View Full Version : PC101.com needs a walk through...

15 Nov 2005, 01:03

I'd like to invite y'all to do a walk through my site PC101.com (http://www.pc101.com/). This is not it's official "Grand Opening" but more of an inspection if you would. :)

Feel free to offer comments on looks, style, layout, function... whatever! :cool:

Most critical is the fact that this is my first time using VBulletin so I want to make sure everything is working correctly!



p.s. Naturally, feel free to join too if you wanna! :)

Tony G
15 Nov 2005, 02:01
Not bad. You have a decent layout and presentation there. I just think it needs a bit more work. The 'defaultness' of your forum layout needs to go I think. When it's surrounded by a modified header and borders, it looks out of place. Your 'forum stats' table could be a bit thinner too, it does squash the forum up a bit.

But good work. :)

15 Nov 2005, 06:32
Aww.... 37 views and only one response?? :disappointed:

Come now, click a few links and lemme know what you think! :)

PC101.com (http://www.pc101.com)