View Full Version : vb 2.3.x Style PM, Profile, Search and Buddy buttons in Postbit_Legacy

07 Dec 2005, 11:32
A lot of people liked the old style buttons from vBulletin 2.3.x and were confused of the new Java menu when clicking the username ....

See Screenshot attached what I mean :D

Anyway, this is just the textfile and not the buttons. I have taken the buttons from the original vBulletin Version 2.3.7 since I am using all those buttons on my current forum.

Don't forget to change the URLs accordingly in case you use different filenames.

Demo : http://ut2007world.com

In postbit_legacy

Search for

<if condition="$post['editlink']">
<a href="$post[editlink]" name="vB::QuickEdit::$post[postid]"><img src="$stylevar[imgdir_button]/edit.gif" alt="$vbphrase[edit_delete_message]" border="0" /></a>

Above that

<!-- Start new buttons -->
<a href="member.php?u=$post[userid]" ><img src="images/buttons/profile.gif" border="0" align="left" alt="Click Here to See the Profile for $post[username]"></a>

<a href="private.php?do=newpm&u=$post[userid]"><img src="images/buttons/sendpm2.gif" border="0" align="left" alt="Click here to Send $post[username] a Private Message"></a>

<a href="search.php?do=finduser&u=$post[userid]"><img src="images/buttons/find2.gif" border="0" align="left" alt="Find more posts by $post[username]"></a>

<a href="profile.php?do=addlist&userlist=buddy&u=$post[userid]"><img src="images/buttons/buddy.gif" border="0" align="left" alt="Add $post[username] to your buddy list"></a>
<!-- / End new buttons -->

07 Dec 2005, 11:36
If you want those original buttons and dont want to download them from here, just grep them from my forum :)

(Right click on button -> save image as)

07 Dec 2005, 11:56
or you can goto the member's area and download it (if you had it back then) or download the gdk

07 Dec 2005, 11:58
Yes, therefore I haven't included them since everybody is using a different style anyway ;)

Danny Diamond
29 Dec 2005, 06:43
installed and works like MAGIC.

05 Oct 2006, 09:13
Thx, but how can do you that in 3.6.2?