View Full Version : Lightgrey + blue (Original skin by foruma-z)

16 Nov 2005, 21:44
this skin is originaly made by foruma-z: HERE (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=100766)

I only modified the images to make it look a little bit better in my opinion (just a mather of taste.) So Download and INSTALL his style first and than overwrite it with my images. :)
Also don't change the foldername, it still should be blackorange.

Demo: http://www.starlike.nl/slforum/

Images pack included in RAR file in attachments.
Have fun ;)

//Edit; i did not have permission from foruma-z to modify his style.
Hopefully he won't make a problem of it. Only images changes.
His style is still the same + his credits (I didn't name myself anywhere).

16 Nov 2005, 21:46
If there are any other images you want to edit, use the original from orangeblack and use in photoshop the Hue and Saturisation with these settings:


This will make it fit into the rest of the site :)

16 Nov 2005, 23:20
thank you...
will it work with 3.5.0 ?

17 Nov 2005, 00:14
First one 2 install :D gud 1

17 Nov 2005, 12:23
hmmm...I like the original version better...:ermm:

17 Nov 2005, 18:30
Sweet skin dude....props!

17 Nov 2005, 23:01
Looking sweet...

11 Dec 2005, 17:14
Nice skin indeed might keep it :)

09 Jan 2006, 23:45
dont spose there any chance you could make it "full width" is there?


10 Jan 2006, 02:01
i like it!