View Full Version : [How-to] easy vB upgrade with *nix and shell

04 Jan 2006, 22:01
Requirements: *nix server and shell access with full cd, gunzip, tar, cp, and rm capabilities

Skill Level: moderate to advanced skill level (do not attempt if you are unsure of something)

Warning: this will overwrite the vB files with those contained in the vbulletin.com download

Make a backup of everything before beginning.

Go to members.vbulletin.com and download the Tarball Format (.tar.gz)

Grab the 'Package - no Images' file to not overwrite /images content

Rename vbulletin_3-5-X_0123456789.tar.gz to forum.tar.gz (for brevity)

FTP forum.tar.gz in binary mode to a new directory, not inside /forum

Turn off the vB board via ACP.

Via shell, cd to the directory containing forum.tar.gz and do these:

> gunzip forum.tar.gz

> tar -xvf forum.tar upload

> cp -r upload/* /change/this/to/full/path/to/forum/.

> rm -r upload

> rm forum.tar

Delete the newly created directory as it is now empty.

Run http://www.domain.com/forum/install/upgrade.php

Go delete /forum/install/install.php when told.

Turn on the vB board via ACP.

14 Jan 2006, 20:22
is toooooooo much
u can do all the above without shell access , via cPanel in 1 step
Upload .zip file throght FTP and extra files with cPanel (file manger ) and enjoy :)

14 Jan 2006, 23:22
What about if you don't have cPanel? ;)

15 Jan 2006, 12:12
What about if you don't have cPanel? ;)

Get a better host... lol

Nice instructions though. ;)