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Lee Wisener
05 Nov 2005, 23:21
My first attempt at a vb skin so dont be too critical, may be of use to someone!

Lee Wisener
05 Nov 2005, 23:25

05 Nov 2005, 23:52
looks purple to me, so why call it blue?

none-the-less, not bad though.

06 Nov 2005, 10:04
Looks much like the Element Skin from www.vbstyles.com

06 Nov 2005, 11:56
Looks much like the Element Skin from www.vbstyles.com (http://www.vbstyles.com)

I don't see the resemblance at all. ;)

@ Lee Wisener - Not bad for a first skin. The background is a little bright, though. Maybe darken it up a bit? ;)

06 Nov 2005, 11:57
looks purple to me, so why call it blue?

none-the-less, not bad though.

You need a better monitor, I think. It is definately a blue variation. ;)

Lee Wisener
06 Nov 2005, 12:34
Thanks for the feedback, I am just trying a couple of simple styles to really get to know where eveything is then I will get a bit more adventurous!

Will offer anything I do here for free to offer something back for the lots I have gained from this site. As I say I know they are not going to be ranked amongst the best but they may help some out of you out there as a starting point.

I agree BOOFO, I wll lighten the bakground a touch, it is a bit strong.



06 Nov 2005, 12:45
I would darken the background a bit and see how that looks. ;)

06 Nov 2005, 12:47
use too much elements from the vbulletin default to be original...

06 Nov 2005, 14:36
Excuse-me i'm new here :)
I like that style but is that the Real from "3.5.1 vb version" ?

Thanks for sharing.

Lee Wisener
06 Nov 2005, 16:17
Not sure what you mean?!

06 Nov 2005, 16:52
Not sure what you mean?!

I mean, did you create the style from vbulletin 3.5.1 file version or 3.5.0 ? :)

Lee Wisener
06 Nov 2005, 20:22

06 Nov 2005, 21:34

Okay thanks ;)

07 Nov 2005, 12:43
Nice looking skin, thnx.

Kirk Y
08 Nov 2005, 19:26
Yeah it reminds me of the Element skin too... and it also seems a shade of purple to me as well. And I'm quite certain that nothing is wrong with my monitor. ;)

08 Nov 2005, 22:05
Could be posible to make a space to every category as in Indevor skin?

08 Nov 2005, 22:42
great skin, for a first attempt i'd be very proud!, keep going dude..we need more! :)


22 Nov 2005, 13:51
it is definitely purple... websafe colours anyone ??
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25 Nov 2005, 17:33
this is strange, on my desktop it is definately purple, on my laptop it is definately blue!

25 Nov 2005, 18:07
Not bad, can be better.

20 Dec 2005, 12:37
Isn't vbulletin.org's default skin called smooth blue as well?

20 Dec 2005, 18:26
I believe that you can always make it better, but it's not bad for a first attempt. Try to stick with it, though.

18 Jul 2006, 21:25
thanks :) superrr

27 Jul 2006, 04:35
kind of purple :p

Lee Wisener
29 Jul 2006, 21:19
lol, nice to see my first skin is being viewed.

For those interested, I think I may have improved.

Check this one:


29 Jul 2006, 23:12
That ww2talk skin is really good, if you need more practice i've been in need of a nascar racing theme. ;)

Keep up the great work m8 :)

20 Aug 2006, 18:07
LW, u did beautifully done, It's look great, thanks for sharing.

26 Aug 2006, 09:31
*Clicks install*

Great job! I uploaded it!

Thank you! :D

31 Dec 2007, 09:54
I personally like this style and hope that it gets put up to 3.7.0 I am using it now and it seems to be working good so far.

25 Feb 2008, 08:25
Is it possible to get this style updated for 3.7.0? Love this style!

Thanks!!! :D