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04 Dec 2005, 05:49
This is the same small template mod I posted for vBulletin 3.0.x, now found to work on vBulletin 3.5.1. This adds a line above the Previous and Next Thread links which allows a user to return to the forum which contains the thread they are viewing.

Template Modifications: 1 (SHOWTHREAD)
Difficulty: Easy

Check out the bottom of this thread to look at the link in action: http://sports-boards.net/forums/showthread.php?t=11010

04 Dec 2005, 06:38
so where is the instructions, what do we edit in the show thread template ?

Flow Fusion
04 Dec 2005, 09:05
Oh wow I love it.

Wait, I see no file edits lol.

Marco van Herwaarden
04 Dec 2005, 09:12
Sully please add the instructions to your post.

04 Dec 2005, 11:41
oh dear lol a template mod without instructions

04 Dec 2005, 13:35

04 Dec 2005, 16:28
Sully please add the instructions to your post.

Crap, I thought I attached it.

Let me get that taken care of.

Edit - Instructions added, sorry about that!

04 Dec 2005, 17:30
I added this after "Return To Forum" code on mine to put a link back to forum home next to it:

- <strong><a href="index.php">Return To Forum Home</a></strong>

04 Dec 2005, 19:05
Yeah that's a nice idea.

Flow Fusion
04 Dec 2005, 22:00

05 Dec 2005, 04:09
ahhh magnificent i also used this code <strong><a href="index.php">Return To Forum Home</a></strong>
*installed* cheers