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12 Nov 2005, 02:59
- vB 3.5.x mouseover_in_pagenav using CSS
- tested in Firefox 1.0.7, Opera 8.5, and IE 6.0
- sorry, no more browsers will be tested by author
- support only if/as time available, no guarantees

12 Nov 2005, 08:34
What does this do that isn't already there? ;)

12 Nov 2005, 12:22
I don't think so. How about a live demo?

12 Nov 2005, 14:00
It adds a button-like effect whereby, when you mouseover the numbers, the background changes, adding a press-in, pop-out, rollover effect. Click attached thumbnail to see animation.

12 Nov 2005, 14:10
Ahhh, ok, that makes more sense now. Thanks for the explanation and pic. ;)

What would this do for a browser that it didn't work right in. Would it look messed up?

Bad Bunny
12 Nov 2005, 16:44
It looks like css, so I have no clue why it would not be supported.

27 Jan 2011, 08:24
Thank You