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11 Dec 2005, 06:57
Please go easy on me, this is my first style for VB, it is not too much different than the default, but it sure gives it an asthetic boost. I got the idea for the skin when I knocked over my 1 liter bottle of Citrus Listerine :rolleyes:.

I am sure there are things that can be done to make it ALOT better, so if I missed anything or should change anything please let me know :)

The zip includes almost ALL of my source files, so go nuts if u wanna change anything, most of the button sources are Fireworks PNG. :banana:

Upload the theme folder to: www.blah.com/forumdir/CitrusSplatter/
Upload the CitrusSplatter3-5-2.xml

Temp Demo: http://www.pushing-forward.com/twisted/?styleid=5 "I will be removing this site within 5 days"

If you use this theme, please click here (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=102699)

Have Fun
Retell :ninja:

Brandon Sheley
11 Dec 2005, 07:15
nice, I'll try it after the holidays :) if i can get it working with my portal

11 Dec 2005, 07:15
it should work :)

Brandon Sheley
11 Dec 2005, 07:47
well it'll need work for the portal, u can check my site and see what i mean.
but with a little editing it will work :)

11 Dec 2005, 08:00
Well I think the only template I changed is the header, everything else was CSS :) I now guarantee it will work

11 Dec 2005, 13:14
very nice will install later thanx for sharing

Brandon Sheley
11 Dec 2005, 19:23
lol. im telling you with the portal i use vbportal I'd have to make several changes,, but like i said after the holidays I'll give it a try,, thank you

12 Dec 2005, 01:16
looks good and orangie

12 Dec 2005, 18:05
That was the goal :P

12 Dec 2005, 19:53
I have installed this style and upload the theme folder in my root forum directory, but some image are not correcly visualized. Why ?

12 Dec 2005, 23:33
What exactly do you mean "visualized"

13 Dec 2005, 09:20
This is the image of my forum. More image not are visualizade:

13 Dec 2005, 17:05
can u send me a link to the site using that theme, or tell me where it is looking to get those images from, ie:

13 Dec 2005, 17:32
My site is... www.vbulletinitalia.com/forum

13 Dec 2005, 17:38
I need to be able to access my theme, BTW my site is using that christmas theme too :P

13 Dec 2005, 18:53
I must makes administrator you ?

14 Dec 2005, 21:08
no no, its just that I cant figgure out what is wrong if I cant see my theme on ur board

15 Dec 2005, 01:16
Nice style :)

Do you happen to have a psd or something for the buttons/logo?

Really love that style, but have several custom buttons :)


15 Dec 2005, 10:09
Like I said, almost all of the buttons are Fireworks PNG, for the others it was just a hue change:

15 Dec 2005, 13:08
O and I found the bug with the menu open gif :)

You have the url path going to "CitrusTwistedOrange" for the misc images instead of "CitrusSplatter"


Code in the XML is this -

<template name="imgdir_editor" templatetype="stylevar" date="1134287560" username="retell" version=""><![CDATA[CitrusSplatter/editor]]></template>
<template name="imgdir_misc" templatetype="stylevar" date="1134162198" username="retell" version=""><![CDATA[CitrusOrangeTwisted/misc]]></template>
<template name="imgdir_poll" templatetype="stylevar" date="1134287560" username="retell" version=""><![CDATA[CitrusSplatter/polls]]></template>

Should be

<template name="imgdir_editor" templatetype="stylevar" date="1134287560" username="retell" version=""><![CDATA[CitrusSplatter/editor]]></template>
<template name="imgdir_misc" templatetype="stylevar" date="1134162198" username="retell" version=""><![CDATA[CitrusSplatter/misc]]></template>
<template name="imgdir_poll" templatetype="stylevar" date="1134287560" username="retell" version=""><![CDATA[CitrusSplatter/polls]]></template>

15 Dec 2005, 15:29
yes, the error is in the style -- I have the exact same issue, and when looking at the pics, (the ones that are missing) they are also pointing to

15 Dec 2005, 23:29
Forgot to mention before, but I fixed it after I saw ur replies, tnx :)

17 Dec 2005, 12:58
NO you didnt fix it, it still does the same thing, I have installed LOTS of styles with VB, never had trouble with images like this before....

22 Dec 2005, 19:59
Hi - got black font on top of black background and of course no one knows the text is even there. Just ONE example is to go to FAQs and above the search box it is suppose to read " Search FAQ" but you cannot see it unless you highlite it with your cursor.

Same if you were to click on " How to Add Avatar Next To Your Name "
When the next page opens up the white box with some instructions shows up but right above that it should be reading "How to Add Avatar Next To Your Name" BUT again the text is in black on a black background and can not be seen unless I highlite it (cause I know it is suppose to be there. But no one else sees it.
Can you tell me how to fix this please?

Thanx -

22 Dec 2005, 20:11
Just checked, he did fix it bullet.

Make sure you are selecting "Overwrite existing" when you upload it.

No return, toss up a screenie please, I'm guessing you either changed a color or you have a parent style that it is inheriting colors from.

Here's my screenie.

22 Dec 2005, 20:23
here is another area that does the same thing. And nope, I only installed once and that was about 4 days ago.

click on arcade.

above that are headings that are not showing up.

I highlited them for this screen shot so you will see them. But if you go to site stargazerschat.com you will better see (or not see :-) ) where I am showing.

Thanks for the help.

Blam Forumz
22 Dec 2005, 21:47
makes me thirsty :P

22 Dec 2005, 21:53
Okay, I think I know where the problem is.

First redownload the zip and reimport it selecting overwrite style.

If that doesn't fix it, check this

admincp -> Styles & Templates -> Citrus Splatter -> All Style Options

and scroll down to

Table Header (Customized in this Style)

Make sure the background is

#5C7099 url(CitrusSplatter/gradients/gradient_thead.gif) repeat-x top left

and the font color is


23 Dec 2005, 18:27
Sorry but I do not understand where to place that other stuff you have written.

#5C7099 ( assume this just gets entered in the background color box)

BUT where does this line go?
url(CitrusSplatter/gradients/gradient_thead.gif) repeat-x top left

#FFFFFF (again I assume this just goes in the rectangular font color box)

23 Dec 2005, 19:02
So do I still need to change the install file?

02 Jan 2006, 19:40
Could anyone tell me how to upload images for a skin?

04 Jan 2006, 02:03
Via FTP or a some sort of control panel like cpanel_X :)

22 Jan 2008, 04:14
From what I saw, at least one of you are still using this theme :)

I just want to let you know I will be doing a much updated version soon, with multiple colors.