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19 Jan 2006, 21:44
As requested from an earlier thread, a darker skin :)

Free to use as long as footer link remains.

Demo Link: Knighthood Demo (http://www.forumtemplates.com/forums/vbulletin/?styleid=18)

Our Page: ForumTemplates.com (http://www.forumtemplates.com/)

Installed? Please click here if you have installed this skin (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=105746).

19 Jan 2006, 21:47
Nice!!! Love the medeval look!

19 Jan 2006, 21:47
darn double posts :mad:

19 Jan 2006, 23:19
Six months ago... I would have so badly needed this! :P

19 Jan 2006, 23:40
That is nice!!! I would install it, but its not really the theme im going for. Thats really good though.

Masked Crusader
20 Jan 2006, 06:56
Problem...i am using this template with vBulletin AND vBadvanced. If you go to my site, you will see that the header image is not being found in the correct location and the navbar links that you have imaged in do not work. The main problem is that they are not finding the FORUM part of the URL.

Its like "www.[domainname].com/memberlist.php" where it should be "www.[domainname].com/FORUM/memberlist.php"

So, my site is: www.fosa-gw.com

Thanks for your help and GREAT STYLE!

20 Jan 2006, 16:18
Well, we have almost a dozen different skins installed that are using vBadvanced with no problem.

I was at your site, and http://www.fosa-gw.com/forum/ seems to be working fine. You are trying to (incorrectly I believe) export vBadvanced to the root dir when the system thinks it is in the forum/ dir.

Masked Crusader
20 Jan 2006, 16:29
Well, from what I understand, vBadvanced is supposed to be at the root directory. If the index.php from the cmps is supposed to be in the forum directory, then I apologize because I read something wrong. But, at this moment, my index.php file is in my root folder.

20 Jan 2006, 19:10
From our working with it, the forum is suppoused to be installed also in the same 'root' dir.

20 Jan 2006, 23:50
Nice style, thanks for the release!

corbin joshua
04 Apr 2006, 02:48
Very unique.

04 Apr 2006, 03:27
that looks fantastic,good job