View Full Version : [RELEASE vB2.0] User Selectable Post Order

08 Mar 2001, 02:21
vB had the option to change the post ordering inside threads, however everyone had to use the same option. I added a table element to the user table called 'postorder'. This hack uses that variable to allow each individual user the ability to select how they want to view threads, ie most recent post first or the first post first.

I don't know how much of a demand there is for this however it might be something to add to the next beta of vB, its the kind of option that I think should be given to the user to choose.

Let me know what you think.

PS Any fellow vB hackers that wish to critique this, please do. I welcome all opinions :)

Update: I have updated this hack for RC2 and made a few template modifications.

08 May 2001, 21:57
Would a moderator kindly move this to the Releases subforum?

09 May 2001, 01:26
Nice hack! I also thought about this, it would definitely a great add-on for the next version

Wayne Luke
09 May 2001, 01:30
Moved to help those out who can't read or follow directions. ;)

09 May 2001, 02:20
It wasn't that I can't read or follow directions. It's that the original post was about 1 month and a half ago when I originally released the hack for Beta2. I wanted to edit the previous post instead of making a new one. This way the old message also gets moved to the correct forum.

But thanks for moving it :)

04 Jun 2001, 04:51
This is a cool hack, as many of my members have requested something like this for a long time. Anyone tested this with vb2 final? Instructions still applicable?

Thanks for the input.

04 Jun 2001, 12:35
Yes, instructions still work.

If not let me know and I will amend them. I used them for my vb2 final and didn't have any problems.

09 Oct 2001, 21:08
Nice hack leadzero

My members have been asking for this for a long time too. But I was wondering whether it would be possible to make a change to allow the administrator to decide which forum follows which order ?


10 Oct 2001, 04:21
It would be possible but not by me. Not to sound rude but I just don't have a use for it. I think it would be real confusing for a user to have different forums ordered differently.

10 Oct 2001, 15:43
Well Leadzero, I have set up my forum to allow differnet user groups access to different parts. So its kind of exclusive access. And some groups wanted the order to the opposite from the default. I guess I can use your hack to manually change the setting for all the users in that group, but as always, it would be nice to make it simpler, don't you think ? Though I am not good qat PHP, I don't think it should be too difficult...

10 Oct 2001, 15:58
You are on your own then, however you could easily set the initial settings for usergroups by doing some UPDATE TABLE MySQL statements.

10 Oct 2001, 16:01
That's what I thought too....thanks !