View Full Version : some Rules for this Forum

21 Jan 2006, 11:42

to make Support and everything else more easy, please make sure to use correct Titles in your Threads, which means they must begin with:

[BUG] anything you found that seems to be a bug
[WISH] any Feature you wish to have in a future Version
[HELP] if you need help on how to do something with the Arcade
[ADDON] any AddOn/Modification you release for the current ibProArcade

All Threads that do not have the corresponding Prefix in the Title will not be answered/supported !

Please check this ibProArcade-Forum first if there already is a Thread about your Topic to avoid double Threads, thanks.

Make sure to tell which vBulletin-Version you are using while reporting Bugs, Errors ect. or asking for help. This makes it more easy to support you ;)