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04 Nov 2005, 21:04
running vbadvanced cmps on my forums, things were working fine till I started messing with weapon catagories in the hack and now I get the following two errors when I visit the portal page, I did the FAQ's fixs and it hasnt fixed them

Well then, all you have to do is delete the "AND type = 'post'", then it will go away.
But I really suggest to upgrade to the latest version, as this query appears to come from an outdated and unsupported version.

This error occurs on portal page when logged

Database error in vBulletin 3.0.7:

Invalid SQL:
SELECT IF(votenum >= 1, votenum, 0) AS votenum, IF(votenum >= 1 AND votenum != 0, votetotal / votenum, 0) AS voteavg,
thread.threadid, post.title, thread.replycount, postusername, postuserid, thread.dateline AS postdateline, thread.lastposter, thread.lastpost, IF(views<=thread.replycount, thread.replycount+1, views) AS views, thread.forumid, post.postid, pagetext, allowsmilie, forum.title AS forumtitle
, showsignature, usertextfield.signature
,thread.iconid AS threadiconid, iconpath AS threadiconpath
, avatarpath, NOT ISNULL(avatardata) AS hascustom, customavatar.dateline AS avatardateline, avatarrevision
, NOT ISNULL(subscribethread.subscribethreadid) AS subscribed
FROM thread AS thread
LEFT JOIN forum AS forum USING (forumid)
LEFT JOIN post AS post ON (post.postid = thread.firstpostid)
LEFT JOIN icon USING (iconid)
LEFT JOIN user AS user ON (user.userid = post.userid)

LEFT JOIN usertextfield AS usertextfield ON (post.userid = usertextfield.userid)

LEFT JOIN avatar as avatar ON (avatar.avatarid = user.avatarid)
LEFT JOIN customavatar as customavatar ON (customavatar.userid = user.userid)

LEFT JOIN subscribethread AS subscribethread ON (subscribethread.threadid = thread.threadid AND subscribethread.userid = '1')
LEFT JOIN deletionlog AS deletionlog ON (thread.threadid = deletionlog.primaryid AND type = 'thread')
WHERE thread.threadid IN(126,125,120,28,27,26,2)

GROUP BY post.postid
ORDER BY sticky DESC, postdateline DESC

mysql error: Column 'iconid' in from clause is ambiguous

mysql error number: 1052

This error occurs when you are not logged in and visit the portal page

There seems to have been a slight problem with the database.
Please try again by pressing the refresh button in your browser.

An E-Mail has been dispatched to our Technical Staff, who you can also contact if the problem persists.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

however /forums/index.php doesnt give errors when visited.


if i disable the news block (which shows posts) then I dont get any errors, additionally I never get forum errors when viewing forums, threads or posts when I access via /forums/ dir

06 Nov 2005, 07:28
yea i had those errors as well, give me your sites info, and ill come by and see if i can help.

06 Nov 2005, 15:28
yea i had those errors as well, give me your sites info, and ill come by and see if i can help.

Sent a message to you via profile.

07 Nov 2005, 19:53
yea i had those errors as well, give me your sites info, and ill come by and see if i can help.

Not an RPG hack issue, server admin upgraded MySql to v5 without telling me.....


In modules/latesttopics.php and modules/news.php find the following:

LEFT JOIN ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'icon USING (iconid)

and replace it with:

LEFT JOIN ' . TABLE_PREFIX . 'icon AS icon ON (icon.iconid = thread.iconid)