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06 Jan 2006, 03:03
Hey, I just opened a brand new website! A friend (overkiller) and I offer services to help others with their website.

Current Services:

Forum Install/Setup/Management
Modification Installations/Upgrades
Style Installations
We support three of the most well known forum softwares (vB, IPB, and phpBB)


06 Jan 2006, 03:10
cool pre-made design... too brown/orange for me, but it is different from most of the other pre-made i've seen lately...

if you offer services for these 3 kinds of forums, i would suggest that you seperate your "Services" forum into these 3 kinds, because people will post for vB and may be interpreted for a IPB etc...

and you're quick, these FAQ inside forums are just what miss from many new sites... you know where you want to go!

06 Jan 2006, 03:15
Thanks for the quick feedback! I have thought of separating it by forum softwares, but then it would create too many forums at this time. Once we get more members and posts I will be sure to change that ASAP.

In the mean time I require the requester to fill out the correct forms for the service they are requesting.

06 Jan 2006, 11:54
I like it. It may get a little cramped once you start getting a lot of posts due to it having three columns. Might be easier for people to read if you only have two.

06 Jan 2006, 14:02
Where is the intro? Who are you?

Credibility is important. A sense of credibility can be created by displaying information about your service(s) such as business name, telephone number, an image of you, etc.

As a business you should have gone with a different color combmination - people do not associate dark colors with "businesses". To increase your success (in terms of $$$), I suggest going with a lighter color.

The tag-line (found on logo) is horrible. You should rephrase it and make it clear.

The buttons on your header should be clearer. End-user's shouldn't have to squint. What is "DRI. POSTS"?


the header links do not work
you have 2 LOGIN panels
Your site does not "sell". In order to convert visitors into buyers you must use the AIDA principle.

ATTENTION - Grab the users attention right away.
INTEREST - Customers buy on benefits not on features. Tell the user how they can better their life with your service.
DESIRE - Make your offer irrisistable.
ACTION - Make it easy for the customer to contact you -- place all necessary information up front and visible.


How do I get back to the portal?
Replace all vb default icons - these icons where made to be used on a white background

Tony G
07 Jan 2006, 03:34
Whats wrong with the 3rd category image in that skin? It it supposed to be like that?

Aim to try make your own style. It gives your forum more individuality over others.