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  1. [FIXED] Error on this forum
  2. [ANSWERED] Shadow and glow ?
  3. About this forum and Vbulletin
  4. [ANSWERED] What happened to [countdown]?
  5. Help
  6. Force Attachment on New Threads in Mods Forums
  7. New column on front page of vb.org
  8. [DECLINED (until vb3)] Forum subscription emails
  9. [DONE] Update the Profile.
  10. Default (Dark Blue) Layout
  11. Top hackers (in a different way)
  12. [FIXED] Bug...
  13. [ACCEPTED] Feature Request that Requires no Hacking
  14. Clock fast...
  15. Online chatters
  16. [DECLINED] Which hacks has xxx installed in profile
  17. [NO BUG] Unsubscribe Link
  18. [DECLINED] Signature Editor
  19. [WRONG BOARD] Could you put up more import scripts?
  20. [FIXED] birthday incorrect in user profile
  21. [NO BUG] Not very good...
  22. [FIXED] parse error?
  23. [FIXED] HoTM for vbHome (lite)
  24. [FIXED] Can't access fourms
  25. [FIXED] What's up with VB.org??
  26. [FIXED] Reply is error'd
  27. New forum?
  28. [FIXED] Postbit: Style not showing up for some users...
  29. Colums on front page
  30. please forum in English?
  31. [NO BUG] arrows in stylish green cats
  32. [PART. ACCEPTED] Get rid of 'Mark all forums read'!!!!
  33. [FIXED] Bug - "Search This Thread" also pulls results from other threads.
  34. [NO BUG] Editing the title of a post no longer changes thread title.
  35. [ANSWERED] Not allowed to post in Service Requests?
  36. [NOT BUG] Parse error coming off of home page
  37. [KNOWN PROBLEM] Functions error when navigating to next page..
  38. [FIXED] The archive is not working anymore
  39. on/off and new posts
  40. [DONE] Clock needs to be updated
  41. [FIXED] i get a
  42. [NO BUG] Avatar still shows up?
  43. The PHP tag strips out preg replace...
  44. [ANSWERED] Unregistered guests can view the Full releases forum...
  45. Cant view a thread 'Gaming Website Portal'
  46. Would you consider this "breaking the rules"?
  47. [FIXED] Clock Problem
  48. Slow posting?
  49. [vBarcade] Games Development Thread: Updating the first post...
  50. [CORRECTED] Preview PM sends the PM
  51. shout out to Erwin.
  52. [broken] PM Popup
  53. New PM -> Email alert has broken link
  54. [FIXED] [homepage_visible] bug?
  55. Little arrows by the category headers
  56. Love to vb!
  57. [bug] PHP tag
  58. [NO PROBLEM] In User CP, changing styles doesnt work
  59. [FIXED] Email someone from vb.org
  60. [FIXED] Users in chat not working.
  61. [DONE] Some feedback again / number of installs
  62. [ANSWERED] - 'Service Requests' Forum
  63. [DECLINED] WHICH hacks the user installed
  64. [NO PROBLEM] Avatar
  65. [NO PROBLEM] Attachement.php freakin' out..
  66. invisible.gif does not exist?
  67. [ALREADY ANSWERED]Quoting in Service Request Forum
  68. Avatar limitations?
  69. How long does it take?
  70. [DECLINED] How about this for vB.org ?!
  71. maybe?
  72. why is vbulletin.org so damn slow?
  73. Um, sort page out.
  74. VB.org probs
  75. Ok, i have had enough....
  76. Automatically subscribe if option is ON in options
  77. Strange Errors...
  78. [ANSWERED] Full Releases bug?
  79. [FIXED] Email Subscriptions
  80. [DECLINED] Multiple Attachments Hack
  81. [FIXED] Private Messages Bug
  82. Redirection Removal
  83. grt ! grt ! grt !
  84. [FIXED] One extra line break for [php] codes in certain browsers
  85. [ANSWERED] How is "The Archive" done?
  86. Holy Crap
  87. returning the favor
  88. Username Change
  89. [ANSWERED] Has Installed: ??
  90. unsubscribe
  91. prob with vbull
  92. PHP code bug?
  93. great site ...
  94. the last section to www.vbulletin.com
  95. [FIXED] Main Page Graphic Missiing?
  96. Post display order is messed up...
  97. [FIXED] Empty hack listing in database....
  98. [ANSWERED] Total number of posts....?
  99. I love the new "not logged in" message in code boxes...
  100. hack of the week, mod of the week
  101. Cant download any web hacks
  102. Maximum execution time of 15 seconds
  103. will vb.org make seprate vb3 hack forums ?
  104. Language Packs Forum.
  105. [ANSWERED] When can we expect the vb3 hacking forum?
  106. [NOT ALLOWED] Where are we supposed to post 3.0 hacks?
  107. [DONE] Quick way to get rid of installed hacks
  108. [ANSWERED] Can't access these hacks...
  109. Umm...
  110. [ANSWERED] Birthday homepage/postbit bug.
  111. Butons - Point me in the right direction
  112. Downloading???
  113. Private messages get marked as read by the receiver of the message?
  114. [ANSWERED] style contest?
  115. [KNOWN BUG] Total Thread Views: Array
  116. Left side of the content table
  117. Excuse Me?!
  118. Erwin, here is the information you requested
  119. vB3 Suggestion
  120. Will vB.org host vB3 cron scripts along with vB3 hacks after the gold release?
  121. Suggestion ......
  122. [BUG]You cannot view codes as long...
  123. No dateline in avatar url's.
  124. Hacks Database errors when searching
  125. [NO BUG] BUG on vb.org Cpanel
  126. [FIXED] Little suggestion
  127. XHTML and the mods the people add here for vB3...
  128. vB Germany customer can't download
  129. [ANSWERED] vB3 hacks
  130. [SOLVED] license status - org vs. com
  131. frontpage shows only new pms, not unread.
  132. I have a bug and you guys deleted your bug reporting forum...
  133. :Love:
  134. Style Set question
  135. I want to say a BiG THANK YOU!
  136. The Link color on this forum
  137. Mods and Admins should refrain from posting in Service Request forum where not needed
  138. [FIXED] Disable replacements in posts?
  139. Style Suggestions
  140. Split up forums vb3, etc
  141. install button
  142. Kudos to this praticular forum
  143. hotm
  144. minor problem of design on vborg
  145. Unistall All Hacks
  146. can I have option to chose other style here?
  147. new
  148. Template Bugs
  149. To a admin
  150. Hello
  151. Multiple emails sent out?
  152. Posting issue
  153. name change request
  154. Not being able to add hack to database
  155. [FIXED] Blank Links in Hack Database
  156. I am showing as unlicensed.
  157. Where do I submit hacks?
  158. how to get permission ?
  159. Site using vbulletin.org graphics
  160. [FIXED] Hack Search out of date
  161. [DONE] Optimization
  162. Can old threads in non-hacking forums be closed?
  163. Broken page
  164. Why does it say im unlicensed ?
  165. [FIXED] I do not like the change to full releases section!
  166. Image files missing
  167. vB.org = vB3...
  168. bug - allignment problems
  169. question
  170. Member Info Hacks List...
  171. Since your no longer using the hackdatabase
  172. New features especially useful for code hackers.
  173. [FIXED] Suggestion for Full Releases forum...
  174. Get rid of vb3 and go back to vb2
  175. Login prob
  176. mainpage on purple has no table borders
  177. [FIXED] get new posts button
  178. [FIXED] /me code on Dark Blue...
  179. [FIXED] [dark blue] reg: clickable logo
  180. [FIXED] Break apart posts.
  181. sincere appreciation
  182. spelling error
  183. [FIXED] just noticed
  184. vb.org logo
  185. [FIXED] [Code] Problem
  186. Unlicensed?
  187. [FIXED] Mists moaning thread
  188. bit of an idea
  189. [FIXED] in dark blue, the pm box turns just yellow
  190. [FIXED] Invalid File Types
  191. [ANSWERED] Design Flaw
  192. [FIXED] PMs on homepage
  193. [FIXED] Search Feature
  194. [DONE] 100 posts per page
  195. [FIXED] Dark Blue - Showthread suggestions...
  196. vBulletin.org = super fast in mozilla
  197. AdminCP Blue Style link hover colour
  198. Attached file(s) don't show up?
  199. QUOTES should be left aligned (and mistake)
  200. admin cp silver
  201. New PM madness
  202. vb3
  203. [YES IT'S YOU] Is it me? Quote Border
  204. Where'd my attachment go?
  205. [ANSWERED] errors everywhere
  206. [ANSWERED] Fourm Home Suggestion
  207. ...confused in Canada.
  208. unlicensed?
  209. [FIXED] Post attachments...
  210. download vBulletin Lite and vbHome Lite
  211. your really good
  212. [DONE] Installed Hacks
  213. [FIXED] viewing new posts
  214. [FIXED] Site login box
  215. [ANSWERED] Templates Section
  216. [FIXED (Temp)] Non-wrapping code
  217. How Can I Do It?
  218. Wysiwyg background/foreground compatibility with the Style
  219. [DECLINED] sigs
  220. [DONE] break before php/code boxes
  221. Hack Info
  222. how come i cant reply to this post
  223. Code / PHP boxes saga
  224. [FIXED] Mark Forum Read URL is wrong (main page)
  225. [FIXED] private messaging
  226. Hacks in this board
  227. [ANSWERED] Showthread!?
  228. Link for "get unanswered topics"
  229. Trebuchet MS
  230. search on top menu doesn't work...
  231. search: Titles only...
  232. [ANSWERED] IRC server and chan ?
  233. problem
  234. seperation of ADMIN CSS vb2/vb3
  235. Can't access Chat room
  236. File Types
  237. For the love of god give us link colors
  238. How do you get a board?
  239. o_O
  240. update the rules for modifed boards?
  241. [ANSWERED] What will vb.org do?
  242. Can some1 change my name please?
  243. Hack Requests / Service Requests
  244. Style Issues...
  245. Wtf?
  246. Nice Nice...
  247. invisible.gif
  248. I cant do anything on boards!
  249. Hack Database
  250. You are currently sowing up as unlicensed