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23 Dec 2005, 11:21
Hi how would i go about changin the register tick box to like phpbb has it.
where they have a click here to agree to the rules and proceed
cause i need to run this script in this way
thats phpbb register page if u enter ur msn add n pass it invites contacts and proceeds to next page,so basicaly i just want to no how to change register rules to this or get the link that will proceed me to reg form its self
hope you get me

basicaly i want the link to the reg form itself.where u jus fill in ur username and stuff
so theres no rules agreement

also how can i make it so the agreement is auto ticked if i cant do the abuv

23 Dec 2005, 11:43
As I understand it you want user to have to click a check box agreeing ot the rules during registration?

Search for the rules hack...

23 Dec 2005, 11:47
ye basicaly a phpbb rules of agreement
so i can get the properties URL so i can just send out that link so it will just go straight to the reg for itself

basicaly you no on registration you have to use tick box to proceed,i want it like phpbb style,where it says click here to agree.or click here to disagree
a link style not check box

basicaly phpbb have that link for there register rules agree ment i want same kind of thing for vb