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13 Nov 2005, 12:09
Just like the 3.0 version which I would use all of the time. It would help me get users to come back with weekly e-mails of the latest threads... good for small boards trying to get a start.

Original: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=66334&highlight=CommBull+%28Community+Bulletin%29

edit - Sorry, just found it. It already exists and for that I am grateful. :rolleyes:

13 Nov 2005, 14:35

already available ;)

25 Jun 2006, 16:31
I cant see it, no permission. I am licensed, whats up?

The Realist
25 Jun 2006, 16:37
This is the update that the user gave:
Please note that the Author of this modification has now withdrawn it. Their final post is quoted below ;

Due to security issues with thread selection, possible version incompatabilities and the lack of time to support such issues, I have pulled this code.

You should be aware that there are flaws and you probably should NOT even use this code called commbull.

Personal issues call and I have to move on.


25 Jun 2006, 19:19
I bet the commercial version is ready.

05 Aug 2006, 23:14
I hope the commercial version is coming, it was a great hack and would be worth $$ for me to purchase. More power to him!

19 Aug 2006, 01:43
oh great lol, then VB should have this standard, its something that almost every VB admin needs.

20 Aug 2006, 22:56
Does someone have the latest copy of this hack? I'm going to take a look at adopting it for the latest version - you can send it to my yahoo account at tkdinthecity -- hopefully I'll have something out shortly but will need the latest version. Anyone?

17 Dec 2009, 03:15
latest version: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=230359