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18 Nov 2005, 13:22
hi all
How can I remove the logo of vbulletin on my fourm....

18 Nov 2005, 13:26
1. This is the release section not the question section
2. This question is a template question not a code question
3. Log into your admincp , go to templates, click the <<>> find header, and alter it to your needs (keep the original in note pad incase you mess it up).
4. Have a nice day.

18 Nov 2005, 14:03

The title of this thread is blocked with *******. Did you drop the "f" bomb in your title? Whatever you wrote, it must have been innapropriate if it is being censored.

To say the least, keep the title clean please. lol

18 Nov 2005, 14:17
... he just put the **** to bring attention... (newbie thingy!!!)

18 Nov 2005, 14:40
I think they should install the Warning system here....

18 Nov 2005, 14:59
Thanks for help and I will try it
Sorry for inappropriate title :(

Marco van Herwaarden
18 Nov 2005, 18:12
Select StyleVars from the dropdown menu behind the style, then change Image Paths->Title Image

No templates need to be edited for this.

19 Nov 2005, 04:45
Thanks for help.Thus, I should try MarcoH64 soulotion....