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13 Dec 2005, 16:42
This one is no longer supported. It has been updated to version 3.6+.

Called wintersnow and can be used after Christmas by redoing the header. I've included a blank header for those who don't know how to make transparent ones. I've also included the transparent sides to the header for the Christmas theme.

Here is the code for the three part header:
<!-- logo -->
<a name="top"></a>
<div style="padding:0px 25px 0px 25px">
<table width="$stylevar[outertablewidth]" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="center">
<td align="left"><img src="images/wintersnow/misc/bellsleft.gif" " border="0" /></td>
<td align="center"><a href="$vboptions[forumhome].php?$session[sessionurl]"><img src="images/wintersnow/misc/wintersnow.gif" " border="0" alt="$vboptions[bbtitle]" /></a></td>
<td align="right"><img src="images/wintersnow/misc/bellsright.gif" " border="0" /></td>
<!-- /logo -->

<!-- content table -->



13 Dec 2005, 18:26
nice. can u make this for 3.0.x?

13 Dec 2005, 18:37
I don't have 3.0.x on my system :( If you have a test forum available, try it there and tell it to ignore style version and then download the new xml file you create. Liz

14 Dec 2005, 01:32
nice style. :)

14 Dec 2005, 07:00
This was nice. Thank you,Southernlady. :)

14 Dec 2005, 10:46
very very nice!! ;) thanks lady!! ;)

14 Dec 2005, 11:21
Hi..is there anyway i can just use tha background as i dont want to mess up what i have atm, www.bashys-place.com



14 Dec 2005, 11:40
I'm sure there is. Load the wintersnow.jpg into the misc folder of your default theme folder. Then go to Styles and Templates>Style Manager>your default style (whatever that is)>All Style Options> and hit GO.

Scroll down to where it says Body (Customized in this Style):
Background: url(images/xxxxxxx/misc/wintersnow.jpg); background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed}

The xxxx's stand for whatever the name of the folder you have that file in (mine is called wintersnow).

Scroll down to the next box: Page Background (Customized in this Style):
Background: Click on the box next to the url and one option is transparent. That is the option I use.

Everything else remains the same and you can use just the background that way. Liz

13 Nov 2006, 13:51
Will this work in 3.6.x???

13 Nov 2006, 15:26
By ignoring style version but I will update it after I get back home next week where all my files are. Right now I have none of them and am on my laptop :) Liz

13 Nov 2006, 15:58
Thank you kindly.

27 Nov 2006, 21:56
This has been updated to 3.6.4:

24 Dec 2008, 14:30
thanks very nice theme