guest only
  69. Random User Titles
  70. Top Posters per Forum (shown in forumdisplay)
  71. DigiChat v1.1 by Pseudomizer
  72. Display which Option a User Voted for
  73. Allow Administrators to Post in Locked Forums
  74. Donation Tracking Addon for Lesane's Store Hack
  75. Limiting font size
  76. Yahoo as Referer(works with vb3)
  77. Registration Quiz To Determine Usergroup v1.0
  78. Custom redirect text for changing avatar
  79. Fan Fiction Forum
  80. Prevent send-to-friend e-mails from being sent to banned e-mail addresses
  81. Showthread Navbar Modification
  82. Template Text Area Enlarger
  83. Notify Email With Another Email Address
  84. vBWAPMontoring v.1.0a
  85. Each UserGroup Has a Calender Hack
  86. Glow Hack Resurrected
  87. Ebay in Postbit ... [Mini Addon]
  88. RealTime Template Compressor: Reduces page sizes, loads pages faster, saves Bandwidth
  89. Search Engine Indexer - vbHome (lite) add-on
  90. Exempt all administrators, supermoderators, and moderators from server load messages
  91. Quick Ban
  92. Birthdate is a Required Field
  93. newsletter (ezmlm) integration
  94. Quick Forum Statistics in AdminCP
  95. Email to multiple usergroups in "Email Users" section
  96. Don't Bump Thread on New Reply
  97. Per User Group Moderation at Registration
  98. Auto add users to PerlDesk DB upon vB registration
  99. P-Groove Post Display Hack
  100. Disable Image Animation (avatars, smilies, ads...)
  101. Change user's posts to specified text
  102. Upgrade from 2.3.0 to 2.3.2 VIA code changes
  103. Forum Leaders (vB3 Style)
  104. Don't show users with 0 posts in memberlist
  105. Auto Redirect: a solution for [Email Users] problems
  106. Allow Specified Number of Guests on Forum
  107. Glowing User Names
  108. Play music just when browsing in specific forums
  109. vB3 Style Usergroup Based Username Formatting for vB 2.2.x
  110. Competion in Inviting Members
  111. Download Area v1.0
  112. vb code bimg
  113. Display all active/online users on forumdisplay
  114. vB Timeslip Database -for Automotive websites
  115. vB-DOS turning quick reply into command prompt
  116. View Access Mask by Forum, Member
  117. Thread Description Mouseover Box
  118. disable who's online but still view in acp
  119. Restrict [code] and [php] to registered members only
  120. Now Playing Hack
  121. Attachment Size in Postbit (like vb3)
  122. Users Threads in Their Profile
  123. smart version check
  124. Forums Arranged in Columns Addon: Forum Images
  125. PhotoPost vBTemplates 4.1.x/4.5.x
  126. [HowTo] Alternating colors for ONLY the postbit
  127. 'Edited by' Counter v1.0
  128. Tutorial Hack
  129. Display one or multiple forum banners per seperate forum
  130. Thread Titles - Pop-Up Descriptions
  131. Style Preview Hack
  132. Users Only Allowed to Send PMs to Staff (staff excluded)
  133. Thread Maintenance v1.0
  134. Username Font Color - Store v3.0
  135. vBTopSite
  136. Admin Panel Move
  137. shoutcast display at forumhome
  138. Forums arranged in columns addon: Custom Header bit
  139. How to show all templates in one click when in the admin cp
  140. correct joindate when converting from phpbb!
  141. Star Hack X
  142. Attachment Manager
  143. Clan Hack .:V2:.
  144. Dealing With Trolls
  145. Badges Hackette v1.0
  146. ScriptWiz.com vBulletin Search Engine Friendly HTML Archiver Script - FREE!!
  147. Welcome Email upon account activation by member
  148. Black List Hack 1.0
  149. Custom Forum Link - Forward user to custom link
  150. Big Picture messing up your design? Install this
  151. vPreview
  152. Admin text Hack all vb2
  153. Not an actual hack... but... Login on non vB page PLUS pass-protected pages
  154. Dorm Manager System
  155. vB2 Powerd Page.
  156. Admin / Mod CP links for qualified Usergroups
  157. Text/Banner/Link Ads By Gio
  158. Who's Online on forum home
  159. The Idiot Test
  160. RSS Feed for VB 2.2