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18 Dec 2005, 14:28
This is a thread that is designed to shed more light about the different versions of the hack, in the past, present and future.

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Version 3.0

This version was mainly updating the coding structure. Since the very first version of the RPG Integration Hack was a learning process for me, converting from wBB to vB taught me the basics of PHP, the coding was pretty mediocre as it was on wBB. A ton of bugs and glitches existed, the most serious being the ability to hit Submit multiple times in Battle and thus gain multiple attacks.
New features introduced in this version was the Monster Arena, which allows players to battle monsters for the times no other players was online.
Version 3.0 was mainly a release preparing for future released, in the sense of setting the ground stones for future releases to build on.

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Version 3.5

This version had to be recoded to accomodate to vBulletin 3.5. Not only that, but as coding skills increase, improvements has to be coded in.
One of the key flaws of the 3.0 branch of the RPG IH was the fact that it was extremely difficult to code addons for. If you wanted to modify the Stats, you had to open pretty much every RPG file and place the same batch of code everywhere. Version 3.5 solves this by effectively moving over to OOP and embracing the words that should be Alpha and Omega to every coder with a major project: "If a snippet of code appears more than once, it should be a function".
This was not a feature release, but it did introduce some new features.
The most noteable ones of these were the ability to disallow certain usergroups access to the RPG and the ability to have multiple clan allies and enemies.