View Full Version : Change the ICQ online icon?

09 Jun 2000, 16:14
Right now the script pulls the icon off the ICQ Website, can i change this in the template so it pulls the icon off my website? i have two spiffy icons with text next to them that i want to use... not the standard ICQ ones... any help?

Heres the code that it uses right now:<a href="http://wwp.icq.com/$icqnumber#pager" target=_blank><img src="http://online.mirabilis.com/scripts/online.dll?icq=$icqnumber&img=5" alt="$username's ICQ status" border=0></a>

I know that UBB's ICQ hack uses icons off the ubb page, but i cant figure out how to change it... thanks in advance =)

09 Jun 2000, 21:57
it's easy to change the icon, but then you woulnd't be able to see wether someone is online or not. That would require an extra routine that will check the status at icq.com, but that in turn would probably increase the loadtime.

10 Jun 2000, 10:29
Thats what i figured, i guess i'll leave it how it is, thanks for the reply.