View Full Version : Why we should demand an explanation from AEI regarding vbgallery

21 Nov 2005, 23:59
I've read alot of locked threads and discussion and speculation. And whatever the deal was, it's private. And it needs to stay that way. But for the end users who are currently angery, I think you need to refocus for a mintue.

Brian at PurPlanet has done an excellent job and always had. The truth of the matter is the party responible for answering our questions is All Enthusiast, Inc.

Since they aqquired vbgallery they are the ones that should be explaining to the now dozens of upset users why this method of business pratice was "Best for the gallery Community" as stated in their own words.

We can't speculate here becuase of legal libilaity which know one wants to be a part of, but we should be asking for an answer to why certian things to place.

Why did AEI decide to "aquire" vbgallery (And I use the term aquire loosely"

How do they think this willl benfit the customers? And what will be the end result of this transaction.

As an enterpernuer I am very curious and would like answers, the feeling on vbadvanced.com is well.. I am only stating my own opinions, so I wont'. But I don't believe this was a good business transaction.

So whats the answer AEI? Why was the decision made to aquire vbgallery?

Secondly, why have you now raised the prices on your photopost gallery from 99 to 130$ after this aqusition? And thridly why do you think this was in the best intrest of customers?

22 Nov 2005, 00:15
These are questions you should be asking the company directly imho.

I feel this thread will only lead to more speculation and will only continue the dispute started in the thread I closed yesterday. We are not the proper channel for this, and while we do understand that many vBulletin customers were affected by this we will not allow speculation about the issue to go on within our public forums.