View Full Version : DGAS Christmas Style for 3.5.1

05 Dec 2005, 23:42
It's a relatively simple Christmas style, but still looks good without being graphic intensive.

Instructions for installation are included in the zip file.

Note: There are 3 template edits in this style (SHOWTHREAD, FORUMDISPLAY, and footer). Therefore, if you have hacks installed that involve template edits, then it might be best to make this a child style of one of your already edited styles.

If you use this, please click the install button. It's really apreciated when you do. :)

Thanks to christianb (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/member.php?u=104982) for his help with the buttons.

Important information regarding support - 20/04/06
Due to time constraints and the amount of things that are being planned for future modifications, priority support will now be provided here (http://www.peterska2.co.uk/showthread.php?t=19206). Support provided in this thread will be on an as and when basis.

06 Dec 2005, 00:26
man that is one butt ugly color sceme ya got there :D

06 Dec 2005, 00:29
I'm going to have to agree. Aside from the bell, I don't see how it is really Christmas related at all.

Either way, thanks for sharing.

06 Dec 2005, 00:59
if you were to replace the yellow with green it would be Christmas-ish.

06 Dec 2005, 01:11
man that is one butt ugly color sceme ya got there :D

Not thinking that was a very cool response.

How about something a long the lines of, I do not care for the color scheme, however, appreciate you taking the time to share it.

06 Dec 2005, 01:43
sorry not one of your best,but thanx for sharing

06 Dec 2005, 02:08
Honestly, if you got rid of the bells and made them oranges or lemons you could change the name of this one to Citrus and it might be downloaded and used. Always nice to see people offer new styles.

06 Dec 2005, 12:07
Ok, here's the story behind this one. (I know it's not my usual quality BTW so stop saying that!)

A few weeks ago my s.mod on this site asked me about a Christmas style. He didn't particularly like my other one so wanted something different. He gave me the color scheme of red and gold, and sent me some photoshopped ideas of what he wanted it to look like. I coded it (as released) and thought 'crap', so I recoded it as a child style to this one but he wanted the original one. Then, knowing that I release stuff here, he started appling pressure on me to release.

I'm really not expecting anything from this one, hence why I'm not supporting it.

I am considering giving it a revamp after Christmas and getting it looking something more like anything at all, with new images.

On a positive note, be glad I managed to convince him to let me use red instead of marroon!

06 Dec 2005, 12:40
What's wrong with the skin? Ain't that much bad, to be honest.