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14 Jan 2006, 19:30
I see that many people asking for something disable New vBulletin Version Notification in admincp or an option in admincp to switch it On/Off.

Now I worked on it only 30 seconds & get it work with 2 file edits (in one file - admincp/index.php) & a small product to give the ability to switch On/Off this Notification.

I made it as a sepaeate product becouse I Heard that this option may be available as default in future vbulletin version, so you can uninstall it whenever you need.

Installation: go to admincp dir & then to index.php file & open it in any php or text editor & find in it the following code:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://version.vbulletin.com/versioncheck.js"></script>

Put above It directly the following code:
if ($vbulletin->options['disablevbnvno'])

then find in the same file the following code:

& put under it directly the following code:

Now Save your work & upload the file in its place
Now go to your admincp & then to Manage Products then [Add/Import Product] then import the attached product.

Now you are done

to use the hack & see that option follow the following steps:
Admincp >> vBulletin Options >> Admin Control Panel Options >> see at the button for this option (Switch On/Off New vbulletin version notification.) you will see it as default (yes) make it No if you need to disable it.

Thats All
Hope You have all the benefit
Thanks & Don't Forget to Click INSTALL

14 Jan 2006, 19:31
Installing now :)

15 Jan 2006, 01:31
Thank you for this, works perfectly >8)

15 Jan 2006, 04:19
Thank you for this, works perfectly >8)

thank you, your a god :D *clicks install*

15 Jan 2006, 09:06
you are welcome :)

26 Apr 2006, 04:15
thank you, your a god *clicks install*