View Full Version : Vampire's View

Lizard King
21 Jan 2006, 08:58
There are some styles i used on my board and i am not planning to use in coming future. There may be some custom templates included so you may need to delete that templates.

I am just releasing as someone may like it and use it on their own board.

Demo (http://www.ayyas.com/forum.html?styleid=74)

You may feel free to customize this style but you are not allowed to remove the copyright notice.

P.S : This style is not supported . I will try to support as best as i can.

This style shall work with all working versions of vBulletin.

Bass Nutz
21 Jan 2006, 10:49
Ver cool style!! Don't think I can use it for my site, but still very cool!

21 Jan 2006, 17:28
Very nice. The banner is fine although I don't like that color.

21 Jan 2006, 21:18
Looks like you have been very generous in sharing themes lately, very nice of you to help out the community! Thanks!