View Full Version : vBChat 2.3 Installer Problem

07 Jan 2006, 18:39
Hello, I've been having problems getting the installer to run for vBChat 2.3 and am hoping there is still support being offered.

I'm running vBulletin 3.5.2. (will this chat program function with this version of the software?) I've verified and reverified that all of the files are uploaded to their correct locations on my server. I've chmodded folders and/or files where I thought I should. (755, right?)

I still keep getting the "Invalid or empty style file specified" error message after several tries.

I am running a style aside from the Default Style. The Default Style is still set as "display order 1" and the new style is set at "display order 3." Is this the problem? Do I need to edit this portion of the .php install file?:

function xml_import_vbchat($xml = false, $styleid = -1, $parentid = -1, $title = '', $anyversion = 0, $displayorder = 1, $userselect = 1)

Thank you to anyone who might have a solution. If this chat mod is now too outdated for v3.5.2, would I be better to go with FlashChat?

07 Jan 2006, 19:40
vBChat 2.3 will NOT work on vB 3.5.x! See the support thread (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=71049&page=78&pp=15). vBChat is not available yet for vB 3.5.x.

13 Jan 2006, 21:20
i have this same problem im using 3.5.0 it wont work for mine, or it wont work for 3.5.1?