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20 Feb 2006, 23:51
According to the v3Arcade forums this MOD was impossible, but we really needed it on our forums, so i figured it out.
Firstly, we wanted ALL our games in a premium category except for 5 or 6 which are in a 'Free' category.
Its not perfect and im SURE it could be done with an array (anybody?)

Things Needed:
vBulletin 3.5.X
v3Arcade 1.0.X

Templates To Edit: 1
Install Time: 5 mins

OK assuming you have 5 free games and all the rest you want restricted to usergroups 5 and 6 (admins and premium on our board)

Open arcade_play template

replace with

<if condition="$game[gameid] ==5 OR $game[gameid] ==4 OR $game[gameid] ==3 OR $game[gameid] ==2 OR $game[gameid] ==1">
<else />
<if condition="is_member_of($bbuserinfo, 5, 6)">
<else />
You need to subscribe to play this game!!

So basically you just add the gameid of the games that are FREE to the first condition and the usergroup id's that can play any game to the second.

Hope someone else finds this useful.

21 Feb 2006, 03:32
FINALLY...i will be sure to test this out

21 Feb 2006, 05:08
I think this is going to be default in the next release which should be in about 2 or 3 weeks. but nice work and thanks for this.

21 Feb 2006, 09:04
Nice work, here's hoping it's indeed in the next release...


21 Feb 2006, 11:08
This is a must! This helps you get users going from starter to high end and become bigger posters on the forum just to play more games.

I wish this was a default feature! tnx for sharing.