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01 Feb 2006, 23:17
You can now download the 3.6 version coded by sean

GRAB THE 3.6 FOREST SKIN FROM HERE (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1050014&postcount=62)

01 Feb 2006, 23:22
Just a minor doubt, why 815px fixed width?

01 Feb 2006, 23:27
very nice :)

01 Feb 2006, 23:29
just the way it is bud, i know its abit wider than most fixed styles.. but its just how it ended up coming out lol

01 Feb 2006, 23:39
Looks kickass! Nice job. I like that bluebuzz style as well! Could use that in red/white/gray/black

thanks again for the style :)

01 Feb 2006, 23:59
That's nice!

02 Feb 2006, 02:39
Cool design, thanks for releasing it!

02 Feb 2006, 05:03
Thats pretty damn sharp!

02 Feb 2006, 08:38
Lo9ve the style.

One question
will it upload customized modules?

Doesnt seem to be working for me

Bad Bunny
02 Feb 2006, 13:13
The demo link won't load for me. Screenshots would be nice.

02 Feb 2006, 13:15
looks very nice

02 Feb 2006, 14:56
Lo9ve the style.

One question
will it upload customized modules?

Doesnt seem to be working for me

can u explain abit more how its not working bud?

The demo link won't load for me. Screenshots would be nice.

sorry about that sometimes my server takes a hissy fit lol

added screenshots for ya incase it happens again

02 Feb 2006, 16:39
Beautiful. Thanks! :)

02 Feb 2006, 17:24
Very very nice !! Congratulation for your work and thank for your sharing :)

03 Feb 2006, 02:52
very nice style!


04 Feb 2006, 16:53
Thats is a excellent style!

04 Feb 2006, 17:12
Amazing, very clean :up: :)

/me clicks install

Sean James
04 Feb 2006, 20:22
love the orange, good work ;)

09 Feb 2006, 00:01
I put this on my site, love it, rated this thread as "Excellent", and clicked installed. Thanks!

25 Feb 2006, 15:29
Is there a fluid version of this?

25 Feb 2006, 16:39
Is there a fluid version of this?
yeah i want this too

26 Feb 2006, 03:04
Very nice skin. A fluid version would be outstanding.
Click Install + Rate Excellent

26 Feb 2006, 20:44
updated for 3.5.4

26 Feb 2006, 22:07
what about fluid version?

26 Feb 2006, 22:18
what about fluid version?

could do... ill see if i can get that done inbetween client work bud


ok sorted out a fluid version for ya redownload and upload images folder and import the xml file thats in the fluid width folder

26 Feb 2006, 23:04
thnx m8 Realy good work

26 Feb 2006, 23:08
no probs bud and cheers

27 Feb 2006, 00:52
Nice work CAMS!

27 Feb 2006, 05:32
Awesome skin but the fluid version doesn't work, both the fluid and the fixed XMLs are the exact same, to the byte size.

27 Feb 2006, 12:51
Awesome skin but the fluid version doesn't work, both the fluid and the fixed XMLs are the exact same, to the byte size.

should defo work bud, it worked when i imported it to my site ?

ill check it, as mite have ziped the wrong one 2 mins


ok i reuploaded the zip just to make sure.. was tired lastnight so could have uploaded the wrong xml lol

27 Feb 2006, 13:53
I got a big problem, when i go to edit some of the images in Abode Photoshop Cs2 ye, its got that pad lock and i cant do anything, can i get past this CAMS or anyone?

27 Feb 2006, 15:08
just unlock wat ever layer is locked bud... click the padlock symbol in the layers menu..

27 Feb 2006, 15:31
Thats the point, u cant unlock it!! :(

27 Feb 2006, 16:25
Thats the point, u cant unlock it!! :(

weird one that.. maybe try copying the layer and useing the one that it copys?

has never happened to me before in photoshop so not sure why its doing that for you bud :S

27 Feb 2006, 18:26
can you please make some user rank images, specially for this style?

I've installed it and its awsome


01 Mar 2006, 17:03
oooooooo..... fluid.. yey. now if only there were a blue version that would kick the a** of every style on this board... i like blue :D

10 Mar 2006, 13:49
ok so I decided to take a shot at making this blue myself. I did it the easy way and just opened all the custom orange .gifs in photoshop and changed the hue to +175 (for blue). The result is that the gradients are not as visible anymore but I think I am getting it to look good. I made a few other changes to the css (still not done though) and here is the current result. what do you guys think?


I am leaving the roll overs and maybe even the time as orange btw.

Now for a question. How do I get a link to the vbulletin calendar into Quick Links menu?

Edit: nvm. I got the calendar in there. 'twas easier than I thought.

Lea Verou
10 Mar 2006, 22:16
Wow man, that's professional... Probably the best style I've seen offered, free or not.

16 Mar 2006, 20:37
oh sweeeet. thats a VERY good looking style.

22 Mar 2006, 01:06
2eforest.rar and 2evolve_forest image is all that's in the zip... is that correct? How do you install such a style without an xml file?

24 Mar 2006, 01:44
2e_forest BLUE (http://www.pb-addict.com) in action. If anyone wants I can give you the images in blue format like I have on my site there (assuming CAMS is cool with that). I havent a clue how to put this together and generate an xml file and all that stuff for a proper realease, hence I can only give out the images.

24 Mar 2006, 22:29
2eforest.rar and 2evolve_forest image is all that's in the zip... is that correct? How do you install such a style without an xml file?

open the .rar file and the files are in ther

if u dont have winrar (for winrar files)

just google winrar and download that bud

Brandon Sheley
25 Mar 2006, 04:38
xml file ?

27 Mar 2006, 17:21
Which fonts have been used? Are they free to download anywhere? Nice skin mate :) Is it ok to modify this skin?

28 Mar 2006, 13:11
yeah you can modify any the free styles i give out.

fonts are

nav - 04b03b

2eheader text - Eurostile Bold

16 Apr 2006, 14:29
Do I need to leave the linked image at the bottom of the page? www.mvac.info/forum

17 Apr 2006, 00:56

27 Apr 2006, 18:45
I need a little help with this skin..

i need to install arcade and vbux estore but there are not buttons.. can u help me out in anyway?

19 May 2006, 19:31
I want to place a design in the top right corner of the header but I cannot figure out how to do so. can someone please help me?

this is in the fluid version btw.

15 Jun 2006, 06:37
Installed! :D

I love it, with just minor tweaks, it fits beautifully for my forum. http://www.define-touge.net/forum/

Thanks a bunch! Your work is great.


15 Jun 2006, 11:30
Demo link http://www.2evolve.org/vb/main.php is showing following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: print_portal_output() in /home/crd42/public_html/vb/main.php on line 44

16 Jul 2006, 02:35
Kick ass site.

20 Jul 2006, 03:53
Please update this version for 3.6.0

23 Jul 2006, 16:00
Great style. Thanks

25 Jul 2006, 11:34
Anyone know where I can get the fonts used in this template?

27 Jul 2006, 10:30
Please update this version for 3.6.0

05 Aug 2006, 21:55
Anyone know where I can get the fonts used in this template?

Fonts come from:
Commonly used fonts in 2EvolveMedia vBulletin Skins.
If you font is not on here please contact us as
it mite have been missed out by mistake.



Eurostile BOLD



Hope this helps.

05 Aug 2006, 22:06
The 2evolve website no longer has the premade skins for download/sale. But you can preview it on my site. :) (click sig)

06 Aug 2006, 12:46
Sure does!! Thanks Reece.

Any ideas on how to upgrade this to 3.6 ?

Fonts come from:

Hope this helps.

06 Aug 2006, 19:07
Well I spoke to CAMS personally but his mega busy with work and cant update the free skins now. He mentioned about in the future he might update it, however the chances are no time soon.

I think we should ask another designer who will recode the skin for 3.6.0. :)

10 Aug 2006, 00:42
Well man.. we should request some other designer or CAMS its just a minor customization and the skin will be ready for 3.6.0

Please someone help?

Sean S
11 Aug 2006, 18:45
Hi everyone,

I got CAMS permission to update the style to 3.6.0. Just download the attachment below. Also due to my schedule I was able to just make the template changes and also add in the multiquote and infraction button. All the new ajax options/everything else added after 3.5 should be visible now. If there was any problems, let CAMS or me know depending on who read this thread first, lol.

12 Aug 2006, 12:36
Yes! Thank you!

This is probably the best free theme I've found and was hoping that it would be updated for 3.6.0

Thank you Sean S!

12 Aug 2006, 15:27
Well many thanks, please let us know if there will be some problems.

Sean S
12 Aug 2006, 18:02
No problem guys. I only had time to test it for a few minutes on my test server. So if you guys found any major problems, post here so I can take a look.

13 Aug 2006, 21:11
Cheers for that sean bud am sure everyone is greatful for you taken the time to sort it out.

i havnt had anytime atall lately for anything related to my own site :(

Sean S
17 Aug 2006, 01:25
no problem at all CAMS ;). Also I apologize to others, I got really busy myself on an unexpected schedule, however, I'll try to fix those issues mentioned as soon as possible.

19 Aug 2006, 17:29
yes, please do them. Thanks.

22 Aug 2006, 19:30
Lovely skin. Thank you. :)

26 Aug 2006, 13:18
Thanks to Sean S for updating this, your a ledge mate. Nice one CAMS for getting it sorted.

27 Aug 2006, 07:19
I dont see the 3.5.4 .zip file to upload it to my desktop :(

02 Sep 2006, 14:38
One small problem I would like to show. The black bar where the time/date of a post goes onto two lines, when the old only used one. Can sean or Cams have a look?

06 Sep 2006, 01:19
Nubie question so try not to get pissed:

How do I add a Gallery link to the nav bar? Code I should use?

15 Sep 2006, 15:30
Will this be updated for 3.6.1?

Just to let people know. This does not work on 3.6.1

The style will go screwy when you view posts.

07 Oct 2006, 10:32
prob a dumb question but where is the download link for 3.5 ?


10 Oct 2006, 05:57
All, our company has decided to use this great CAMS style for our Board but we are on version 3.6.1. The style basically works but has enough weirdness to not be acceptable. CAMS is too busy to take me on as a paying customer so I am hoping someone here can help.

07 Nov 2006, 19:52
Anyone wanna update to 3.6.2?

14 Dec 2006, 23:05
Just a call out to any designer, please could someone re-make this style or update it?
Once of the best skins available.

30 Dec 2006, 19:58
Does someone still have the 3.5. version for download?

02 May 2007, 23:06
Two questions:

1) I have the newest version of vbulletin, but this is for the previous vb version. I haven't noticed any problems, but what sort of problems could this cause?

2) Am I allowed to make changes to the skin, if so, how would I go about changing the area where it says 'forum, last post, etc' to white?

Thanks in advance.

04 Oct 2007, 23:39
I am looking for the 3.5.x version, where can I find it ? It isn't attached to the first post any more.



06 Oct 2007, 15:24
After a lot of searching, I finally found the 3.5.x version of the style. If it's OK with the mods I could reupload it as an attachment.


06 Feb 2008, 23:56
v.3.7 ?? ((:

Sean S
23 Oct 2008, 17:07
Hi everyone,

I received a PM from Reece^B asking for an update. I haven't been active here or anywhere for the longest time do to school and work, however, I'm going to try to update this theme again sometime within this week. Only thing is that I am running vbulletin 3.7.x on my site so I could only upgrade the theme for this version.

Sean S
24 Oct 2008, 14:11
Hi everyone,

here is the 2e Forest Style for the latest vBulletin 3.7 release to date, like I said I don't have 3.6 installed so I don't think I could of much help there.

CAMS feel free to add this to the first post as well if you want,

as for everyone else, if you found any problems let me know and I'll see if I can get them fixed within a short amount of time.

also for those of you that are upgrading, you need to upload all the images in the following folder


instead of


enjoy :)

24 Oct 2008, 15:11
Hi Sean

Well done mate.

All the best.

03 Mar 2010, 05:33
i will paypal you $10 right now if you can get a 3.8.2 version going!

08 Aug 2010, 12:20
This is an awesome style.

Can someone make it work on vbulletin 4 :)

14 Oct 2010, 14:16
The best design I ever seen :) Thank you!