View Full Version : vBulletin Default Buttons (GOLD)

29 Jan 2006, 19:16
vBulletin Default Buttons (GOLD)

Gold version of the default vBulletin buttons.

23 Feb 2006, 04:21
can we get copies for lastpost.gif, firstnew.gif, reputation.gif, report.gif, & ip.gif please :)

23 Feb 2006, 10:09
If you want to change the colours of them images to match, all you need to do is open up the GIF images in Adobe Photoshop and first change them to:


Then choose:

IMAGE - Adjustments - Hue/Saturation

And then adjust the top slider and middle slider till you get the match.

As I did not save the settings I used to create them becuase I only intended on creating the buttons only. But you can follow this guide to do it yourself quite easy as long as you have Adobe Photoshop installed.

I don't have the time right now to work on more images, sorry

25 Feb 2006, 22:38
It's a small world. I've seen you over at Slyck.

26 Feb 2006, 23:59
It's a small world. I've seen you over at Slyck.

Yes, I read news there. But I don't post often there though. Posted about 10 times in 2 years as a member there, seen your name on other P2P sites also. Maybe ed2k-it or sharevirus were I think your staff if I'm right.

01 Aug 2006, 08:09
How about a "mulit-quote" button, I use a skin for 3.5 that I am porting to 3.6 and I lack the that button and am going to have to add it manualy.

Thanks in advance