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21 Nov 2005, 16:47
hi all
I want to know each of member what did they install from hack,product to their fourm so we can know what we need ........
I hope all share me

21 Nov 2005, 17:02

21 Nov 2005, 17:03
err..half past two m8, with chips....lmao.

seriously....what DO you mean??

21 Nov 2005, 17:12
well for one you posted somewhere your not suppose too. and next if your gonna post at least make sence i know you cant speak english but that absolutely made no sence ..

how the hell would we know what you need ?
its your forum so only you would know that ?
As far as installing products or Plugins its just downloading and following directions and that takes two things. one a click on a link and the abilty to read english language and fo0llow the steps ;

21 Nov 2005, 17:13
I think hes asking us what WE have so he can make a short list for himself...

*me fail english...thats unpossible..*

21 Nov 2005, 17:23
woot im the first to install this hack 0_o

21 Nov 2005, 18:11
Iam really sorry if my request was not clear...

My aim was to list the name of the hack that each member installed in their forum... Just the name and that will help us to see the common hack that most of member have it....

Is it clear NOW

Sorry Again for unclear post>> Your replay shocked me :(

21 Nov 2005, 18:13
Wow, that would be insane to list the o 100 hacks I have installed.

Here's a tip.

When your viewing a forum like


Click on "Installs" and it'll sort the thread listing by number of installs.

Then you can see the most popular hacks.

21 Nov 2005, 18:17
much better :) its still in the wrong area of the forum but i am sur it will be moved. your best way of finding out whats installed is to look at the individual hacks and see how many times it has been installed.

i would say the hottest hacks right now are..

The shoutbox the journal and vbadvanced the portal...
vbadvanced.com for the portal the others you can find in here

there to many hacks to say whats the best and whats gonna be good for your forum. so you should just look around the forums and see which one offers and see if you would like that on your forum. i didnt mean to be rude or make you feal bad. but when evr ya make posts here try to make yourself as clear as possible so people can actually help ya and not wonder what you said or what you needed

21 Nov 2005, 18:17
Thanks Cyricx

21 Nov 2005, 18:19
Thanks Vizionz

21 Nov 2005, 18:21
welcome good luck with your forum hope you find what you need :)

21 Nov 2005, 18:22
I installed this mod and now am getting the following error and need you immediate help shama

Error occured in forum: user---> did not follow guidelines @#% when posting><Error>

Thank you in advance.

21 Nov 2005, 18:26
hi Cp
I don't know how to solve it....

21 Nov 2005, 18:42
lol.. this is funny C_P... lol

@Shama... this forum is not intended to share what you have installed or not, it is related to RELEASES... next time you try to "poll" the guys, please read the forum descriptions and follow the rules... they are simple!

... in the next weeks, we will have a Hacks Database to have a better search structure on what are the hacks in the database... you will be able to find a list of "Most Installed" hacks easily... but for now, i would not suggest to continue this discussion, it is useless and will start a flaming in no long, as usual!