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  1. SQL Query
  2. VBStats version 1.0
  3. Usenet gateway
  4. Mass Pm
  5. [UPDATE] Mass PM (vB 2.0)
  6. Template Control Panel for 2.0
  7. vb 2.0b1 : View templates inline
  8. [quick 2.0b2 hack] Specify global default style-set
  9. Editpost preview
  10. [RELEASE vb2B2] NewsFader 2.0
  11. [RELEASE vB2.02beta] Bargraph thread rating
  12. [RELEASE vB2.0] quick 'who posted'
  13. [RELEASE vB2.0] User Selectable Post Order
  14. [RELEASE vB2.0] Max Users History
  15. [RELEASE vB2B3] Gender Hack 2.0
  16. [Release vB2.0] vbPortal 1.0 alpha
  17. Show admin groups
  18. [RELEASE vB2.0] Auto Refresh 2.0
  19. [release vb2.0b3] VB2ICQ - (Custom status-img and sent icq-message)
  20. Custom Avatars as Files (updated for vBulletin 2.2.2)
  21. Who's online on non-vB page (with usernames)
  22. Top XX Posters
  23. User has started X threads
  24. World Timezones on indexpage
  25. [RE-RELEASE vB2.0] signature-editor with preview
  26. Last XX Posts on non-vB page
  27. Prune doesn't reduce user post count
  28. [Release v2] PM on add user to buddy list
  29. Bump without Post (Moderators-Only Version)
  30. Bump without Post (Any Authorized User Version)
  31. [release v2] my stars hack (adm/smod/mod/user)
  32. Astrological Signs
  33. Stars Hack v3
  34. [Release vB Links 1.0 | vB2bx
  35. New User Mass Mover
  36. Polls Elsewhere
  37. [RELEASE v2] Auto-Welcome Email to New User
  38. 3 Admin Tools: Remove Redirect, Edit Posts, & Moderate User
  39. [RELEASE v2] Pop-up Buddy List
  40. star hacks for vbb2
  41. [release vb2.0] Miniscule-hack: split & move thread to a new forum in one go
  42. [Release vB2.0] PM Stats 1.0
  43. [Release VB2] Total Thread Views
  44. [Release Vb 2.x] Vb Code modification
  45. [RELEASE vB2.0RC1] Copy Templateset
  46. [RELEASE vb2.0] Smilies hack
  47. Email Activate Code
  48. [Release vb2.0] Mass-Prune Old Redirects
  49. vbSpiderFriend - Search Engine Friendliness
  50. Change Vote Ability
  51. Download PMs to File (for all 2.x.x versions)"
  52. Release 0.1 Mark Forum Read/Mark All Read from database hack
  53. [Release vb2.0] Send random password instead of activation code
  54. [Release vb2.0] Receive copy of e-mail you send via the BB
  55. [Release vb2.0] Exclude/Include Usergroups from Members List
  56. [Release v2] Who's Online
  57. [RELEASE vB2.0] Community Bulletin Mailer
  58. Updated Community Bulletin Generator
  59. [RELEASE vB 2.0] MSN Message Center like available on http://www.msn.com
  60. [Release vB2 RC2] Show usernames, not just userids, when mass emailing
  61. For vBull 2 - Generic vBull Comunity Page
  62. [Concept Demo RC3] Conditionals in templates
  63. Cont.: [RELEASE v2] Top Posters
  64. Vb2.0 Viewing custom avatars
  65. [Relase vb2.0] New Earth Time clock hack...
  66. [release a minihack---personal glamour for vb2]
  67. Moderator Activity Logging
  68. Last online in users profile
  69. Last Active Thread Display
  70. Spider friendly URLs
  71. [release vB2.0]couter in vB page
  72. Tiny hack: Custom nopermission message to unactivated users
  73. [release vB2.0] live counter hack
  74. Thread Start date/time
  75. Report post to moderator -> PM or e-mail
  76. v2.0 Email new thread notifications to subscribed users
  77. File Not Found
  78. [release vb2] Database Password Encryption
  79. Multiple domain concept
  80. Email your PM's
  81. [Release v2] Visual Basic Colour coding
  82. Stars v0.2.3
  83. [RELEASE VB2] Show member activity
  84. Last Posted Hack
  85. [RELEASE V2.0.1] New Forum Features
  86. Last Active Thread for 2.01
  87. [Release vb2.0.1] vbPortal 2.0.1
  88. [Mini-RELEASE v2] Different headers with one style
  89. birthday in thread
  90. vbThreadSpinner
  91. Release v2.0.1: Simple hack: minimum posts to poll
  92. [ Release v2.0.1 ] Avatar import from filesystem
  93. [ Release v2.0.1 ] External discussion links (join/start a conversation!)
  94. Digichat Hack for different user levels
  95. Targeted ads for phpAdsNew
  96. phpBB Importer Ready!
  97. [Release vB2.0] vB colors for non-vb page
  98. [RELEASE v2] Today's Events on Main Forum Page
  99. A phpMyChat integration Hack
  100. Prune on Locked Topics
  101. MassMove Locked Topics
  102. Preview and copy buttons for Edit Template
  103. [release run and test code hack]
  104. Image Gallery v1.0
  105. View Registered Users # On NON VB Pages.
  106. [RELEASE v2] User Tracker
  107. Add a select field to the profile
  108. PluhNews 1.5
  109. Release: news-section including comments
  110. Post Counter & Direct Link
  111. [RE-RELEASE custom avatars-as-files]
  112. [Addon for glamour hack by ztsky]
  113. [RELEASE v2] 0-Posters, active posters, inactive posters display hack.
  114. External Link
  115. [RELEASE newsfader for all vb version.(11* to 2.0*)]
  116. [Snippet] Default icon only for 1st message
  117. ColoredOnlineUserHack
  118. [RELEASE] Usenet Gateway for vB 2.01
  119. [Release v2] Search selectable forums
  121. LastTitleHack
  122. News Xporter beta 2
  123. What Styles are we All using
  124. Newsscript to vBulletin (External script)
  125. [RELEASE 1.0 beta] LAST THREAD NAME
  126. vBcode and smilie user interface improvement
  127. [pre-release Auto IP/OS/IE Parse Hack]
  128. VBstatistics on non vb pages
  129. Mini-Hack: Backend.php for vBulletin
  130. [RELEASE v2] Top XX Posters
  131. [RELEASE v2] Homepage Login on non-vB page
  132. Admin Functions
  133. [RE-RELEASED vB2.0.1] Upgraded Signature-Editor w/ Preview
  134. MD5 Encrypted Passwords
  135. Download a PalmDoc Version
  136. [mini-RELEASE v2.0.1] - Show IP Icon/Text to Admins and Mods only
  137. New vbcode.js - vBcode and smilie user interface improvement
  138. vb 2.02 : View templates inline (great for upgrades)
  139. Registered Members on a non-vbb page
  140. Total Posts on a non-vbb page
  141. Total Threads on a non-vbb page
  142. Make it only possible to include sigs when you start a thread
  143. Addon To MSN Hack
  144. Newbies can't add new threads, only reply to existing ones...
  145. Change Username via UserCP v2.0
  146. In-Link User Integration
  147. Support for forums in send-to-friend
  148. ICQ Hack v0.02
  149. Log out and return to the page you were at
  150. UltraBoard 2.2.x importer released!
  151. [Release v2.0.3] Show both IP name and IP address; link IP to search for other users
  152. [RELEASE V2] Phorum import php script
  153. List of PHP files needing translation
  154. Allow ONLY mods and admins to use custom avatars
  155. Avatar Hack: Categories & Usergroups
  156. Tag Line Hack
  157. Make avatars a link to user's homepage
  158. Hide Admin(s) on Member List Hack
  159. Display top referrer on forum index
  160. Display full list of referrers and referrals
  161. jPilot hack
  162. Avatar Posts Hack
  163. Extract Old Custom Avatars Hack
  164. Show most popular thread on index page
  165. Change the display order of smilies
  166. [Release vb2.0.3] Stars Hack
  167. Calendar: Numerous Days
  168. Change the display order of message icons
  169. vB Popup Messaging Utility v.0.1
  170. Mod Drop Down Hack ((FINAL))
  171. [RELEASE v2] Run a SQL query directly from your admin contorl panel
  172. Copy Template
  173. just created an Ikonboard member convertor
  174. Moderated Calendar hack v0.1
  175. ReferralsHack
  176. [code release] Redirect to forum instead of thread after post
  177. [Beta Release] VB2 TranslateIT V1
  178. page - hit counter in mysql
  179. [RELEASE v2.x] OPNews v1.0 << Not just another 'news' script.
  180. Give an option to send use to forum after posting and not to thread
  181. [RELEASE v2.x] OPNews v1.2 << More features!
  182. Add "Sponsored by" banners to your forum categories
  183. My Simple Portal v0.1
  184. Country Flag Hack (Complete)
  185. *phew - wipes sweat from brow* here is my Ikonboard -> VBulletin Post Convertor
  186. Finished the Multiple Ranks Hack
  187. Hidden Posts
  188. [RELEASE v.2.x] Active Threads and Info on Non-VB Page (Headlines)
  189. the perfected (error free :D) Ikonboard->VB Post Convertor
  190. Mass Delete Old Private messages
  191. Who was banned
  192. [RELEASE vb2.0+] vB Photo Upload
  193. Country Flag Hack v2.0
  194. [RELEASE v.2.x.x] Additional FAQ Hack (FAQ edit)
  195. Is this possible?
  196. [RELEASE v2.x.x] "Have you hacked?" hack
  197. [RELEASE: Mass Email to users awaiting activation code]
  198. LoB hi,
  199. [RELEASE v2.x.x] FAQ Edit v2
  200. [RELEASE v2.x.x] Moderators Being able to control Accessmasks via MODCP
  201. FAQ Edit v3
  202. [Release v2] In-Thread Rating
  203. [Release v2] PM Notification of New Replies
  204. phpnuke reg integration hack
  205. [Mini-Release 2.x.x:] Dont show unmoderated users under "the newest user"
  206. Add an option to use lite registration page in admin cp
  207. [Re- Release of the Mood Hack Version 2.03]
  208. Goatse.cx hack
  209. Let users choose their own date and time format
  210. List users by access masks
  211. Options for forums - display or don't display on forum home
  212. Custom Avatars as Files
  213. [RELEASE v2.x.x] Improved USER ACCESS MASKS interface!
  214. Sub-Forums
  215. Last Post Title in Forumhome & Forumdisplay
  216. vBBookmarks - link directory script
  217. Signature Image System
  218. Last post on forum home, working version
  219. Return to Edit Template page after saving
  220. Subject-Prefix & Thank You Hack
  221. Mods edit access masks including child forums
  222. VBSyndicate Hack V1
  223. Preliminary release: Gallery add-on for vBulletin/vbPortal
  224. [RELEASE : v2.0.3]Image.Behind.User.Online
  225. [Release vB 2.0.3] Different Stuff When Logged In/Out
  226. View Active Threads During Past xx days
  227. [RELEASE vB 2.0.3] Countdown To Calendar Events
  228. Small hack: New, unread, and total messages in PM folders
  229. vBpad - Your personal notepad! (v1.0)
  230. [Release v2.0.3] 'Member of the Day' Hack
  231. Quick answer form
  232. phpBB 1.4.x import.
  233. [phpnuke fix] Include other PHP files in Blocks
  234. [RELEASE] Team Hack
  235. View New Posts Color
  236. New Threads Today
  237. My first hack. :p
  238. MultiHack 1.00 Beta
  239. pagenav dropdown menu
  240. Stop to post long quotes
  242. [RELEASE-addon] Homepage Login on Non-VB Page -- Addon
  243. [Release v2x php] pNews..
  244. [Release v2.0.3] High Server Load: Deny Guests, Allow Members
  245. vbStats
  246. [Release v2.0.3] Mods & Admins online
  247. Postbar
  248. [Release - MiniHack] Make update user info update post counts
  249. [Release 2.0.3] Unlimited PMs for SuperModerators
  250. New poll feature: Multiple choice poll!