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euan doc
02 Jan 2006, 19:34
may seem a simple question but i have been looking for a list of commands.
(useable in the box itself)

can anyone help?

03 Jan 2006, 14:27
/prune (Clears the shoutbox completely)
/prune [username] (Clears all shouts posted by specified user)
"/me" - Action message (all users are able to use this command)
/pruneshout [shout] - Deletes a single shout

03 Jan 2006, 19:16
i'd like to try to addon to this hack so that i can have the code(after the shout is posted) go through what a person said and search for keywords, if found it would have a "bot" make a automated shout of its own such as answering a common question or warning a person not to use words in the filter list. The only part i can't figure out is, when i write this include script, i can't find the varible which a users shout is stored in. i thought it was $pagetext but i tried a couple if/then tests (like if($pagefile=='Hello World'){//make database entry}) but i can't seem to get it to pick up on it. what am i doing wrong? any ideas anyone?

if i can get past this point, i can create a database and include script with keywords and preprogrammed responses to forum user shouts.

14 Feb 2006, 14:11
Is there a way to save all my shouts in a text file before clearing the box?

The shouts must be saved on my server SOMEWHERE. Anyone know where? :disappointed:

14 Feb 2006, 14:14
they are in the shouts table in phpmyadmin, you can extract to csv before pruning your shouts.

07 Apr 2007, 18:23
I truly appreciate vBShout.
What goes in/replaces the word shout in the /pruneshout [shout]?
In vBShout Options I have Yes Can admins use special commands in the chat.
I'm logged in under an Admin account.
Yet, I can't figure out what goes inbetween the hard brackets.
/pruneshout [Today 06:10 PM] does not work.
What syntax do I use within those hard brackets?
/me & definitely /prune work.
What's the syntax for username in the /prune [username] command?
Running vBulletin Version 3.6.5.
Regards, Oz

01 Sep 2007, 04:54
is there a way to add custom shout commands?

01 Sep 2007, 05:50
is there a way to add custom shout commands?

What would you change?

01 Sep 2007, 21:44
well basically i have 2 shout boxes ok i took them and combined them basically

im useing the xml from one and the php from the other

works reay well accually

but there are a few things that dont work

1) /you comand
2) cant ban users
3) cant hade it from certian user groups

the reason i did this is because:

1) no editing required shout on all pages
2) removed the time of the shout in the shot box
3) runs alot faster and smother

but idk maybe if someone was intrested in checking this shout box out or what not on a test forum and can improve it a lil better then just ask me

06 Aug 2008, 01:35
What's the syntax for username in the /prune [username] command?
Running vBulletin Version 3.6.5.
Regards, Oz

why don't u click on the Shoutbox link on ur shoutbox n delete single shout there instead of using command....