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14 Jan 2006, 01:30
This is a port/mod, I made by request, of my original "SC Brushed Blue".

The original blue version can be found -> HERE (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=101992)
A live demo of this style can be found on my own forums -> HERE (http://forum.skill-club.com/index.php?styleid=25)

Some features of this style that make it different to the default style:
Borders around categories on forumhome to better seperate them from each other
Completely new (redesigned) navigation bar
Complete new set of status icons (for forums, posts and PMs)
Complete new set of buttons
There's a seperator between the sticky and the "normal" threads
An additional navigation/breadcrumb bar at the bottom of threadview for easier navigation.
(don't have to scroll to the top to go the a parent forum of the current thread)

Have fun :)

14 Jan 2006, 02:09
holy cow...you do nice work...good one

da prez
14 Jan 2006, 02:20
lovin it, can't wait for black version .... oh or even purple.

thank you much for sharin.

14 Jan 2006, 02:32
w00t thanks for the red version.....

14 Jan 2006, 03:17
Very nice work!! Will there be anymore colors soon?

14 Jan 2006, 04:20
Very nice! :)

14 Jan 2006, 10:48
If you want another colour, do what I did, offer up some cash

18 Jan 2006, 04:47
where do I add the arcade in the navbar?

da prez
18 Jan 2006, 04:47
in the quick links button

Pete C
09 Sep 2006, 21:44
Ok I know this is an old thread now. I downloaded the brushed red style . . then I saw the blue and liked it better. Sadly I couldn't get it to work properly. After some months I started playing around with them and used the blue gradients to overwrite the red. After a little more modification (well a lot really) I think we've ended up with a truly unique theme.

Many thanks to Hellcat for the excellent original work (and inspiration) . . and I hope you don't mind me hacking it about.

The result can be viewed on my site . . . just follow the link in my siggy if you'd like to take a look.