View Full Version : Miscellaneous Hacks - Add slideshow link to categories in photopost vbgallery

22 Jan 2006, 01:32
First off, go to your admincp > styles and templates > style manager

In your "adv_gallery_categorybit_level2" template.....

Find this code:

<td width="100%"><b><a href="browseimages.php?$session[sessionurl]c=$cats[catid]">$cats[title]</a></b>

Directly after that, add:

<br /><span class="smallfont"><a href="misc.php?$session[sessionurl]do=slideshow&amp;catid=$catid&amp;userid=$userid">$vbphrase[view_slideshow]</a></span>

Also, thanks goes to HR3rdgen for showing me the correct use of the smallfont code

Screenshot attached

22 Jan 2006, 09:51
Nice one! :)

22 Jan 2006, 09:52
thanks , installed
how about the same in subcategories ?

22 Jan 2006, 11:29
that looks pretty good...could it be adapted to use the photoplog gallery also??

22 Jan 2006, 18:17
great , installed!
how about the same in subcategories ?

23 Jan 2006, 01:22
anyway we can have that in member info?

23 Jan 2006, 03:19
Subcategories, I've tried everything I know and no luck as far as getting it to work. I'll keep trying though.

Photoplog gallery, I have no idea, I don't have the script or anything for that.

Memberinfo, what exactly are you trying to do with this?