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Lizard King
21 Jan 2006, 09:18
There are some styles i used on my board and i am not planning to use in coming future. There may be some custom templates included so you may need to delete that templates.

I am just releasing as someone may like it and use it on their own board.

Demo (http://www.ayyas.com/forum.html?styleid=76)

You may feel free to customize this style but you are not allowed to remove the copyright notice.

P.S : This style is not supported . I will try to support as best as i can.

This style shall work with all versions of vBulletin.

Added English Buttons

21 Jan 2006, 10:29
aahhhhh now that is very nice style,nice and easy on the eyes thankyou goes off to install

21 Jan 2006, 10:59
Hepside cok güsel
everything are very beautiful

21 Jan 2006, 17:26
Wow I like that!

21 Jan 2006, 23:19
nice job :) thanks

22 Jan 2006, 08:35
sagol usta eline saglik

great job, tanksss

22 Jan 2006, 19:29
i love it but i need english buttons :nervous:

Lizard King
23 Jan 2006, 00:44
i love it but i need english buttons :nervous:

You can download them now :)

25 Jan 2006, 01:24
thanx a bunch ^_^
.. too bad im locked out of admincp now though -_-
New board and somehow the pw doesnt work anymore lol.
Ill have to delete db and do it all over again :ermm:

EDIT: okay after testing with the normal admincp url link i could login with no problem. So there is an error with the style template where the admincp and mod opsion in your style is linked to your own forum.
This is what the admin option says in the style:

Fixed it with a small edit on "header" in Style Manager :)